In Italy with Interflora you can celebrate mothers all over the world, thanx to the colors and scents of the most beautiful spring bouquets

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Even in Italy Interflora is celebrating the sweetest day ever! Mother's Day, an anniversary that has a special place in everyone's hearts, can only be remembered with a truly unique gift. This is why the historic brand that has been delivering flowers all over the world for many years is the perfect choice to give value to an important occasion.

A gift rich in colours, scents, capable of transmitting great emotions, always makes those who give it and those who receive it happy, whatever the circumstance and Interflora has everything needed to enclose all this and much more in a single bouquet. It is a world made of flowers, of messages contained in their petals and of surprising combinations of fragrances that is truly waiting to be discovered.

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Interflora for italian moms

Interflora - mother's day

May is the month of spring in bloom and naturally also the month dedicated to Mother's Day. It's a celebration that dates back to ancient Greece and which today is known almost all over the world, but which in Italy probably has a slightly more particular meaning. This is why Interflora has thought of everything to help you create an equally special gift.

Did you know, for example, that peonies represent maternal protection, that the orchid represents grace or that the hydrangea is the symbol of the love of children? Each flower has its own meaning and Interflora florists can always help you choose the most suitable one. Furthermore, on the Interflora Blog you will find many ideas to write a card to accompany your gift and make the hearts of all mothers beat with pure emotion.

Interflora, a special gift for every occasion

Interflora flowers and plants

Are you thinking of the perfect gift for a special person? Do you want to celebrate a graduation, a birthday or a wedding? In short, whatever the occasion, Interflora provides you with a basically endless choice of wonderful flowers, all with their own meaning.

Whether you are in Italy or anywhere else, and for anyone in the world, you can create your own personalized compositions or get help in choosing from expert florists. You can also combine other gifts such as sparkling wine, soft toys and Unoaerre necklaces, and then there are indoor and outdoor plants, the prettiest bonsai, the original flower boxes in different shapes, and much more to choose from. In any case, you can be sure  that your wishes, your emotions and whatever message you want to communicate will leave their mark.

All the quality of Interflora

Interflora - top quality

What has made Interflora such a loved and well-known brand is undoubtedly the possibility of giving emotions, however the quality of its services and of course of its beautiful flowers is second to none. But how is it possible, somebody may ask, that fresh flowers can be delivered even on the same day, from one end of the world to the other?

It's simple, to allow everyone to give joy everywhere, Interflora has an advanced network that guarantees the delivery of the freshest flowers because the bouqets are made by sellers close to the delivery location.

Interflora: a long love story

Interflora - history

Interflora is a brand that is now so well-known that it almost seems like it has always existed. Its story actually begins a long time ago, way back in 1908, in Germany, when flowers still had to be delivered by horse and buggy. Through the decades and historical vicissitudes, the ingenious idea of the founder Max Hubner proved to be so brilliant that Interflora has become a network of florists that has fifty-eight thousand points of sale all over the world, plus training schools, an app and various sales channels to choose from.

Even in Italy this name has become synonymous with beauty, but also with reliability. Here, in fact, the historic brand now has fourteen hundred professional florists, all able to deliver your gift to the people you love within a matter of hours.

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