Centuries-old traditions and knowledge handed down between generations: this is craftsmanship in Bari

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The handicraft in the Bari area enjoys a long and ancient tradition. It arises from raw poor materials handle, expertly forged creating everyday stuff, furniture and complements and outright artistically items. Simple and beautiful, they tell us about ancient worlds, cultures, traditions, who survive to the modern. 0

Handcrafts in Bari: the basketmakers

Handcrafts in Bari
In Bari, one of the ancient and famous handcrafting is basketmaker’s creations. In their hands, straws, cannas, olive branches bend and weave to become big and small baskets, stuff and home decor, or also to contain the famous orecchiette and fresh pasta, rigorously handmade by women of Barivecchia (Bari old town), guardians of a worldwide famous culinary art. 0

Trulli of Alberobello, UNESCO heritage handcrafts in Bari

Alberobello Trulli
We can not forget trulli of Alberobello, the historical conical buildings, included in Unesco World Heritage List, today builted as 1600 by a few artisan called “mastri trullari”. The calcareous stones are skillfully cutted and fitted one over another: trulli are so builted drystone, without mortar or cement. 0

The woodworkers of Bari

woodworkers of Bari
More, when nature meets art the protagonist are the wood artisans, like inlayers and cabinetmakers. For example, the Graziano Paciellos’ makings exalt wood warmth and shades creating furnitures, home decors, unique and unrepeatable objects that join the handcraft tradition to the design.  0

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