We are talking about the town of Caorle. We are located a few kilometres north of Venice, we have the Adriatic right in front of us and the sandy beach under our feet. Caorle has always been one of the most popular summer destinations in the region and boasts a blue flag blue sea.

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What you probably do not know is that this small town has a remarkable food and wine tradition, something which makes a stay here a truly unique experience. 

What to eat when you arrive in Caorle

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Don't tell the other Italians, but in these parts you can eat an excellent "Carbonara di mare"(Some Italians will be angry). Of course, it is the fish that rules in this cuisine and it could not miss a reinterpretation of the famous Roman dish. Obviously we advise you to try it before giving a judgment. Culture is no joke, but on good taste, we can guarantee.

If we are in the mood for a pasta dish, but we do not want to go "against" the Italian tradition, we can try the so called spaghetti alla busara (or also busera). The latter are prepared with scampi, shrimps or with the typical canestrelli of the lagoon, and represent at best the working traditions of this fantastic land. Don't forget to do the "scarpetta" with bread at the end of the meal.

Even pizza in these parts is revisited with local flavors, and can be eaten with scampi, shrimps and canestrelli. You can also taste soups and risottos, with the sea always protagonist. Little cuttlefish from the lagoon or even "moscardino", typical fish of this area of Veneto, prepared in different ways. A light dish but rich in flavor, it will surely leave you speechless.

All these dishes can be tasted at a restaurant with a refined style a few steps from the historic center of Caorle: Restaurant Pizzeria Sporting Il Giardino delle Fate. A place where you can spend a pleasant day with your family and accompany it with an excellent prosecco docg wine. You will not regret it.

After the traditional flavours, a nice walk downtown

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This is the best thing you can do after a hearty meal of fish. Enjoy the historical center, with its typical architecture. Everything revolves around the cathedral, characterized by an austere and linear Romanesque. But right next to it, here is the wonder: a majestic cylindrical bell tower, built in 1038, at the beginning of the late Middle Ages.

From the cathedral square, the city is divided into campi and campielli, just like Venice, but very close to the open sea. A little further on is Calle lunga, the main street that cuts through the entire historic center, giving back an atmosphere similar to that of the Venetian capital, but with a greater intimacy, on a human scale. A few steps from the Duomo, but embraced by the sea, we see the church of Madonna dell'Angelo from which you can admire wonderful sunsets. An ideal place to dream, get excited and lose oneself in infinite and distant horizons.

Once the sun has gone down and tiredness begins to be felt, there is a suitable place to rest or even to enjoy a bit of vacation. This is certainly the Hotel Maxim: "Where every day, music, games and dance, drag in a timeless atmosphere. Where old people feel like children and children live in a world just for them." And that is indeed the case. All that remains is for you, as soon as possible, to dive into a new adventure, alone, in company or even with the whole family. 


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