The Pinocchio fairytale comes to life thanks to the EmotionHall Arena, Italy's first permanent Immersive Museum. Come and discover it!

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In Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Villesse, in the province of Gorizia, there is the Tiare Shopping centre, a huge two-storey structure with more than a hundred shops that houses Italy's first permanent immersive museum, EmotionHall Arena, which opened on 3 February 2021. This type of museum is so special because immersive art is able to transport visitors out of time and space, into another dimension, making them "enter" directly into the work of art.

Pinocchio Immersive Art Experience is the current exhibition displayed in the Emotion Hall Arena, open until 31 August 2022. The exhibition evokes the genesis of the Pinocchio fairytale, its suggestions and emotions, restoring those universal values that made the book unique in its genre and lives through an innovative system of projections and sound amplification, in an alternation of completely immersive rooms.

EmotionHall - Immersive Experience Arena

EmotionHall is Italy's first permanent Immersive Museum, it is modular and interactive. A space of almost 2,000 square metres inside Tiare Shopping Centre that can change shape thanks to the modularity of the walls and innovative immersive technologies. It is a dynamic reality made up of mobile areas perfect for exhibitions, musical events, dance and acting courses and workshops, food and wine events and many other unique immersive experiences.

EmotionHall was created with the aim of re-proposing the dialogue and fusion between art, communication, tradition and pop culture using modern languages close to the new generations. Multimedia applied to the field of art has significantly expanded the boundaries of learning, allowing greater understanding through sensory experiences that excite visitors. Thanks to the museum's innovative technologies, visitors can step out of their passive role as spectators and directly experience the emotions of the exhibitions and events hosted.

The museum is divided into three rooms: the last one, with its 500 square metres of 360-degree audio-video suggestions, will allow you to be totally immersed in the exhibition.


Pinocchio Immersive Art Experience

Emotion Hall Pinocchio immersive experience

Don't miss the current exhibition dedicated to the timeless tale of Pinocchio: Pinocchio Immersive Art Experience. This exhibition is a new multimedia art experience wanted by the Villesse Shopping Centre Management Team to evoke in the immersive spaces of EmotionHall the genesis of the famous novel by Carlo Collodi, giving body to its suggestions and emotions proposed in the pages of one of the most internationally loved books, which made Pinocchio the most famous puppet ever.

Visiting the exhibition will be like entering directly into the pages of the book. At EmotionHall you can immerse yourself in a journey through art, culture and entertainment, in eight stages that explore the history of the book and that of its characters. Everything takes place in an immersive path, not only virtual, where you will suddenly find yourself in the stomach of the terrible dogfish, meeting Geppetto who is looking for his Pinocchio, then going through a gallery of sketches in augmented reality, ending up experiencing a kinetic transformation that will turn you from a wooden puppet into a child and much more. You just have to discover the exhibition yourself!

The exhibition can be visited every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., with last admission at 8 p.m. Tickets are available on Vivaticket Italia or at the Tiare Shopping Centre Infopoint


Tiare Shopping Centre

The Tiare Shopping Centre, located at Maranuz in Villesse, in the province of Gorizia, is one of the most innovative shopping centres in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Its offer can meet the needs of all families. 

An absolute novelty that offers you a hypermarket, a multiplex cinema, a gallery with shops, bars, restaurants, family areas and many other services in a familiar and welcoming environment. There is also a museum inside, Emotion Hall, Italy's first permanent immersive museum, home to spectacular exhibitions and events. The perfect place to spend a day of fun and culture.


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