Another triumph for the Italians, Elisa Balsamo wins the 2021 Cycling World Championships in Flanders

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Elisa Balsamo, road cyclist and Italian pistard, affiliated with the Gruppo Sportivo Fiamme Oro, has just graduated world champion, winning the 2021 Flanders Cycling World Championships. The Italian athlete wins the gold medal and the world championship jersey elite world champion.

The piedmontese champion beats the dutch Marianne Vos in the sprint, who wins the silver, and the polish Niewiadoma finished third.

The race

On the starting grid, the favourites are the Dutch who, 60 kilometres from the finish line, begin to stretch with Lucinda Brand, Ellen Van Dijk and Annemiek Van Vleuten with the Italians who keep up with Marta Cavalli, Elena Cecchini and Elisa Longo Borghini, they work as stoppers in slowing down the Dutch.

A few kilometres from the finish, the title is played in a sprint between a dozen cyclists: the Italian Longo Borghini accelerates, taking only Balsamo and the Vos with him, while a chasm is created with those who follow behind. At this point, Balsamo accelerates in a triumphal sprint followed only by the Dutchman Vos who tries to overtake it without ever being able to run alongside her, effectively delivering the gold medal to the blue after an unfortunate Olympics.

For Italy, therefore, an incredible sporting path continues in 2021, and above all in the World Cycling Championships, repeating the victories of Filippo Ganna in the elite time trial and Baroncini in the men's Under 23 online test, in addition to the bronze in the mixed time trial.

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