Spending your holidays in Procida does not only mean sea, beaches and landscapes, a distinctive feature of this place is its culinary tradition.

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The tourist who arrived in Procida is welcomed by the picturesque landscape that the island offers visitors. The fishermen’s boats anchored to the pier, the houses colored with the colors of the rainbow that are reflected on the water are the elements of a suggestive landscape like those of a picture. Spending your holidays in Procida, however, does not only mean sea, beaches and landscapes, a distinctive feature of this place is its culinary tradition.

What to eat in a day in Procida?

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On this island of sailors to start the day well you can accompany the coffee with one of the best desserts of the Campania tradition, that is the lingue alla procidana also called ox languages or mother-in-law languages. It is a cake made with several layers of puff piastry filled with lemon cream, made with the famous citrus fruits of the island. All the pastry shops and bakeries are dedicated to the realization of this cake. A delicious first course that you can not miss is the Pescatora povera pasta seasoned with green chillies and anchovies in which there is a perfect balance between the taste of chillies and that of fish.

The gastronomic tradition of Procida does not satisfy only fish lovers, in fact, if you want a delicacy cooked according to ancient recipes and slow fire, Not to be missed is the Coniglio alla Procidana in which the tomatoes and herbs will give a fragrant touch to the meat.
In the evening, if you have not worn pants too tight, not to be missed is the Insalata di limoni, seasoned with garlic, oil, chili and mint to be served next to a portion of fried anchovies. The lemon is the undisputed protagonist of the culinary tradition of Procida, to understand its excellence will be enough to require at the end of the meal limoncello or lemon cream. The fresh and sweet taste of this liqueur will be a delight for the palate.

Gastronomic tradition: from the island to home.


But if the trip to Procida comes to an end and you want to take with you the flavors of this island to prepare in your kitchen one of the typical dishes to taste to your guests or to remember your holiday, The Procida Sapori brand will be an indispensable ally.
The company Procida Sapori was born from the need to celebrate the smells and flavors of the island, and to respect the processing of ancient recipes. In fact, all products, from pasta to biscuits, are processed according to tradition. Thanks to the website you can choose the right ingredients for the recipes, the brand offers the opportunity to those who have already been on the island to taste the tasty Procida and who, Instead, he still hasn’t had the good fortune to go there to try something different. 

If you have never been to Procida, don’t worry because Procida will come to you.

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