Bari: tourism, commerce and beauty. Discover with us all sides of this enchanting city.

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Classified as metropolitan city due to its demographic, urban and administrative aspects, the city of Bari currently hosts more than 320 thousand inhabitants. Extended for more than 110km2, excluding the provinces, as every well-known metropolis, also the Apulian Country Seat is characterised by an intricate territorial network really active and populous. Historically known as a typical trade city with an attitude for the mercantile sector, this vivid commercial and cultural centre is the second biggest trade city of Southern Italy, thanks also to its port opened toward the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Among its several sectors of development, the city of Bari has always tried to combine its own traditions and history with its productive and innovative vocations. Clear examples of these growing branches are the agricultural sector with its marked results of cultivations exportations, and the tourism sector with its exponential growth of tourists flows in recent years. These rising trends of tourists arrivals and stays are data that needs to be added to the demographic figures, engaging as a consequence more and more provinces and neighbouring which react actively to the need of enlargement of the metropolis. Therefore, the heart of the city is not focused on a single and defined area, but it’s spread homogeneously all over the territory with different points of interest. 0

Not only industries: Bari tourism and commerce

Bari tourism
Within the same city, it is possible to find corners of peace and serenity, places of uncontested beauty detached from the chaos and the surrounding movement. Nestled in a natural frame where it is possible to immerse yourself at 360° in the green of the typical Apulian Mediterranean flora, the b&b Le Sete offers the perfect location for those who want to live the city keeping the contact with the nature. Surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and pomegranates ( melograno: ITA ; sète : in dialect, from which it derives the name of the b&b), this accomodation facility will ensure you stillness and peace during your stay in order to start with energy your visit and exploration of the territory. 0

What to visit in Bari

Bari is the most important city in Puglia, as well as its provincial capital. If you want to know what to visit in Bari, you can't miss our comprehensive guide. Discover the main tourist attractions of this city with us. 

What to see in Bari

Among the things to see in Bari, we cannot fail to mention its Cathedral. Bari is also a very authentic city, with an ancient charm, rich in history and traditions. All this can be fully experienced in its oldest part: Bari vecchia. If you want to learn more about its authentic charm, read our guide. 

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