Discover with us 23 events in Italy in 2023 that you must not miss about music, sport, art and culture

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Among the events that you should not miss in Italy in 2023 there is surely one that will make you want to book immediately and leave for a weekend or an unplanned holiday.

We have selected the most important or original ones to whet your appetite for something new, that will make you love our beautiful Italy even more.

Which of the events in Italy in 2023 is your favourite?

A journey down the Boot with 23 must-see events in Italy in 2023

Events in Italy in 2023

With 23 occasions dedicated to culture, art, sport and music, it will be natural to organise a trip to attend at least one of the not to be missed events in Italy in 2023.

Our Italy has always been the setting for events of international importance, and this year does not disappoint either: on the contrary, it is confirmed as the ideal location for events that will attract tourists and specialists from various sectors in all regions.

23. Bergamo and Brescia: Italian Capitals of Culture 2023

Bergamo and Brescia Capitals of Culture

This year, the Ministry of Culture has anointed Bergamo and Brescia as Capitals of Culture. The days 20, 21 and 22 January will see the inauguration of one of the most important events in Italy in 2023. The two cities will symbolise the future and the revival through the sharing of culture in all its forms. Even the presentations will be shared as they will take place in parallel on two connected stages, to confirm a synergy of intentions between institutions, organisations and foundations.

The talk is of an Enlightened City: a pole open to innovation and aimed at rebirth, tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity as a source of wealth.

Four in-depth studies will be proposed:

- the city as care: reviewing, in a modern key, the local solidarity tradition

- the city of nature: how to approach natural resources, share sustainable mobility and climate transition

- the city of hidden treasures: enhancing the artistic and cultural heritage and bringing citizens closer to the great historical heritage present

- the city that invents: spreading a new innovative business model, also involving universities and infrastructure

22. Scuderie del Quirinale, Masterpieces Saved from the War, Rome

Scuderie of Quirinale in Rome

The Scuderie of Quirinale is the chosen location for a unique exhibition. It will present a selection of over one hundred masterpieces saved during the Second World War, together with documents, photographs and other multimedia elements. The works were saved by being removed from the big cities during the war in order to protect and preserve them. A perfect reconstruction of an era and a historical event thanks to in-depth meetings, a literary project and a podcast that help to discover and understand all the visible details. Another of the events in Italy in 2023 of great cultural importance open until 10 April.

21. Arte Fiera Bologna

Arte Fiera Bologna

The 46th edition of Arte Fiera is the annual appointment of Italy's longest-running event, which manages to renew itself every year, creating an involving experience for enthusiasts. From 3 to 5 February it will be possible to view more works than last year: more artists and more works in the Main Section, 3 new sections curated by invitation (Photography and Moving Images, Painting XXI and Multiples) and a new section called Percorso, dedicated to ceramics.

20. Sanremo Festival

Sanremo Festival among the events in Italy in 2023

Sanremo has always been linked, in the collective imagination, to the Italian music festival that is followed all over the world. The artists who perform, together with national and international guests, make this location magical and attract the media attention it actually deserves. Appointment from 7 to 11 February with one of the events that will leave its mark in Italy in 2023.

19. Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale

The most important biennial of contemporary art and architecture, embracing all artistic disciplines from dance to theatre, from cinema to visual arts. It is undoubtedly one of the events in Italy that will bring prestige to our peninsula in 2023.

Here are the appointments:

- The Kids' Carnival: 11 > 19 February

- 18th International Architecture Exhibition: 20 May > 26 November

- 51. International Theatre Festival: 15 June > 1 July

- 17. International Festival of Contemporary Dance: 13 > 29 July

- 80. International Film Festival: 30th August > 9th September

- 67. International Festival of Contemporary Music: 16 > 29 October

8. Fashion in Milan: tradition in events in Italy in 2023

Milan Fashion: events in Italy in 2023

From 13 to 17 January the attention is on men, while from 21 to 27 February the focus is on women. Among the events in Italy in 2023, this is the one that makes the world talking about us and that makes every person, from the ordinary to the fashion-addicted, dream. Milan comes alive with international guests and becomes the virtual catwalk that gives the world the image of a living, technological and constantly evolving metropolis.

