With this article you will discover what are the 5 dishes of Lazio tradition that you can not miss at least once in your life. These are simple and fast dishes, but at the same time rich in taste and goodness. In this top five you will find a typical dish of each of the 5 provinces of the Lazio region, including Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Bucatini all'Amatriciana.... I’ll tell you what, come and fi

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Thanks to the lush countryside and fertile hills that characterize the Lazio region, since ancient times it has been possible to obtain the ingredients that have given origin to delicious, tempting and tasty recipes.

The population of Lazio has created over the years unique and inimitable dishes, still present in the tables of all Italians, and not only.The common ingredient of all typical Lazio dishes is definitely the traditionality, as every dish is handed down from generation to generation.
The traditional dishes of Lazio are not limited to the main courses, on the contrary there are many second courses, side dishes and also many desserts.They are also famous for their abundant portions and the simplicity of the ingredients that make them up.
With this guide you will find out which are the 5 dishes of the Lazio tradition most known, most tasty and most loved. Every dish we have chosen to tell you about has its origins in one of the five provinces of Lazio: Frosinone, Latina, Rieti, Rome, and Viterbo.
Let’s go find out!

Lamb to Scottadito

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The first recipe of our top five is a recipe of the province of Frosinone, in which reigns the culinary tradition Ciociara. This type of cuisine is poor, but at the same time tasty and plentiful.The dish we propose is the lamb to Scottadito, whose name comes from "something that amuses", because in ancient times this meat was eaten with the hands when it was still very hot and so the fingertips of the hands burned and entertained others.
To start cooking it you need to marinate the meat with oil, salt, pepper and rosemary, then it will be stored in the refrigerator for a day to let it rest and flavor. When the next day the lamb is removed from the fridge, it will be seared directly on a burning grill and the dish will be ready to be enjoyed.

Patty of Anchovies

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The second typical dish of the Lazio region is a dish born in the province of Latina. The Pontine culinary tradition offers many delicious and special recipes, and among the many we propose the patty of anchovies, also called "Fish to Recanata". It is a simple and fast dish and can be eaten both hot and cold.
To prepare this dish, it is necessary to boil potatoes and, while cooking, place the anchovies in a small baking containers, so as to create the shape of a basket. Once the potatoes are ready, they can be chopped and mixed together with salt, pepper, Pecorino cheese and parsley.Finally you will need to close the basket with the same anchovies folding them inside and bake.In 10 minutes, your will be ready to be served.

Bucatini all'Amatriciana


The third typical recipe of Lazio in our list is that of Bucatini all'Amatriciana, or 'matriciana, a typical dish of Amatrice, a town in the province of Rieti. The ingredients of this famous and beloved recipe are: guanciale meat, pecorino cheese and tomato. The original recipe involves the use of spaghetti, but the influence of Roman cuisine has led to their replacement with bucatini.

To prepare this dish you need to cook the pasta in salted water, and in the meantime cut the guanciale meat and brown it in a pat. When the guanciale meat is crunchy it must be removed and set aside. You will then add the sauce in the same pan in which the pillow was cooked and you will cook for 10/15 minutes. Once the bucatini are cooked, add it to the sauce and finally add the pecorino cheese and the previously cooked guanciale meat. 

After a few minutes the bucatini all'Amatriciana will be ready to be enjoyed.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara


Carbonara is the fourth dish that we propose. It's a typical Roman dish well known and renowned, that draws its origins from the Second World War. This dish definitely brings with it the values of traditionality and hospitality.

The original recipe for Carbonara requires the use of the pillow, although there are other schools of thought that prefer bacon.

The first step for a Carbonara of excellence is to brown the pillow, until it becomes crispy. The second step is to prepare a mixture of egg yolks, Pecorino cheese, salt and pepper. Once the pasta is cooked, proceed by joining in a pan the previously prepared mixture, the pasta and some cooking water. The goal will be to reach a certain level of creaminess of the compound.

As a final touch you will need another sprinkling of Pecorino cheese and the dish will be ready to be enjoyed.

Wine donuts


As a last typical dish of Lazio we offer a sweet recipe of a particular type of dry biscuits. The Wine donuts are classified as one of the simplest and most loved desserts of the whole Lazio tradition.

To prepare them it's necessary to mix sugar, wine and oil; at a later time it will be necessary to add sifted flour and yeast. Once the right consistency must be made some cords and then form doughnuts. As a last step you will need to pass the donuts in the sugar, then cook in the oven for about 20 minutes. Once golden, the Wine donuts are ready.

They can be eaten hot, warm or even cold, they can also be enjoyed alone or soaked in wine. In short, they are delicious in any case!

This was our ranking of the 5 typical dishes of the Lazio tradition.

As you have surely noticed they are all quite simple to recreate, they require little time and very few ingredients.

And you, what are you waiting for to try one?

You can taste them directly in the restaurants or in the typical trattorias of the beautiful region of Lazio or you can propose them comfortably at home, following our guide.

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