What makes the trip to Italy unique and unrepeatable? Live experiences like a true Italian!

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What makes Italy such a fascinating country? There are traditions that every Italian has been carrying on for generations, capable of best expressing the values ​​of a people. In this article we tell you eight experiences to do to feel a little Italian. Ready to discover them?

Italians do it better


8. Loving espresso and drinking it at any time


Espresso coffee is one of the symbols of the Italian people: synonymous with conviviality and cheerfulness, Italians consume about 6 kilograms per person every year. To drink at the bar or at home prepared with Moka, to feel part of the Beautiful Country there is nothing better than an espresso coffee. Sweet or not, it is always an indispensable pleasure! Especially in Naples, coffee is an institution: it gives off an aroma that releases the joy of living.

7. Go to the stadium on Sunday

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Italians are a passionate people and the love for football unites almost all of them. Tears of joy, emotions and smiles can be seen in the eyes of the families who meet at the stadium every Sunday to support their favorite team. Football faith is almost comparable to a religion.

To feel like a true Italian, therefore, at least once in your life you have to go to the stadium and cheer your favorite team with ardor and passion.

6. Prepare homemade pasta and pizza

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Mixing water and flour is an art and the Italians seem like magicians in this! Knowing how to prepare a delicious homemade pizza is one of the merits of Italians. Learning the secrets of the perfect pizza, knowing how to create fresh pasta such as tortellini, ravioli, lasagna, tagliatelle, is a source of great satisfaction.

Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world, to feel like a perfect Italian then you need to put your hands in the dough and be guided by creativity, your taste buds will thank you.

5. Accompany your meals with excellent wines


Whether they are red, white or rosé, the Italian wines are a must have on the Italian table. The taste experience is amplified and enhances the flavors of the dishes. All over Italy wines of the highest level are produced, from north to south, you can visit vineyards and cellars, taste the nectar of the gods and learn to enjoy the flavors and aromas that each of them emanates.
Not just a taste experience, but a real lifestyle that embodies the essence of being Italian.

Enjoying the beauty in all its forms

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It is often said that Italians are addicted to beauty: we are surrounded by landscapes, art, history and culture and many times we don't realize how lucky we are. Everywhere we look we see wonders and it is for this reason that Italians appreciate beauty in every form.

Fashion, works of art, literature, everything in Italy excites and to feel like a true Italian you must know how to appreciate everything, without being amazed!

3. Grow genuine products


The secret of a healthy life is the cultivation of genuine products. In recent years, Italians have been rediscovering the art of growing vegetables and fruit on the terrace, in the garden and in pots. Fruit with which to prepare delicious jams, vegetables that become tasty preserves to be consumed with family and friends. One of the unmissable experiences to feel like a real Italian is to do the vegetable garden, personally cultivate organic products and contribute to improving the quality of life.

2. Have Sunday lunch

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Sunday lunch is an essential tradition for Italians: during this rest day, delicious food is prepared and the table is best prepared to welcome guests. Baked pasta, delicious and succulent main courses, homemade desserts and a lot of conviviality are the ingredients of this Italian experience that has to be lived. For a tourist it is possible to experience a moment like this thanks to the Home Restaurants,  the ideal places to enjoy genuine dishes and make friends with other people.

1. Live everything in a more relaxed way


Italians love breaks and relaxation: it is our prerogative to allow ourselves moments of contemplation of the beauty that surrounds us, without being overwhelmed by the frenzy of modern life. An Italian always has time to chat with a friend, perhaps for an aperitif in the square of one of the many wonderful villages that dot our peninsula. It is a lifestyle, a slow and conscious way of living that allows us to enjoy every moment to the fullest, because life is unique and must be lived as such.

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