17. Gian Maria Tosatti, Hangar Bicocca, Milano

Hangar Bicocca Milan

A project that has engaged the artist Gian Maria Tosatti for over two years finally sees the light of day. It is a retrospective exhibition consisting of several installations and historical works, that will be on display from 23 February to 30 July. His creations are relevant on the international contemporary art scene. In fact, he has already been the protagonist of the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, and in Milan he is appearing as a soloist. 

16. 25° Dolomiti Ski Jazz

Jazz on Dolomiti

The snow-covered mountains provide the backdrop for a very special event: jazz, funk, blues and black music on the ski slopes. The concerts will be at high altitude and can be listened to directly on skis. They will be held in Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme from 3 to 12 March. A pleasant and different way to experience the mountains and your skiing week.

15. Perugino: The Best Master of Italy

Perugia organises, from 4 March to 11 June, an event dedicated to the artist known as 'Il Perugino'. The National Gallery of Umbria will celebrate the works that consecrated Pietro Vannucci as the protagonist of the last two decades of the 15th century. Approximately seventy works will be on display, helping to trace and understand the study and evolution of this artist and to place him in the prominent position assigned to him on an international level. Some works have been loaned by international museums. A catalogue will help to view the masterpieces, explaining the artistic stages that marked their realisation.

14. Cogne opens its cellars

Cantine Aperte in Cogne

An annual food and wine event that promises not to leave you disappointed. 'Cantine aperte' will be held in Cogne from 27 to 29 March. The wine cooperatives, as well as the venues and cellars of the Aosta Valley locality, will be the points where both wines and typical gastronomic excellences can be tasted. The tour that can be more pleasant if made on the Wine Express train. The event aims to make local products known while also entertaining all participants with music and promotional offers in various restaurants.

13. The Bailo Museum hosts Arturo Martini

The exhibition Arturo Martini, "Masterpieces", will be open to the public from 31 March to 30 July. It will be an opportunity to contemplate the evolution of an artist who is considered one of the most interesting in 20th century sculpture.

The Bailo Museum has a permanent section about this author, in which his early works are also visible. This will be the start of the exhibition tour. Then his major monumental masterpieces will be presented, as well as the majolica section, which is in a smaller format, and finally some works dedicated to graphics and painting.

12. VinItaly

Vinitaly among events in Italy in 2023

It is an event dedicated to wines and spirits that celebrates one of Italy's flagships. Verona has been hosting operators and enthusiasts in the sector since the late 1960s and it is preparing to welcome more than 4.000 exhibitors in 2023. This year it will be held from 2 to 5 April and, as always, it will offer technical tastings, masterclasses, competitions and conferences. This is an important opportunity to get to know the best wines on an international level and to admire chefs who will offer tastings in which regional products are paired with different wines.

11. Rolly Days in Genoa

In Genoa one of the events in Italy in 2023

One weekend in April and one in October will give the opportunity to visit the Palazzi dei Rolli, which are on the World Heritage list. Admission is generally free of charge but requires a reservation. On this occasion you will be able to admire the rolli, public residences that housed important personalities passing through Genoa. They are important palaces, 3 or 4 stores high, with majestic staircases and enclosing courtyards and gardens.

10. The Turin International Book Fair

The Turin International Book Fair

It will be held from 18 to 22 May at the Lingotto Fiere. It is an event that ranks among the most important fairs in Europe and it usually hosts world-famous artists. It will give space to the Self Publishing sector, emerging artists who in recent years have made their mark in the literary world without having recourse to a publisher. The publishing selection has been curated by the Salon and authors will have a great opportunity to meet their readers in person.

The Salon will also be a showcase, through its communication channels, for culture festivals that will be held in Italy during the year and that have already held 2 editions. An alternative way to broaden one's cultural knowledge.

