What are the best restaurants not to be missed in Bergamo and its surroundings? We have selected 10 restaurants you absolutely must try in 2024.

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Bergamo, like its surroundings, is rich in extraordinary flavours and gastronomic delights. We have selected the ten best restaurants that you must visit to enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience.

In our opinion, the best restaurants in Bergamo have cuisine that takes the tastes and traditions of the Bergamo area and reworks them in a modern key, both in terms of preparation techniques and presentation. The locations are enchanting and enhance the beauty of the area. The establishments are different from each other, but all have in common a love and care for raw materials, the exaltation of local products and a welcome that makes you feel at ease.

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Casual restaurant among the best in Bergamo

Our selection of the ten best restaurants in Bergamo starts with the Casual restaurant of multi-starred chef Enrico Bartolini. It boasts a prestigious location on the slopes of the San Vigilio hill. Villa Elena and its park guard an extremely well-kept restaurant, where you can enjoy intimate moments in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The culinary proposal is classic but reinterpreted with innovation and continuous experimentation to guarantee an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The Michelin star has been awarded for both the passion and creativity shown and is reflected in every detail of the restaurant. Each course is a sensory experience that creates a balance of aromas and flavours, presented in an artistic manner. You can experience this culinary journey by choosing between the a la carte menu or the two tasting courses.

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Benigni restaurant among the best in Bergamo

The Ambulatorio Gastronomico Benigni is an intimate location with attention to detail. Refined and cosy, it also has outdoor tables. It welcomes its guests in Via S.Tomaso, offering on-site dining or in Via Masone, with the take-away gastronomy service. The menu is linked to tradition, with dishes that emphasise the quality of the raw materials and vary depending on the seasonality and availability of the ingredients used. The wine list completes a culinary experience of the highest quality. Conveniently, after booking, customers can view the menu via whatsapp and calmly evaluate the best choice. It is also possible to buy the products, the result of a strict selection, taking home the excellence of the territory. A lunch or dinner at the Benigni offers the opportunity to relax in an elegant setting and be pampered by a staff that devotes all its attention to diners.

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L'Officina restaurant among the best in Bergamo

An intimate and cosy space is the setting for L'Officina in Grassobbio, in the province of Bergamo. It is the ideal location for a romantic dinner or a corporate event, also suitable for small and elegant ceremonies. Experiences can be customised both in the menu and in the room. The chic atmosphere and refinement frame unforgettable moments in the indoor dehors and outdoor spaces. Culinary journeys delight the eyes and palate, offering choreographies of colours and original flavours. The preparation techniques experiment with combinations of raw materials and enhance each ingredient in the course. The combinations of land and sea, the à la carte menu and the tastings are true journeys of discovery of the specialities of the territory in every season of the year. The care and presentation of the courses complete the whole and confirm the expectations created by one of the ten best restaurants not to be missed in Bergamo.

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Da Mimmo

Da Mimmo restaurant among the best in Bergamo

Da Mimmo is a historic and renowned restaurant in the Upper Town. Founded in 1956, it passionately cooks simple, authentic dishes that respect the seasonality of the ingredients. Expectations are high and the experience does not disappoint those who want to appreciate traditional flavours but interpreted in an innovative way. The location is special, with stone walls and wooden ceilings, and has several rooms, some more reserved. The covered, heated terrace is very atmospheric. The à la carte menu includes both excellently prepared traditional dishes and tasting menus and a wine list that satisfies all palates. It is excellent value for money, considering the historic location, the fast and efficient service and the courtesy and attention of the staff.

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Locanda del Boscaiolo

La Locanda del Boscaiolo among the best restaurants in Bergamo

A family atmosphere and genuine flavours characterise the Locanda del Boscaiolo. Overlooking Lake Endine, in Monasterolo del Castello, it is immersed in a small natural paradise where it is also possible to stay overnight. The evocative location offers unforgettable emotions, such as dinners by the lake during the summer season, in a romantic and relaxing settingThe cuisine is simple, the ingredients used are zero km, produced by the owners with great care or purchased in the area. The combination of artisanal products and modern culinary techniques result in high quality cuisine that has rightly received many awards. The price is consistent with the special location and the well-cared-for ambience that the managers and staff have created. The welcome and courtesy make for good memories.

