Matteo Berrettini was the first Italian in a final of the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world: Wimbledon in London. The Italian tennis player even wins the first set then gives way to the dominance of the world number one Novak Djokovic.

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Matteo Berrettini was the first Italian to play the final of the most famous tennis tournament in the world: Wimbledon. An unexpected but much-desired goal, built with hard work and sacrifice. In the final, the Roman tennis player had to face the best there is, the number one tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic. In the more classic epic battle between David and Goliath, this time, Goliath is just too stronger than our David. Nothing to complain about for Matteo, who had to bow to the physical and athletic overwhelming power of Nole after even winning the first set at the tie break.

The match

The match lasted just under three and a half hours. Berrettini, in a move led by talent and pride, managed to win the first set at the tie break, thrilling the London public who famously negotiated for the underdog contender at the starting line according to the bookmakers.

Matteo tried, he put all of himself into the match, responding with class and skill to the pressing offensives of the Serbian Djokovic (who won six of Wimbledon).

There is nothing taken for granted in this entry of our Matteo into the Olympus of tennis, even if he did not arrive there with the air of someone who is doing a business but with the air of someone who deserved to be there. A game in which he showed all his power that has often frightened and unnerved the Serbian Djokovic who more than once showed a showy nervousness, mitigated only by his incredible talent.

The rest of the match was a struggle even though the final winner was never in doubt. The match ended 3-1 for the Serbian.

The rise of Berrettini

Berrettini was born and raised with the myth of Federer, but since the dawn of his young career, something special has been noticed in Matteo. He is tall almost 1.90 meters with extremely powerful serves that intimidate the opponents and who often never give up the service.

He always showed great power but also great respect for the opponent even when he met his legend as a child, Federer, just at Wimbledon a few years ago, his legs trembled but he managed to get up and go even further in the maximum tennis tournament, where he surrendered only to the best in the world.

Berrettini is currently in seventh place in the world ranking and can't wait to climb a few more positions to get closer and closer to his myths.

It is a dream to have played the final against Djokovic, it made me sweat a lot. I hope to come back here with an even more important trophy and make you all even more proud.

Matteo Berrettini

These are part of Matteo's words at the Quirinale in front of the Italian national team, the new European champion, and the highest offices of the state. The Italians are already proud of him, but the star of the Roman tennis player has just begun to shine. Ad maiora.

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