On the occasion of Parma 2020+21, let's look at exhibitions and events organized in the Italian capital of culture. Pilotta palace with Fornasetti, Ligabue and Portici del Grano, all the unmissable things to see in this beautiful city of Emilia Romagna.

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In Parma "culture defeats time"!

This motto closes the application file to candidate the city as Italian capital of culture 2020. Past and present that meet and go together towards the future. In fact, this is the goal of exhibits, guided tours and activities that will liven up the city till the end of 2021. The aim is to create an union between the prosperous Parma past, due  to noble palaces, monuments, superb churches, and modern design and digital platforms useful for online tours and volunteering. Let's discover the unmissable events and exhibits during Parma 2020+21.

Fornasetti in Pilotta - Theatrum Mundi


In the historic center there is the monumental area of Pilotta set in a green isle, surrouded by benches where boys and kids play and a fountain in the middle. The monumental area, that overlooks Parma torrent, consists in different buildings built to host the court of the dukes of Parma and is connected to the ducal park and palace by Verdi bridge. Inside the complex, different museums are located: Archaeological Museum, National Gallery, Palatine library, Farnese theater and Bodonian museum.

For Parma 2020+21, Pilotta hosts a beautiful exhibit curated by Barnaba Fornasetti who includes the typical artworks of the Fornasetti designers in the ancient architecture of the monument. Modern and scenic creations dialogue with museum collections and architectures creating a conceptual and temporal continuum able to get the visitor inside the ancient, seen and revisited through modern eyes. In every museum and gallery take place the creations of the designers and it's amazing to see a cat watching at a painting from 1800 or to admire the classical Fornasetti disches on the stands of the Farnese theatre as public. Open till 25th July 2021, it's absolutely unmissable!

In Tarasconi Palace, Ligabue and Vitaloni give voice to nature


In the prestigious Palazzo Tarasconi, in via Farini, from 17th of September is set up an exhibition that connect two great masters together: Antonio Ligabue and Michele Vitaloni. Past and present are compared to tell the animal world throughout art languages. The imagery of the painter/sculptor Ligabue, full of oneiric and wild atmospheres made by jungle and fierce animals, is combined with the hyperrealism of Vitaloni's animals. Giant rinos, very detailed gorillas, turtles, lynxes and other savage animals, placed into the ancient palace, give rise to a dialogue as unexpected and sublime.

A journey through different visions of two different but complementary artists open till the 30th of May.

Under Portici del Grano: temporary exhibits to think together

Portici del Grano are located in front of Parma's city hall and here, cyclically, are set up different photo exhibitions. At the beginning of 2020, the first exhibits was "Us, food, our planet: let's feed a sustainable future", organized by Barilla Foundation to focus the public on food, on its production processes and on environmental impact of food waste. A collective reflection on sustainability that went on with a photo exhibit realized thanks to LIPU and Michele Mendi, entitled "The change". From October to December 2020, pictures of wild birds that live on Emilian Apennin could focus the visitor on climate change and about all the negative things it brings with it. On Christmas time 2020, Portici del Grano hosted some painting made by Parma's elementary school children with the purpose to express their dreams and desires in a very difficult situation, like the health emergency we are experiencing, to the inhabitants of Parma to join each other and stay strong together. The last exhibit will be open till 27th March and is entitled "The faces of work", a series of beautiful photos that show how work changes in Italy during time. From the portraits of '50s southern workers in FIAT in Turin to the those of current refugees who work in fields or in factory. A collective reflection about inclusion and integration placed in one of the most frequented place in Parma. Unmissable!

Parma 2020+21 and virtual tours to discover the city safety

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Parma is a wonderful city to visit and, unfortunately, the difficult health situation doesn't make it easy during the hear of its touristic renaissance. However, Parma 2020+21 doesn't give up and change its offer making several free virtual tour and experiences on its official website. An immersion in Parma's culture places and ancient and noble atmospheres to enjoy a tour comfortably from home. Obviously, we shouldn't miss the chance to live them in person once possible. It is necessary, in fact, to complete the tour experience with the Museum of Food where discover the history and peculiarity of some of the most  famous italian food in the World: Prosciutto di Parma and Parmesan cheese. Also, is not a bad idea to taste typical food in one of the several restaurants in the center of the city, especially if the menu is pumpkin tortelli and Lambrusco wine!

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