Forbes crowns our community: we are the benchmark for travelers who love Italy.

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The recent acknowledgment by Forbes Italia of the work done by Visit Italy is a recognition that goes beyond numbers and statistics; it's a tribute to the passion that drives our team and our community.

This moment highlights the importance of storytelling in tourism and encourages us to continue our commitment to showcasing Italy in an ever-new and engaging light, leveraging the stories, traditions, and innovations that define our country.

A Growing Community


Recently, our community, made up of travelers and enthusiasts of Italy, has surpassed one million followers on Instagram, marking a significant milestone. With over 3.1 million followers on social media, Visit Italy continues to capture the interest of those who love Italy, offering content that encourages the discovery of the country in new ways.

Forbes has highlighted how Visit Italy stands out for its innovative communication strategies, becoming a point of reference for those wishing to learn about the beauty and peculiarities of the various Italian regions.

Positive impact in local communities

The collaboration with an extensive network of partners, along with high-quality multimedia and editorial materials, has helped to strengthen our position as the leading community for those interested in Italy. Forbes appreciated not only the size of our community but also the way we narrate Italy, by combining multimedia content and valuable partnerships.

Working with well-known brands and focusing on sustainability, under the guidance of founder and CEO Ruben Santopietro, reflects our commitment to making a positive impact in local communities, fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Innovation lies at the heart of our strategy, with future plans including the use of artificial intelligence to enhance visitor experiences. With a growing base of active users and a constant focus on innovation, Visit Italy is dedicated to promoting authentic and sustainable Italian tourism.

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