Noto Flower Festival

Noto Flower Festival

It is one of the most colourful events in Sicily and one of the most evocative events in Italy in 2023. The spectacular setting is Via Nicolaci, which is divided into 16 sectors. The works are created on canvases measuring 6x4 metres. On Friday 19 May the artists draw the design on the canvas, on Saturday 20 everything is covered with petals until completion, from Sunday 21 to Tuesday 23 May the masterpieces remain on display and then everything is removed as the petals will have withered.

A free event with a special charm.

8. Slum dunk festival, Bay Arena, Igea Marina

Slum Dunk Festival 2023

This is one of the most important international punk and rock music festivals. For the first time in Italy, Igea Marina is the exceptional venue for an event that promises to be explosive and spectacular. Bay Arena is a concert area by the sea, consisting of Parco Pavese and Becky Bay. The format of the event includes two stages on which the world's best bands playing punk music can perform. Appointment on 2 and 3 June with one of the events in Italy in 2023 that will bring great prestige to the music world.

7. Florence Rocks


One of the most interesting events in Italy in 2023, the most popular rock festival in Italy and one of the most important summer events of the kind in Europe, has been confirmed. It will be in Florence from 15 to 18 June. A typical example of how to take advantage of VisitItaly's ideas 

6. 100th Arena di Verona Opera Festival

100th Arena di Verona Opera Festival

The 100th Opera Season in the Arena will provide exciting moments for all opera lovers. Fifty evenings are scheduled, with operas carefully selected from those that have been most successful. Eight opera titles, four gala evenings and a concert with the Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro alla Scala will be staged from 16 June to 9 September. The Festival will be inaugurated with a performance of Aida on the first two evenings: the one on 16 June will be broadcast worldwide on RAI television.

5. The Ars Aedificandi exhibition at the Selinunte Archaeological Park

Selinunte protagonist among events in Italy in 2023

An important project that was produced and organised by MondoMostre with the collaboration of the Archaeological Park of Selinunte, Cave di Cusa and Pantelleria. A kind of didactic documentary that allows visitors to admire, in their reconstructions, the construction sites in which the Doric sanctuaries of Selinunte were built. Ten machines will be visible, in full scale, including a crane together with the wagons and sledges used to transport the material from the Cave of Cusa, the place of extraction. Among the events in Italy in 2023, art is a major protagonist, from 5 to 23 July.

4. Noisy Festival, Naples

Noisy Festival in Naples

A unique event in a particular location. The different musical genres on offer create an environment rich in sounds and emotions. It is a meeting place for different styles, each with its own audience, creating a mix that may seem contradictory but in fact it fully reflects the city of Naples. One breathes a desire to live and have fun. The venue for the Noisy Festival is the Arena Flegrea, an open-air theatre about 9 km from the historic centre of Naples. With its 12,000 seats, it guarantees space for all its participants. 

3. Placebo al Sonic Park in Matera

Musical events in Matera

The city of stones will be the setting for a spectacular musical event: Placebo return to Italy with a rock concert of international significance. The 16 July is the only date for southern Italy and is an opportunity to listen live to a band that has created a unique and unmistakable sound, combining various musical genres. Matera has the honour of hosting one of the five Italian stops on Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal's world tour.

2. Lucca Comics and games

Save the dates: 1-5 November, five days of full immersion in the world of comics, video games, animation and everything related to the visual arts. A five-day exhibition that ranks among the most important not only on a national level: first in Italy, second in Europe, third worldwide. There is always great expectation from fans of the sector, will it manage to exceed last year's expectations again this year? It promises to be a big yes!

1. Musicultura

Musicultura in Macerata

It is a music festival that is increasingly successful every year. They are live performances by artists who face a strict selection process. This year there are 1113 entries, 81% are soloists and 19% are groups. Entrants must be the authors of the songs they are going to perform. In February the auditions begin and in Macerata it will then be possible to hear the 60 performers who have passed them. 

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