"I'm coming back to Italy" is the mysterious message in Times Square, signed by Monna Lisa. What is going on? 

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Yesterday, in the heart of New York City, a sudden announcement surprised people stepping by Times Square: the Monna Lisa is about to return to Italy. This is not a simple relocation, but a real journey that will be possible to follow through social media.

Leonardo da Vinci's iconic portrait, housed for centuries in the Louvre in Paris, has chosen a thoroughly modern way to announce its return to its origins. The Instagram account @monnalisareal was launched with a post that confirms the famous lady's return to her homeland and declares a sort of virtual "war" against @venereitalia23, an influencer created by Enit, the Italian national tourism board.

Monna Lisa's bold move appears to be an open invitation to all her admirers to participate in a unique experience: follow her on her journey back to Italy through real-time updates and creative posts. The initiative, which blends art, culture, and modernity, promises to attract the attention not only of art enthusiasts, but also of the younger generation living among Instagram feeds on a daily basis.

Mystery remains as to who actually launched this original campaign. As details emerge, the online debate rages on: will this bold social strategy succeed in renewing global interest in Italy's cultural heritage? Without a doubt, attention is already guaranteed.

Who will prevail in this Instagrammable duel between two beauties of Italy? We just have to follow @monnalisareal to find out.

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