What is it and where do you eat the best frittura di Paranza in Puglia? Let's find out!

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What is "frittura di Paranza"?

When you visit Puglia it is essential stopping at the table, to taste the most typical food products of the territory, that marry sea and land, for an authentic pleasing to the tongue. One of the tastiest meal is “frittura di paranza” (fry up of tiny fish), made of tiny fishes, prawns, squids, to eat very hot, just pulled out of the frying pan.  0

Short history of Paranza

History of Paranza
The name of this dish, “paranza”, comes from the typical fishing boats, made of wood, with only one mast and Latin sail, and from bottom trawls, towed nets. History tells us that in the past this was considered “dish of the poor”, because made of unsold fish, because too small. The ingenuity of fishermen has then made the magic, transforming the poor fish in a very tasty dish, always required in all restaurant and trattorias in Puglia. 0

Recipe of the frying: what fish are there in the traditional

Frittura di Paranza
The traditional recipe wants small size fishes like red mullet, little cod, sole, anchovy, “vope” , squid cutted in rings, prawns, strictly fresh. The fish is accurately cleaned of the viscera, then just floured and fried in abundant olive oil or seed oil if you want it lighter. The paranza is served very hot, accompanied by pieces of lemon: its juice enhances the smell of the sea.  0

Where to eat the Apulian

The paranza is a typical dish of the pugliese seatowns. Moreover, if you are in Valle d’Itria you can eat it at Friggitoria San Domenico, in Putignano. Its very hot, fragrant and inviting paranza will conquer you, together with other fish specialites, traditional and trendy, in a elegant and comfortable location.  0

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