The new Visit Italy and Marche Region commercial is out, created to promote the destination worldwide

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Hello everyone, we are the Visit Italy team and we are excited to tell you about the spot we created for the Marche Region!

Our goal was to create a spot that captured the authentic and unspoiled essence of the region, showcasing the beauty of its landscapes and lesser-known attractions. We started with the idea of creating an engaging narrative, using the voice of a young girl named Bella who explores the wonders of the region.

We worked closely with the Marche Region to identify the most suggestive places to show, ranging from the Marche countryside, natural parks, mountains, and the sea. The images we chose to use were carefully selected to show the authentic beauty of the region and to convey a sense of wonder and discovery to the viewer.

The result was a breathtaking spot, titled "Marche Region: Italy's best-kept secret," which shows the unspoiled beauty of the region, still little known to tourists. The engaging narrative and Bella's voice captured the viewer's attention, offering a personal and engaging vision of the region.

We are very proud to have created this spot with the Marche Region and to have contributed to making the hidden treasures of this beautiful region known to the international audience. We believe that the collaboration between Visit Italy and the Marche Region is the key to promoting the beauty of the region nationally and internationally.

We invite you to watch the spot and discover the beauty of the Marche Region with your own eyes!

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