Visit Italy's awaited list of the 10 Italian destinations you must visit in 2023 is finally out. Check it out. 

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The New Year has just begun and it is time for predictions also in the tourism sector. Where will people go on holiday in Italy in 2023? What will be the innovative destinations to discover? Visit Italy has compiled its list.

With a 10-point ranking, the first independent portal for the promotion of Italy in the world, with a community of over 3.1 million users, has decreed its unmissable destinations. These are unconventional destinations, off the beaten track of mass tourism. Destinations that, we are sure, will make travellers fall in love with a new Italy that looks to the future. If you haven't already read the ranking, you can find it here.

How were the 10 top destinations selected?

Urbino and North Sardinia

An original and fascinating encounter between the city of Urbino, in Le Marche region, and the sea of North Sardinia

To draw up the list, the Visit Italy editorial team put together four key criteria: 

- Ability to promote themselves by creating value for the local community

- Ability to preserve the territory with sustainability strategies and green tourism
- Ability to tell its story through social media

- Ability to preserve its own identity 

The 10 destinations emerged between the others because they have been able to make one or more of these ability their own.

From the small village that challenged the big attraction by positioning itself as an alternative destination, to the destination that has attracted new flows of out-of-season visitors, to the destination that has been able to tell its story to its digital audience while keeping its identity intact.

"This important ranking contributes to the continuation of our vision, oriented towards the development of sustainable tourism, where private and public together create value for local communities. - says Ruben Santopietro, CEO of Visit Italy - From the Marche Region to the Chamber of Commerce of Sassari, more and more regions, authorities and municipalities are relying on Visit Italy to implement territorial marketing campaigns aimed at enhancing the value of their territory with excellent results. It is necessary to build messages capable of attracting a more conscious tourism, a vector of development for local communities and an important flywheel for local employment. The growth of the 'brand Italy' in its entirety, is contained in the ability to implement this plan, initiate a process of out-of-season tourism and create new itineraries off the tourist routes'.

Authenticity, awareness and respect for the territory. For Visit Italy, these are the trump cards of tourism in 2023. 

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