How an Italian company beat the British giants of the BBC in the final and won the statuette at the Lovie Awards 2021, the European Internet Oscars.

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An unprecedented achievement by Visit Italy, which beat the BBC in the final and won the 'Best Viral Video' category at the Lovie Awards 2021 in London, Europe's most important competition in the world of the Internet (the name is a tribute to Ada Lovelace, the first programmer in history).

Every year, the leaders of global communications compete in this prestigious competition. Companies such as Adidas, Nike, CNN, The Guardian, VICE, Al Jazeera, BuzzFeed or VOGUE Spain compete for the statuette in the various categories.

A few hours ago the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, the organisation founded to guide the progress of the internet, announced the winners of its 11th edition. Visit Italy, the channel promoting Italy around the world, won the "People's Lovie" award for the best viral video in Europe, beating the British giant BBC in the final.

Visit Italy triumphs due to its advertising campaign entitled 'Italy: beauty to share', which went viral around the world and obtained over 60 million views. The spot brilliantly portrays the emotions that a visit to Italy can convey, through the most beautiful content shared by travellers themselves on Instagram.

The exciting announcement of the winners:

The winning video

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