For a weekend escape or a daily trip here you will find 10 events and exhibitions to visit during this November in Italy

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In November, autumn is definitely here with all its peculiarities: the air is cooluvb and the dailylight is shorter, the weather is uncertain and the umbrella is always in our bag-yet it is also the month in Italy when the exhibitions as well as the events season start to be at their best. So don’t miss the chance to visit Italy in November 2023, indeed you will have the opportunity to discover one (or even more) of these 10 events and exhibitions coming up (or already opened) during this month.

10 Must see events and exhibitions in November 2023 in Italy

10 events and exhibitions to see in November in Italy

November is a passing month, Halloween is definitely over, but the Christmas season is still on its way, that’s why November is a perfect month for a trip to Italy to discover one of the beautiful exhibitions or to join one of the events that have been scheduled for this fall. Art, science, sculpture, comics and more, in November the cultural offer of exhibitions and events in Italy is varied and broad: thanks to the participation of national and international artists, no matter they are contemporary or not, the choice is mostly illimitated. From Turin to Naples crossing Rome and Naples. follow our ultimate guide about the best events and exhibitions to visit in November 2023 in Italy.

10. Mimmo Paladino in Naples

Mimmo Paladino in Naples

Extended until the next 9th of January, the solo exhibition Mimmo Paladino. 104 disegni di Pulcinella is an incredible opportunity to admire the artworks made by Paladino at the beginning of Nineties inspired by Tiepolo masterpiece about the historical Venetian carnival. The 104 drawings of the popular mask Pulcinella have been recently restored and in addition to them Paladino has realized one more drawing, the 105th, to celebrate Napoli football team winning of the italian football championship 2022/2023. Mimmo Paladino’s “104 disegni di Pulcinella” is hosted at Galleria Genovese of Palazzo Reale and it is scheduled from the 6th of July 2023 until the 9th of January 2024.

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9. Casa Balla in Rome

Casa Balla in Rome

In our ultimate guide about 10 events and exhibitions to visit in November 2023 in Italy, it cannot be missed Casa Balla, the futuristic apartment made by Giacomo Balla, one of the most important artist of XX century as well as co-founder of the artistic movement called Futurism. The flat where Balla lived with his family and worked for more than 30 years is a visionary masterpiece and is located in Prati. Thanks to the National Museum of 21st Century Arts MAXXI, which has worked to restore the appartment and organised special openings of Casa Balla, it is possible to admire this autumn this gran total art project. Casa Balla will be open from the 22nd of September 2023 until the 28th of January 2024.
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8. El Greco in Milan

El Greco in Milan

For the first time in Milan, Palazzo Reale will host a solo exhibition about El Greco, one of the most remarkable artist of late spanish Renaissance and considered the first master of siglo de oro (golden century). His unmistakable trait and his life spent in different countries are the hub which the sections of the exhibition has been compounded, with many prestigious international loans from many important art museums (El Prado Museum, Uffizzi Gallery, National Gallery of Washington), aside from religious loans. Thank to this exhibition it will be possible to admire two masterpieces of El Greco: San Martino and the Beggar and The Laocoon, coming from the collection of the National Gallery of Washington. El Greco Milano will be open from the 11st of October 2023 until the 11st of February 2024.

7. Italo Calvino in Rome

Italo Calvino in Rome

On the occasion of 100th anniversary since his birth, Rome celebrates the genius of Italo Calvino, one of the most relevant italian writer of the XX century, with a solo exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale. Favoloso Calvino exhibition aims to tell the life, the works, and the political and civil commitments of Calvino, trough hundreds artpieces, from the Renaissance era until today. There will be detected with this exhibition all the ranges which ispired Calvino, from the urbanism to the astronomy passing trough the fairytales, beyond that showing the first pubblishings of Calvino’ books. Favoloso Calvino will be open from the 13th of October 2023 until the 4th of February 2024.

