The world is flying again, and 2022 is the year of Italy. Bookings are booming over the Easter period, while summer travel forecasts are excellent.  

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The pandemic seems to be in its final stages, and the desire to travel is awakening worldwide. ForwardKeys, a leading travel data & analytics company (and partner of the World Travel & Tourism Council, the international tourism organisation), has collected data on bookings for the coming months. The overall trends look incredibly positive.

A few details: bookings flights to Italy in the run-up to Easter have increased by more than 280%. Spring 2021 was indeed a challenging time for tourism, but the figure is remarkable. On the other hand, according to a survey by The Data Appeal Company (the company that collects, measures, and analyses all the feedback published online, combining it with geographical and contextual data), Italy would mark a +141% increase in hotel searches and a +181% increase in bookings compared to January 2021.

Bookings for the summer are also looking very promising: we are currently 80% up on a year ago, and it's only February. In short, 2022 would seem to be the year of the recovery of travel, the perfect period to "regain possession" of all those little pieces of the world that we had to leave on hold due to Covid. It is also the perfect time to visit those places scattered around Italy that we have always dreamed of reaching.


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