Are you dreaming of working while enjoying the Italian beauty? Check the updated news about the new digital nomad visa launched by Italy's authorities

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In a world hyper-connected thanks to a broad variety of IT solutions that help to be in touch everywhere, it has grown a new generation of workers who only need a PC and a good internet connection to do their job: it's the digital nomad workers generation, a class of people which can work in every corner of the globe.

Furthermore, the Covid pandemic has shown how many professional activities can be carried out from remote so that not only freelancers, digital creators and IT experts, but many more professions have nowadays the opportunity to be done at home or in any other place. That is the reason why, at the beginning of 2024, Italy's authorities have launched a digital nomad visa, a specific permission to enter in Italy for anyone interested in travelling to Italy and living in the Italian peninsula while working from remote. Let's find out all the information and steps about the new Italy's digital nomad visa.

Who can apply for an Italian nomad digital visa?

Who can apply for nomad digital visa

The rules approved by the Italian authorities in April 2024 permit the arrival in Italy of non-European citizens who have a highly qualified work position and who can work from remote using IT tools. The digital nomad visa applicants must have a university degree or several years of professional experience with technical knowledge and they can be a self employed workers, collaborators or employees for foreign companies or businesses with a legal registration in Italy. Moreover, digital nomad applicants must have a health care insurance, an annual salary of not less than 26000 Euros, an experience of at least 6 months in the current job position and an address residence in Italy.

Which are the steps for a digital nomad visa application?

Which are the steps for a digital nomad visa application

The application for a digital nomad must be submitted at the Italian consulate or embassy of the country where the worker lives and he has to show all the documents proving the existence of the requirements to obtain the visa. After the arrival in Italy, and in any case within a period of 8 days, the digital nomad worker has to require at the Italian authorities a residency permit valid for one year and renewable. Italy's digital nomad visa leaves the opportunity to come to Italy with the family - spouse and children - and can be renewed regardless of the days effectively spent in Italy. As to fiscal and social security aspects, we suggest to follow the information provided by the Italian consulates and Embassies.

Suggestions for digital nomad workers in Italy

Suggestions for digital nomad workers in Italy

Thanks to this new kind of visa, the digital nomad visa, the dream of working surrounded by the great beauty of Italy and of living in the country like a local inhabitant can become a reality. Yet, choosing the place where to live in Italy it could be difficult because of the offer of wonderful spots which are almost illimitate. Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples, Turin and Florence, the biggest Italian cities, offer wonderful places where to live with international vibes, but also the smallest towns from North to South, from the mountains to the sea, give the opportunity to work in Italy enjoying the beautiful weather and the Italian incredible cultural heritage. Islands as well, mainly Sicily and Sardinia but also the smallest ones, may represent a great option for a digital nomad interested in discovering the pleasure to work in Italy while living like a local.

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