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Poesia popolare anonima catanese

An unrequited love

The tale goes back to Angevin dominance in Sicily. It speak about a young woman, named Gammazita, and a french soldier who fall in love with her. The girl didn't return that love. One day, before her wedding, meanwhile Gammazita went to the pit to get the water, was attacked by the soldier. She preferred to kill herself, jumping in the pit, rather than give herself to the french man. It is said that the dead of the girl raised in Catania's inhabitant a great pathos. It is said also that the red spots in the pit - caused by iron deposits - are signs of Gammazita's blood.

Successive versions of the leged

The legend was enriched. Indeed it is said that all the soldiers feel in love with donna Macalda Scaletta, a beautiful widow, but the woman turned down them. She was in love with a young men, named Giordano. He didn't return her love because he just fell in love with a young lady, called Gammazita.

So donna Macalda hired soldier to murder her. However the girl broke free herself from soldier grip, but he cornered the lady. With no exit, she decide to kill herself, jumping in the pit. She preferred to protect her honour. When Giordano knew about this fact, he stabbed the soldier to avenge Gammazita

Gammazita's pit

You can visit the pit of the legend. It is near the Ursino Castle and is visitable thanks to Gammazita association, that work for it development.

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