Among the most loved sausages in the world is mortadella, which conquers everyone's palates with its unique flavour. Let's discover its attributes. 

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Mortadella, with its unmistakable spicy and aromatic scent and its soft consistency, is a cured meat that has conquered everyone's palates, all over the world.

This has always represented the Italian snack par excellence: enclosed in two discs of bread and held in the hands of children and adults - it has always symbolized union and simplicity.

Originally from Bologna, where it boasts a centuries-old tradition, mortadella is a product of Italian excellence, protected by the IGP claim (Protected Geographical Indication).

Some notes on the history of mortadella

Mortadella and other sausages

Mortadella and other sausages

The first evidence of the production of mortadella dates back to Roman times, as testified by Plinio il Vecchio in his "Naturalis Historia".

Over the centuries, the recipe has been refined and perfected, becoming a symbolic product of Italian gastronomy. It has populated the tables of Italian homes, making itself famous even outside the Italian peninsula.

Fine and tasty, it has conquered the world, making itself a versatile ingredient - capable of lending itself to numerous preparations.

However, it can be enjoyed simply sliced and served as an appetizer or second course, or used to enrich sandwiches, pizzas, salads and first courses.

Between curiosity and peculiarities of Italian mortadella

A sandwich with mortadella

A sandwich with mortadella

Mortadella is the largest sausage in the world and its sensorial and organoleptic peculiarities have made it a product of value and prestige for Italy and for Emilia-Romagna itself.

Mortadella from Bologna is the only one to have obtained the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) recognition, to protect the quality and tradition of this unique cured meat.

In Bologna, in fact, the "Mortadella Festival" is celebrated every year.

Furthermore, this rich product is not only relegated to its undisputed simple goodness: today we find mortadella in numerous haute cuisine creations.

How is mortadella produced?

Slice a mortadella

Slice a mortadella

The mortadella production process is painstaking and requires immense care and attention. 

Mortadella is produced with lean and fatty pork meat, finely chopped and flavored with a mixture of spices, including black pepper, coriander, nutmeg and pistachios.

The mixture is then stuffed into a natural casing and cooked at a low temperature for several hours. The result is a cured meat with a cylindrical shape, with a diameter that can vary from 10 to 40 cm, and a weight that can reach 100 kg.

The 5 characteristics of the best mortadella to buy and eat

Choose the mortadella

Choose the mortadella

Buying the best mortadella can be a difficult task, given the vast range of products available on the market.

Here are some tips to help you choose and recognize a high-quality cured meat.

1. The shape: Cylindrical or oval, with a diameter that can vary from 10 to 30 centimeters.

2. The colour: Intense pink, with evenly distributed white fat spots.

3. The scent: Spicy and aromatic, with notes of black pepper, white pepper, nutmeg and coriander.

4. The flavour: Delicate and tasty, with a perfect balance between the lean and fatty parts.

5. The consistency: Compact and solid to the touch, but very soft.

Some tips for buying the best mortadella

Mortadella in a delicatessen

Mortadella in a delicatessen

When purchasing the best mortadella it is best to refer to quality brands; Mortadella di Bologna IGP complies with strict production regulations.

It is also important to read the label; it may be interesting to learn about the ingredients of the mortadellas you come across.

Purchasing mortadella from a trusted delicatessen and storing it carefully - in the refrigerator, inside a paper cloth or an airtight container - is essential.

An eye should be paid to the price of mortadella: usually, more expensive mortadellas have fine and higher qualities. Mortadella produced by hand, then, is always to be considered better - and also of superior quality.

Mortadella is a timeless heritage

The Mortadella Festival

The Mortadella Festival

Mortadella is a cured meat with an unmistakable flavor and a thousand facets, which represents an excellence of Italian gastronomy.

A product to be enjoyed with taste and awareness, to appreciate its history, tradition and nutritional qualities.

The use of mortadella to fill and compose more complex dishes demonstrates the uniqueness given to the dishes themselves by this incredible ingredient. But mortadella remains excellent for the flavor it contains.

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