Do you want to visit Italy in spring time? There are so many places to visit. Easter is a very popular holiday in our parts, in this article you will find many curiosities and good advice to follow

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Discover Italy in spring: here are some tips.


As everyone knows, Italy is known throughout the world as "belpaese", one of the fundamental reasons for its varied biodiversity that has made it the most beautiful country in the world is the temperate climate. In spring it is a true paradise on earth. If you are planning to visit Italy during the spring, this article will give you some suggestions. Follow them, you won't regret it.

Starting from the North, the first place we suggest is Trieste. The capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the city is characterized by massive Slovenian and Austro-Hungarian influences, as you can see walking through its streets. Inside the city, in addition to the historical centre of medieval origin, you will find spectacular places such as the Miramare Castle, Piazza Unità d'Italia and the Victory Lighthouse.

Moving instead to central Italy we suggest L'Aquila. A decidedly original destination for a weekend, but no less interesting than others. Abruzzo is full of beautiful cities to discover during your weekends. L'Aquila, full of charm, history and mystery, is the ideal destination if you love the mountains but do not want to give up the comfort of the city.

If you are looking for a taste of summer then we suggest Cala di Volpe, which is one of the most fascinating coasts of the whole Costa Smeralda. In this part of Sardinia you will find crystal clear and contaminated water. Not only that, if you love archaeological finds, you can enjoy a visit to the nuraghi, extraordinary testimonies of the people who lived on the island.

Easter like you've never seen.

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If you want to immerse yourself in the characteristic cultures of Italian villages and cities, what better occasion to attend the Easter celebrations?

There really would be hundreds of suggestions we could give you, but for a matter of space, we will limit ourselves to pointing out some of them. Starting from the north-east, one of the most interesting customs comes from Friuli. In Cividale, in the province of Udine, at Easter and Easter Monday there is the game of Truc, which consists of sliding along a sloping sand bowl some cooked chicken eggs, with the aim of making them touch each other: whoever hits the opponent's egg gets a prize.

As for Central Italy, particularly in Tuscany, we suggest you to visit Florence, where at Easter there is the explosion of the cart. In Piazza del Duomo, a decorated wagon called "Brindellone" is set on fire: the archbishop lights a rocket in the shape of a dove, called "la Colombina", with a sacred fire, which runs along a wire "flies" out of the church until it hits and ignites the wagon, which gives life to spectacular pyrotechnic effects.

Southern Italy certainly has no fewer surprises in store. Starting from Procida, in Campania, where on Holy Thursday, at sunset, the procession of the Twelve Hooded Apostles takes place. A rite similar to that of Taranto, where between Thursday and Saturday at dawn a long procession of the hooded faithful, the so-called "Perdoni", takes place in Seville. Remaining in Puglia, precisely in Noicattaro (Bari) on Holy Thursday a bonfire is lit in front of the church of the Madonna della Lama: the fire continues to burn throughout the night, as a sign of devotion.

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