We are in Palermo and in the heart of the Loggia, very close to the Duomo of San Domenico and the Vuccira market, there is the extraordinary Pietro Tramonte Itinerant Library

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The history

The library was born on the 14th of February 2013, when  Mr. Pietro Tramonte, accountant, retired. Just three days after his retirement, he did not relax and he started a new job: the librarian. He gathered his books' collection (he had more or less 4/5 thousand books) making them available to everyone. He chose a little alley off Piazza Monte Santa Rosalia for the first Itinerant Library in Palermo. 

Books, smiles, stories and Like


This year the Itinerant Library has turned eight years of life and it has reached 70 thousand volumes (about history, novels, essays, poetry, literature, science and art books, comic strips, and so on) thanks to the books exchange. Here anyone can change books for other original ones, written in other languages too. 

Nowadays, the survival of paper books is in danger because of the spread of digital ones; for these reasons, the aim of Mr. Tramonte is to encourage young people and children to buy paper books and smell the sheets' scent trying to perceive the history behind them. However, the Itinerant Library, in step with the times, promotes itself with the social network, and your "like" on Facebook, your first tour there,  corresponds with a free book. Why not spend some hours at Mr. Tramonte Library on the day of your birthday? For this occasion, you will choose a free book too. 

Although the Library risked closure (the last time occurred in September 2020), this magic place was preserved thanks to the fans' support and the Major of Palermo intervention, who proclaimed the Library a center of cultural promotion and values communication. 

We recommend

We recommend