La Notte della Taranta is the largest festival in Italy and one of the most important events on popular culture in Europe. It is an event that takes place in an itinerant form between the various squares of Salento, starting from Corigliano d’Otranto and ending with the "concertone" of Melpignano. The event is dedicated to the enhancement of traditional Salento music.

The Edition 2021 of Notte della Taranta

La Notte della Taranta, which blends the traditional music of Salento with other musical languages, including rock, jazz, symphonic music, records a participation of over 150,000 spectators and hosts world-famous musicians.

In each edition the final “Concertone” is entrusted to a "Maestro Concertatore" with the task of arranging and reinterpreting the classics of the local musical tradition using a group of thirty musicians from Salento and other guests from the national and international music scene.

In recent editions, Carmen Consoli, Raphael Gualazzi and Andre Mirò stand out, among the artists who have held the role.

For the 2021 edition there is still no name for the concertmaster but we can anticipate that the Foundation of the 'La Notte della Taranta' and the Academy of Fine Arts of Lecce will work together for an artistic project that will be presented during the final concert, on the stage set up in the space in front of the former Augustinian convent.

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