Are you looking for something different and unusual for the winter? Here are 5 events not to be missed in Friuli Venezia Giulia. 

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Alps and sea, Friuli Venezia Giulia has so much to offer! Towns are elegantly lit up with statues and sumptuous palaces all around. The most hidden villages are places where taste local food and wine delicacies.

This northern region has so much to offer its visitors. We at Visit Italy would like to give you our contribution by suggesting five Winter events, in our opinion, not to be missed!

5. Natale d’A…Mare in Lignano Sabbiadoro

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Lignano Sabbiadoro is one of the most famous seaside resorts on the Adriatic. Here for Christmas, there is the Natale d'A...Mare (Christmas at Sea). It includes unmissable events, such as the Villaggio del Gusto di Natale (Christmas Taste Village) and the Presepe di Sabbia (Sand Nativity Scene). 

The Taste of Christmas Village consists of prefabricated wooden houses. The market houses craftsmen, nursery workers and creative people. You can find many gifts and decorative ideas for Christmas among these stands.
There will also be places to taste food and wine specialities. The offer is vast: it goes from traditional local products to other Italian regions to find food from different parts of the world (such as goulash or sushi). When? From 27 November 2021 to 31 January 2022. 

The unmissable winter event on the seashore of Lignano Sabbiadoro, the Sand Crib, reaches in 2021 its 18th edition. The organization event by the Association Dome Aghe Savalon d'Aur collaborates with the city of Lignano Sabbiadoro and local associations. It encloses the whole meaning of Christmas.

A mammoth work made of sand and water sets close to the beach. In over a month, 5/6 sculptors, chosen among the most qualified in the world of sand artists, model and treat over 500 tons of sand.

Each year the Nativity's representation is different. The traditional setting intersects with current events. It wants to provoke reflection on important ethical, civil, ecological and historical issues.

Admission to the Sand Nativity is free, and the proceeds go to charity. When? From 4 December 2021 to 31 January 2022. 

4. Poffabro, a magic Christmas village

For Christmas, Poffabro village celebrates the event "Poffabro, Presepe Tra I Presepi". An event during which 150 nativity scenes from all over the world dot the streets, window sills, balconies and quiet courtyards, shining like tiny caskets among the rocks. 

Children and more experienced artisans make them from traditional materials, such as plaster and porcelain, made from poor or recycled materials and even innovative ones. Large ones cover square metres of surface, and others are tiny, built inside everyday objects. 

The event is free. You can visit The cribs 24 hours a day, but they are more evocative illuminated at night.

When? From 5 December 2021 to 16 January 2022. 

Naturally, such a nativity event could not find a better setting than Poffabro. The village is in the municipality of Frisanco. In Pordenone's province, in Colvera Valley, formed by the same name, a right-hand tributary of Meduna River.

Not far from the plain and the town of Maniago. In December, the landscape is harsh and solemn, and there are the first winter snows that provide enchanting scenery.

Poffabro enchants with its extraordinary urban integrity and the colour of the stones, which echoes that of the mountains. It is no coincidence that it is on Italy's Most Beautiful Villages list.

Beneath the rocky slopes of Mount Raut (over 2000 metres above sea level), the historic village of Poffabro takes on an extra charm during Advent. It is an absolute pleasure to walk through its enchanting streets, masterfully decorated with fruit and wood!

3. Videogames exhibition in Trieste

Until 22 February 2022, for all fans of video games, gaming and technology, at the Salone Degli Incanti in Trieste, Videogames! is not to be missed. An international exhibition on the world of video games.

Here you will be able to follow the entire history of video games: from the first ones created in the 1950s to the electronic consoles of today. More than 200 devices, including various games, cabinets, consoles and immersive rooms. You will discover anecdotes about the most famous video games. You will find out how video gaming transforms one of the giant global phenomena ever and one of the most significant sectors of the entertainment industry.

Moreover, the exhibition is linked to a fantastic tourist promotion created by the Municipality of Trieste for travellers. Booking at least two nights in the city's hotels participating in the initiative, the tourist will receive a free ticket to the exhibition

2. Exhibition on Monet and the Impressionists in Trieste

Villa Revoltella in Trieste

Villa Revoltella in Trieste

Always in Trieste, at the Revoltella Museum, from 11 January to 22 May 2022, art lovers can admire the exhibition Monet and the Impressionists in Normandy. A collection of 75 works that tell and investigates the Impressionist movement in Normandy

An opportunity to get close to precious masterpieces by the greatest impressionist masters. Among the most famous in the exhibition: Camille on the Beach and Boats on Etretat Beach by Monet. But also Sunset, View of Guernesey by Renoir and The Beach at Trouville by Courbet

Trieste has the seductive charm of a border town, halfway between the composed elegance of Central Europe and the sunny brightness of the Mediterranean. It has always been a crossroads of ethnic groups and cultures. It has an ancient charm repeated in everyday life of a present that does not forget its roots.

It is a place of great historical importance, offering countless artistic and cultural attractions, cosmopolitan culture and magnificent sunsets in the northeast. It is a city to be discovered at your own pace. It can be easily visited on foot, as many of its main attractions are within walking distance of each other.

Don't miss its historic centre where you will find one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, the Ponte Rosso with the famous statue of James Joyce, the Jewish ghetto, the Roman Theatre and much more. Don't miss also:

- San Giusto Cathedral

- the panorama from San Giusto Hill

- its castles, such as Miramare Castle and Duino Castle

1. Pinocchio - Immersive Art Experience


The EmotionHall Arena is Italy's first permanent, modular and interactive Immersive Museum. The Museum's innovative technologies allow visitors to experience the emotions of the exhibitions and host events directly first hand. 

Not to miss the current exhibition, Pinocchio - Immersive Art Experience! It will make you relive first-hand the emotions and most evocative moments of the Pinocchio fairytale. It will lead you into this magical atmosphere are fantastic oleographic actors playing the characters with splendid costumes by Elena Mannini. It will let you "enter directly into the book"

The Pinocchio of EmotionHall is immersive, digital and...made of wood, of course! The exhibition is a complete experience. You are starting from the genesis of Collodi's work, the costumes of the various theatrical performances, up to the point where you can completely identify with the most famous puppet in the world. 

The exhibition is open every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., the last entrance at 8 p.m. Tickets are available on Vivaticket Italia or at the Infopoint of Tiare Shopping. To enter the EmotionHall, you need a Green Pass "Base".

When? From 19 November 2021 to 31 August 2022.
Where? Tiare Shopping, Località Maranuz, 2, 34070 Villesse GO

Discover the magic EmotionHall!

Where is EmotionHall Arena?


This innovative, unique and engaging space of almost 2000 square metres is located inside the Tiare Shopping in Villesse, in the province of Gorizia. A Shopping Centre where you will enjoy a unique shopping experience in a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment for the whole family. 

There are more than a hundred shops on two floors, which you can take advantage of to buy the latest Christmas gifts. Many brands to choose from, both national and international, of clothing and accessories, furniture and home design, cosmetics, lifestyle and much more. 

Tiare Shopping awaits you in Località Maranuz 2, 34070 Villesse (Gorizia), every day from 9.30 am to 10 pm. 

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