A two-hour course where Italian pizza champions will share their secrets to teach the world how to make real pizza at home.

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The masterclass that teaches you how to make pizza like a real pizza chef

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On January 17, 2021, on the occasion of World Pizza Day, there was be a masterclass to learn the secrets of pizza. How to make Italian Pizza at Home - Online World Masterclass: the world's leading master pizza makers will reveal, during the two-hour course, the main techniques and secrets that make pizza so unique: what flour to use, how to make pizza dough but also how to roll it out to make a perfect pizza.

The World Masterclass entitled “How to make Italian pizza” was broadcast live in 180 countries around the world, in English and in Italian for Italy and it was presented by the Italian-Dutch blogger Iris de Brouwer.

At the moment you can attend the masterclass off line and it's easy to book: YOU CAN JOIN HERE.

At the end of the masterclass participants will be able to prepare 3 varieties of pizza: Marinara, the oldest pizza in the world, Margherita, which with its combination of tomato, mozzarella and basil has become the most famous variant, allowing the pizza to become the most popular food in the world, but also a special pizza, of those that at first taste leave even the most experienced pizza eater amazed.
All participants, at the end of the course, will receive a document certifying their participation in the course, signed by the master pizza makers involved in the initiative.

Discovering the secrets of pizza

Pizza is undoubtedly the most widespread, loved and appreciated food in the world, a priceless treasure born in Naples, Italy, but whose value is shared around the globe, so much so that the art of pizza has been considered Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
In short, pizza belongs to everyone. Not everyone, however, knows how to prepare it.
Cooking a good pizza, especially if you want to respect the Neapolitan tradition, can be complex. That of pizza makers is an ancient art, handed down for centuries, with its methods, and its secrets. It is precisely these methods and secrets that make it possible to obtain the pizza that the whole world has learned to love: thin in the center, with a high, honeycombed cornice, with a soft dough that gently wraps the filling making each bite a small treasure chest of flavor.
To obtain a similar result you need to know how to prepare the pizza dough, how to roll it out, how much to make it rise and how to arrange the ingredients with skill, as only master pizza makers know.

Pizza like in Italy but at home

The desire for pizza, you know, can not wait and sometimes pushes us to try to cook it at home but the results can sometimes disappoint.
For this very reason Visit Italy, in concert with Napoli Pizza Village, has decided to involve the major Neapolitan pizza masters in a masterclass where you can learn how to prepare Neapolitan pizza according to tradition but at home.
No more hard pizzas, gummy dough or mozzarella that insn't stringy: with the How to Make Italian Pizza at Home - Online World Masterclass you can cook a pizza like the one tried in Italy and bring it directly to your table, to organize a dinner and amaze your guests or even just to enjoy a bite of Italy whenever you feel like it. Let's join the Masterclass!

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