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"Sustainable tourism development guidelines and management practices are applicable to all forms of tourism in all types of destinations, including mass tourism and the various niche tourism segments. Sustainability principles refer to the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development, and a suitable balance must be established between these three dimensions to guarantee its long-term sustainability"

World Tourism Organization
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The way to an Italian's heart is through his stomach. It is well-known that food is our greatest passion. But what if the pleasure of eating could also give rise to an eco-sustainable action? Marco Olmetti, chef at Pepenero Inn in Portoferraio on Elba Island, has created a simple yet surprising project. "Food for Trash: walk and clean the streets" is an initiative that invites customers, tourists and friends to collect as much waste as they can while walking on the island streets. Cards, snack packs, cans, bags, bottles and everything that can make the streets unjustly dirty and create long-term damage to the environment should be collected. The competition ends on the 31st of May, and the award is a couple-dinner at Pepenero Inn. Each participant must report his/her results on the Facebook public group "Food for Trash. Walk and clean" by publishing a photo of the rubbish weight obtained.

Vetrina Toscana and Toscana Plastic Free support the project


Vetrina Toscana and Toscana Plastic Free are two Tuscan initiatives that fully support Food for Trash.

Vetrina Toscana is a project by Regione Toscana and Unioncamere Toscana, respectively the autonomous body representing the regional community, and the Regional Union of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Chambers. It has been working for over 20 years to promote restaurants and food shops that use local products. It aims at enhancing the territory and its typical products by emphasizing the importance of sustainability. Moreover, it promotes slow tourism to reconcile man and nature. For Vetrina Toscana, eating does not only mean tasting a dish but also knowing how to recognise the product value and its link with the territory where it was born. The turning point to embrace sustainability is to be aware of the product history, from the Tuscan soil to the table. Taking care of the territory and enjoying the delicacies of the place are inextricably linked to each other.

"Toscana Plastic Free" was established in 2019 by an agreement between the Regional Council and Toscana Promozione. The aim is to raise awareness among businesses, tourists and citizens about plastic reduction to promote sustainable tourism. However, the challenge is even more ambitious. "Toscana Plastic Free" aims to make Tuscany the most sustainable region in Europe by 2030.

Here are some of the "Toscana Plastic Free" initiatives:

- workshops in Tuscan schools to raise sustainability awareness among young people;

-to enhance dialogue between local authorities to develop projects leading Tuscany to be recognised as a sustainable tourist destination;

-multimedia documentation on Plastic Free for tourists and dissemination of content through online campaigns to promote the agreement's aims.

Therefore, "Food for Trash" is fully in line with both projects concerning sustainability and enhancement of the Tuscan territory.

Chef Olmetti's proposal

Facebook welcomed the idea with great enthusiasm since Chef Olmetti spoke clearly and directly to propose it:

"I'm trying to give back something of what this beautiful nature has given to me during the last months. That is why the most laborious will receive my best work as a prize".

And more:

"I'm asking for the help of everyone to make it viral. It does not cost a thing. When you go out for walks in the fantastic CAI trails, bring a bag or a backpack with you. Even one tin can make the difference". 

The chef shows great love and respect for the island, and his genuine request confirms both of them.

So, only two prize winners will taste the delicious couple-dinner. However, given the spirit of the competition, the others will feel equally winners. 

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