Easter is coming! Here's a guide about handcrafted Italian Easter eggs for 2023: a triumph of local ingredients. 

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Easter holidays are approaching and on lunch tables, here in Italy, we are going to present many delights to celebrate Spring tastes but we could never forget the typical desserts, like the Colomba cake and of course the beloved handcrafted chocolate Easter eggs.

Giving your friends and relatives a present during Easter times is an endless tradition and often Easter eggs are the choice: they always make children and even adults happy, thanks to the different kinds of chocolates, their colored packaging and the surprises inside, like toys or jewels.

When were Easter eggs born?

Handcrafted Easter egg gift

Handcrafted Easter egg with milk chocolate to present

The tradition of giving Easter eggs has uncertain origins and probably dates back to the ancient Persia or Egypt, when hand-painted eggs were exchanged with the arrival of Spring, as a good-luck gesture – eggs have always been a symbol of rebirth and new life. 

Whilst the idea of a surprise inside it comes from the famous and precious eggs by Peter Carl Fabergé, the celebrated Russian goldsmith who created a certain number of them for Tsar Alexander III, conceiving them like a matryoshka, inside of which were jewelry or small gold chicks. 

The idea of making an egg out of chocolate, however, belongs to the French King Louis XIV, who asked his court pastry chef to create a collection of these desserts to celebrate the arrival of Spring. But the concept of handcrafted production to be sold is probably an enterprise of Casa Sartorio, pastry shop from Turin, in the early XX century – and it could not have been otherwise, because Turin was the first Italian city in the XVI century to employ chocolate, recently arrived from the Americas, for pastry production.

10 Italian Handcrafted Easter eggs to buy

Completing the festive lunch or Easter Monday barbecue without an Easter egg is actually a real heresy in Italy and therefore we must hurry to buy our favorite, to keep it or give it as a present.

But which handcrafted Easter eggs should you buy for this year? What chocolate specialty should we give to our loved ones? 

Here you will find a list of 10 delicious handcrafted Easter eggs in various price ranges, made by Italian products, created by local companies – some of them are very renowed – and that you could easily shop online.

Caraci Sicily Food – Trionfo di Gemme with pistachio

Caraci Sicily Food – Trionfo di Gemme with pistachio

We have selected a perfect delight for pistachio lovers, a handcrafted Made in Sicily Easter egg with the island's green gold: pistachio from Bronte

Caraci Sicily Food is a company founded in 2017 by an initiative of a young group from Bronte, which bases its production exclusively on pistachio, making both savory and sweet products in order to enhance one of the most appreciated and versatile treasures of the Sicilian cuisine.

Hence, the Easter collection could not miss this delicious egg, covered of pistachio chocolate and pistachio crumb for an irresistible crunchiness, poetically named Trionfo di Gemme, Triumph of Gems.  

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Dedicated to all those whose chocolate just isn't enough, this Easter egg is made by whole peanuts for the covering and a caramel cream filling: a pure food porn. 

This delight is part of the handcrafted Easter eggs collection from Madò, an exclusively online pastry shop specialized in making sweet and savory specialties from the Campania and Sicilian traditions. 

So here it is a really addicting product, where the sweetness of chocolate and caramel nicely opposites to the taste of salted peanuts, and the surprise is the cream filling – a very appreciated production from the shop as well, available in various flavors and in different sizes jars.

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From Christmas to Easter in a different shape: the world-famous Strega nougat turns into a delicious crispy egg for Easter

The unmistakable taste of Strega products, a must during Christmas time, is also perfect during other holidays: this is the philosophy behind the historic brand Strega Alberti from Benevento, author of the bright yellow liqueur with the same name, which offers a Easter collection of milk and dark chocolate eggs, enriched with a crunchy hazelnut or almond nougat crumble. 

Our option here for hancrafted Easter eggs, with dark chocolate and hazelnut brittle, is a peculiar, delicious and luxurious gift in a refined, brightly colored package.

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Caffarel – Extra dark chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts egg

Straight from the Italian home of chocolate, Turin, Caffarel is a famous local pastry brand since 1826, to which we owe the creation of the legendary Gianduiotto, the hazelnut-flavored chocolate. 

From the handcrafted Easter eggs collection of this historic Italian brand, we have selected the extra dark chocolate with IGP Piedmont hazelnuts egg. Hazelnuts are a typical product from the land of Langhe (Cuneo and Asti) and so this option turns out to be perfect for all those who prefer a more intense flavor for their chocolate, but also for those who do not consume dairy and gluten.