6. Marcel Duchamp in Venice

Marcel Duchamp in Venice

What is art? Trying to answer this question was the fil rouge of Marcel Duchamp’s life, one of the most important artist of XX century, and on this question it has been built the first solo exhibition organized by Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. Marcel Duchamp and the lure of the copy is an exhibition of 60 works of the eclettic french artist, with materpieces coming from prestigious international art institutions and museums (National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, the Museum of Modern Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim in New York) aside from private collections. The artworks of Marcel Duchamp, who was a very close friend of Peggy Guggenheim, will be on display in Venice from the 14th of October 2023 until the 18th of March 2024.

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5. Yayoi Kusama in Bergamo

Kusama in Bergamo

To celebrate the nomination of Bergamo as Italian cultural capital 2023 (shared with the neighbouring town of Brescia) the city will host a unique exhibition of one of the most famous living artist in the world,Yayoi Kusama. Infinito Presente will be an unmissable exhibition focused on the philosophy work of Kusama through poems, video clips and documents to arrive at the point of her artistic inspiration.

The main attraction of this exhibition is Kusama’ masterpiece Kusama’ masterpiece Fireflies on the water, an installation as big as a room covered by mirrors and in the centre a puddle of water to represent the calm and the quiet. This artpiece has been created to be admired alone, only one person at time in the room, and it is the first time that Fireflies on the water is given on loan by the Whitney Museum of American Art of New York. Infinito Presente will be open from the 17th of November 2023 until the 24th of March 2024.

4. Lucca comics and games 2023

Lucca comics and games 2023

It is the most important comics and games festival in Europe, the first in Italy since 1966, Lucca comics and games is the place where to go for all the lovers of grafic novels, manga, anime, cosplay and more and it is scheduled in Lucca every year at the beginning of November. This event is a complex of expos, exhibitions and competitions connected with the art of comics and games and it has been annually able to reunite in Lucca the most famous international authors and artists. Lucca comics and games festival will be hosted from the 1st of November until the 5th of November, but the campfire and the exhibitions will start two weeks earlier. The theme of the 2023 edition is Together to celebrate the joy of being together respecting all the differences.

3. Genoa Science Festival 2023

Genoa Science Festival 2023

It is one of the international most important events about science and scientific culture. Genoa science festival is an opportunity to approach and know the wonder of science - thanks to the scientists, researchers and institutions- which has become an annual event that cannot be missed. The festival includes not only panels and conferences but also interactives exhibitions and stage performances for everyone interested or simply curious about the world of science.

Genoa science festival 2023, this year dedicated to the issue Imprints will be hosted in the main cultural sites of Genoa: Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo della Borsa, Galata Museo del Mare (sea museum) and the famous acquarium, a great opportunity to discover even the highlights of the city. Genoa science festival will remain opened from the 26th of October until the 5th of November 2023.

2. Michelangelo Pistoletto in Turin

Michelangelo Pistoletto in Turin

On the occasion of the Turin Art Week and in order to celebrate the 90th birthday of the famous painter and sculptor Michelangelo Pistoletto, the Contemporary Art Museum – Castello di Rivoli will host a solo exhibition dedicated to the italian artist, who was originally from Biella (Piedmont). Molti di uno has been realized with the personal contribution of Pistoletto, inside the castle’s expositive space Manica Lunga and the focus of the exhibition is the inedited Pistoletto’ masterpiece Molti di uno, an artwork through which it can be possible to read his long career. Michelangelo Pistoletto. Molti di uno will be open from the 2nd of November 2023 until the 2nd of February 2024

1. events and exhibitions in November 2023: Bolzano Christmas Market

Bolzano Christmas Market

It’s never too early to be in Christmas mood and even though in Italy the festivities season officially starts on the 8th of December, in South Tyrol (the german-speaking area of Trentino Alto-Adige) the events linked with Christmas begin at the end of November. In Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol, on November 24th opens Bolzano Christmas Market the traditional expo wodden stands of ginger bread, mulled wine and Christmas decorations and the city centre is already illuminated with hundreds of lights as well as the Christmas tree of the city.

Since 1991, Bolzano Christmas Market has been placed in Walther square and is one of the five traditional Christmas market of South Tyrol to enjoy the Advent time and the festivities season with its typical german atmosphere. This year Bolzano Christmas Market will be open from 24th of November 2023 until the 6th of January 2024.

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