Polignano a Mare hosted for the eighth time the most famous diving competition in the world: the Red Bull Cliff Diving

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The final of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championships was held in Polignano a Mare. This great event attracted thousands of spectators in the splendid Apulian background.
Who wins the competition? Gary Hunt for the male category and Rhiannan Iffland for the female ones. Italy places third with the Italian diving champion, Alessandro De Rose.

The final above the sea

The final race of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2021, held for the eighth time in Polignano a Mare in the province of Bari, was a success and kept everyone in suspense until the end.

Polignano is an enchanting place, a city set in the rock, overlooking wonderful blue waters. The dives took place directly from a private house, from the platforms of 27 and 21 meters mounted on a splendid terrace overlooking the Adriatic Sea on the Lama Monachile.

After the most historic stage of the World Series on Mostar's Ponte Vecchio, that of Polignano was the most beautiful stage from the point of view of the breathtaking landscape that the Apulian city has offered to the spectators who have come this far.

The winners of the world championship were the French Gary Hunt for the men's ranking, now in his ninth personal world title, and the Australian Rhiannan Iffland for the women. For the Italians, Alessandro De Rose finished third, while Elisa Cosetti competed among women. The 19-year-old from Trieste participated with a wild card for the first time in her career.

Polignano a mare hosted the two final stages of Red Bull Cliff Diving, drawing the attention of the whole world to its incredible beauty.

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