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Let's stay in Piedmont, specifically in Alessandria, to discover a particular product signed Giraudi

Giraudi is a company specialized in handcrafted pastry products since 1908 – an actual authority in creating fine chocolate specialties. 

For its handcrafted Easter eggs collection, Giraudi has realized beautiful colorful, hand-painted options, but it has also decided to use special ingredients for a bold and unusual taste experience.

We've choosen this blond chocolate (because it is enriched with caramelized notes) and cocoa grué (pure cocoa beans) egg, for a unique bite-proof crunchiness.

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Il tomolo – Note di Sale, milk caramelised chocolate and pistachio egg

Il Tomolo is a e-shop created to offer and distribute small-scale Italian companies food products.

The chocolate goods collection exclusively focuses on the brand Autore, a company based in San Marco dei Cavoti, Benevento, which is famous for its delicious handcrafted torroncini (small nougats) and more.

The Autore handcrafted Easter eggs section includes a variety of different sizes and flavors, presented in a lovely pastel-colored packaging. 

Among them, we have selected the Note di Sale, Salty Notes, a white chocolate egg with salted caramel and pistachio grains: an authentic explosion of refined and out-of-the-ordinary taste.

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Beppiani Cioccolateria – Milk chocolate Easter egg with Murano glass surprise

Beppiani Cioccolateria – Milk chocolate Easter egg with Murano glass surprise

We certainly haven't forgotten about the classic milk chocolate egg and that's why we have chosen this handcrafted Easter egg signed Beppiani Cioccolateria

Beppiani is a company based in Belluno, in business since 2000 to offer exclusively handcrafted chocolate goods made with high quality Italian ingredients, especially from the Dolomites

But what is the special feature of this delicious milk chocolate Easter egg? The precious authentic Murano glass surprise inside it: bracelets, necklaces, pendants and many other treasures to leave your loved ones speachless. Different sizes and the dark chocolate option are available.

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"Goodness is rigor, knowledge, respect, amazement": this is the motto of Amedei Cioccolato, a company based in Pontedera, Pisa, specialized in producing delicious handcrafted finest quality chocolate since 1990. 

The handcrafted Easter egg we want to recommend you will get you high with its aromatic notes, given by the combination of extra 70% dark chocolate and the mixture of red berries (raspberries, strawberries and cherries).

Together with the intensity of the dark chocolate and the tart note of the red berries there's an additional mouth-watering surprise: a selection of 6 special chocolate pralines.

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Baci Perugina - Limited Edition Dolce & Gabbana Amore e Passione uovo di Pasqua con granella al lamp

Red berries again in this tempting raspberry red chocolate Easter egg by Baci Perugina featuring Dolce & Gabbana for the design.

Baci Perugina company is one of the most famous and loved classic Italian pastry brand, worldwide known since 1922 for the unique goodness of its famous hazelnut chocolate praline and the ever-present message cards inside it. 

Amore e Passione is a trendy limited edition of Easter eggs signed Baci Perugina together with Dolce & Gabbana, another synonym of Italian genius in the world, created to honor the affection for our loved ones. And there's no better way to do it than giving this delicious fiery red chocolate shell Easter egg, that contains two Baci pralines and a deck of cards, wrapped in an elegant package of the same color.

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Cioccolato Vialetto – Generale Edmondo's orange dark chocolate and salted

Let's complete our journey into the taste with the Easter eggs from the brand Vialetto and its gallery of bizarre characters

The Vialetto Family members dominate the packaging of the delicious and original chocolate products: Adelina, Osvaldo, Clotilde, Lamberto, Angelina, General Edmondo and many others. Each of them infuses its own personality into the chocolate combination and above all on the fancy boxes, inspired by the Art Nouveau style and the advertising posters of the early 20th century.

Vialetto is a worldwide famous for its chocolate craft; the company was established in 1893 and it is now part of the Colussi Group, another Italian excellence for breakfast products, that transposed the historic spirit of Vialetto it into an original and more modern guise, without distorting its identity. 

For Vialetto's handcrafted Easter eggs collection, we've chosen the General Edmondo's one, an orange dark chocolate and salted almonds eggs, a must for those who prefer contrasting and daring flavors. But we invite you to discover all the options in this section, one more eccentric than the other, with their beautiful packaging.

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