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Anetì Osteria

Osteria de la Anetì among the best restaurants in Bergamo

Among the 10 best restaurants in Bergamo, we recommend Anetì Osteria. It is located just a few steps from the center of lower Bergamo, and it offers homemade cuisine that echoes the dishes handed down by tradition. The location is the Anetì Osteria, which has a close relationship with the Bergamo area. In fact, not only does it use zero-km products but, for all the products and services it needs, it prefers to rely on local realities. This is also underlined in the bilingual menu that proudly emphasises Bergamo's origins and traditions. In a familiar and warm environment, it is possible to rediscover ancient flavours that are appreciated by both tourists and the Bergamasks themselves. The attention paid to customers is reflected in the spaces, which are also comfortable for wheelchair users, and in the Braille menu designed for the visually impaired. The homemade pasta made with flour from local mills goes divinely well with local wines. The rich menu also satisfies vegetarian palates.

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Lostricheria restaurant among the best in Bergamo

Lostricheria is an intimate and characteristic restaurant suitable for any occasion. Whether it is a romantic dinner or a business lunch, it is the ideal location to enjoy a menu made with excellent ingredients. The wine list features French labels and completes a satisfying experience for all the senses. The French bar à huîtres style enhances the gastronomic journeys created by the chef, and the presentation succeeds in satisfying the eye before the palate. Each culinary experience enhances the flavours of the sea, first and foremost in the oysters that are the stars of the kitchen, but also in the crudités that are much appreciated by customers. The restaurant is sober and well-kept, impeccable in its simplicity. The staff is very professional, attentive but discreet. The prices are appropriate for the menu, which always offers very fresh and quality products. Another gem in our selection of the ten best restaurants in Bergamo.

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Mas-Cì restaurant among the best in Bergamo

Located in the historic centre of Clusone, the Commercio Mas-Cì restaurant offers classic traditional dishes revisited in a modern key. During the winter season it is pleasant to lunch or dine in the interior dining rooms with frescoes and a fireplace, while in summer the service moves to the outdoor courtyard under a pergola of grapes and wisteria. The menu features original combinations that are presented with class. The cuisine is refined, the ingredients are balanced in both flavours and colours, and is especially appreciated in the truffle dishes, praised by many customers. The experience can be completed with a stay in a period building, in cosy suites and rooms with an enchanting panoramic view.

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Da Vittorio

Da Vittorio restaurant among the best in Bergamo

Da Vittorio Relais & Chateaux is 10 minutes from Bergamo, in a relaxing oasis of a 10-hectare estate. The restaurant brings to life the philosophy of "Lombard tradition and creative genius", in a menu that respects the seasonality of ingredients, satisfying all palates. Each proposal is a search for rich and intense flavours presented with scenographic layouts. The wine list invites a visit to the cellar. The patisserie, to end an excellent meal, is an added value to a culinary experience of the highest level. A much appreciated aspect by customers is the warm welcome of the staff, which you would not expect in a starry location, but which makes you feel at ease. The friendliness and simplicity of the owners complete a gastronomic journey that does not disappoint despite the very high expectations, rewarded with three Michelin stars.

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Locanda della Corte

La Locanda della Corte among the best restaurants in Bergamo

The Locanda della Corte is located in Alzano Lombardo, at the foot of the Seriana Valley, in a historic building that creates a warm and elegant atmosphere. The four indoor rooms and the outdoor dehors are the ideal place to host buffets, aperitifs or special events. The à la carte menu is linked to the seasonality and availability of products and offers typical Lombard cuisine and the flavours of the territory. At weekends, the chefs create off-list dishes that are a delightful surprise. Themed evenings organised throughout the year are another opportunity to sample culinary delights in a period location. The courtesy and attention of the staff make the whole experience extremely pleasant. The welcome of the Mazzilli family leaves one wanting to return to a place with a family atmosphere and high quality cuisine, served in generous portions.

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