From the experience of chef Mirko Pinna, here comes a new, innovative and sustainable way of cooking. 

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Tenuta Asinara, housing the Akitchen restaurant, is such a splendid place to spend quality time, especially if you are looking for excellent food prepared with respect for raw materials and tradition.

The idea to create the estate came from Grazia and Roberto Sassu, great connoisseurs and experts in wine, who in 2007 decided giving birth to a place mainly oriented to wine experimentation. Gradually, in addition to the cultivation and production of grapes and fine wines, the Tenuta also began to raise donkeys and cattle, strictly of important and valuable breeds.

Tenuta Asinara: an exceptional location and wines at Km.0

Asinara Gulf

Founded as a farm, Tenuta Asinara has opened to new specializations over time, especially in the production of wine grapes, exponentially increased throughout the years. The winemaking process, carried out with the utmost care, is one of the estate's greatest sources of pride, producing wines of great quality, highly appreciated by all guests.

This "green paradise" stands in the ideal location, in the heart of Sardinia's deeply rich and "proud" nature. To taste local products in which such commitment has been infused, and savoring them in the beautiful setting of the Sardinian hills is really a unique experience, absolutely recommended!

The thousand faces of a modern chef

Akitchen chef Mirko Pinna

If you are looking for a highly experienced chef with a boundless love for his land and capable of giving you unique dishes combining tradition and innovation, Mirko Pinna could be the professional you are looking for!

The chef passes on the culinary tradition of two of the Italian regions most closely associated with it: Emilia Romagna and Sardinia. This cultural background, combined with the desire to experiment and the spirit of sacrifice that those dedicating to high level cuisine must necessarily possess, are the hallmarks of Maestro Pinna, who in his career has managed to combine respect for his roots with the most modern and cutting-edge techniques.

Mirko Pinna's story is simple and extraordinary at the same time: passionate about cooking since childhood, he has been able to turn his passion into a profession. The chef also makes himself available to share his knowledge and his unique and tasty dishes. In fact, to taste his recipes, you have many options, not only the one of booking a dinner at the Akitchen restaurant.

If you prefer a more intimate tasting, there is the Home Restaurant option, inside an old restored barn, or Chef at Home, with the possibility of tasting Mirko Pinna's fantastic recipes right at your own place!

Then if you are interested in learning some kitchen secrets yourself, the chef makes his know-how available for real Learn Cooking courses, possibly aimed at teaching you tricks and alternatives in case of intolerances and allergies.

Akitchen's philosophy

Akitchen menu

The watchword in the contemporary Akitchen restaurant is sustainability. The menus offered, the raw materials used, the wines, everything is studied in detail to ensure customers transparency, quality and respect for the environment and traditions.

The meat used in the restaurant is of Chianina cattle free living in pasture, while as for the "green" part of the menu, it is most likely products coming from the vegetable garden standing all around the restaurant.

So the quality remains high, both in terms of meat dishes and purely vegetarian ones. Very often, customers choose to try the "Tasting" menu, thanks to which they are able to have a complete overview of the delicious meals created by chef Mirko Pinna with the possibility of eventually matching the wines produced in the estate.

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