The pride of Italian culture is food. The recipes are practically endless: there is not even an Italian who has tasted all of them. But which are the most known and loved italian dishes in the world?

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10. Parmigiana

Eggplant parmigiana is an almost sacred tradition. The name perhaps comes from the use of Parmigiano cheese in the recipe, but it is typical of the whole south. The preparation includes fried eggplants and then baked in layers, with plenty of mozzarella and tomato sauce. The taste is insured, but also the calories!

9. Tortellini


Tortellini are an ancient food from Bologna and Modena. It is diffused in all the central-Italy, sometimes with different names, like for example cappelletti in Marche. It is egg pasta stuffed with meat and closed (strictly by hand) according to the unmistakable shape. They are served in broth during the Christmas period or on New Year’s Day, according to local traditions.

8. Meatballs in sauce


Meatballs in sauce are one of the most classic recipes, which can be found all over Italy. It is one of the tastiest ways to cook a minced meat. Nice balls of meat cooked long in abundant tomato sauce. A rich and healthy dish, to accompany with bread.

7. Tiramisu


Tiramisu is the most popular spoon dessert. The world of Italian desserts is very large, but this is ubiquitous in the menus from north to south. There are therefore many versions, but the original one is based on savoiardi biscuits, soaked in coffee and covered in layers of mascarpone cream and eggs. In some cases could be there an aroma of liqueur, but the sprinkling of cocoa on top can not miss.

6. Risotto


Risotto, like pasta, can be prepared with thousands of ingredients. The best known is definitely the one called alla milanese that is with saffron, precious spice with unmistakable flavor and color. In any case the rice should never be boiled, but toasted, nuanted with wine and slowly cooked with the constant addition of broth. Otherwise it wouldn’t be risotto...

5. Amatriciana


Amatriciana pasta, derived from the city of Amatrice, is a pride of Roman gastronomy and Lazio in general. Unfortunately, it suffers many bad imitations, but tradition would require the use of jowl, pecorino cheese and tomato. The most suitable pasta format? The bucatini!

4. Florentine steak


As the word itself says, Florentine comes from Florence. In this case there is no doubt: a scottona steak with bone, between 1kg and 1.5 kg, at least 5 cm thick. The cooking is essential: it must be grilled for 5 minutes on each side, without ever exceeding the 149 ºF. It must be served strictly rare!

3. Lasagna


Lasagna is perhaps the most elaborate but most tasty way of conceiving baked pasta. It is an institution of Bolognaise cuisine! These are sheets of egg pasta, laid in layers and seasoned with the classic ragù sauce, béchamel and grated parmigiano. The preparation is quite long, but, if performed to perfection, the Sunday lunch will be a big success.

2. Carbonara


We come to spaghetti carbonara, the most famous dish of the Roman tradition, which needs no introduction. It is undoubtedly the most imitated and misrepresented, above all abroad, with often disconcerting results. But the rule should be strict. Crispy jowl and not bacon! And the creamy part of the dressing is obtained with raw egg, pecorino cheese and some cooking water. Do not forget the pepper and let’s go over in chorus: no cooking cream! No cooking cream! No cooking cream!

1. Pizza


The undisputed queen of the Italian table is the pizza! The Neapolitan one of course. She’s the most beloved food of all time. Its simplicity, which has delighted us for centuries, has conquered the hearts of the whole world. You can season it as you prefer, but for an italian the best one will always remain the margherita: tomato, buffalo mozzarella and a basil leaf.

Enjoy your meal!

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