For a Christmas vacation or a long weekend here you will find 10 events and exhibitions to visit in December 2023 in Italy. 

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December for most people is the best time of the year: even though the weather is definitely cold and in this month there are the shortest days because of the diminishing dailylight, cities look at their best illuminated with hundreds of lights, Christmas trees and decorations are up in the streets and everywhere it is possible to be in the festivity mood and enjoy great events which are scheduled during the last month of the year. So don’t miss the chance to travel to Italy this December 2023, you will be able to visit one or more of these 10 events and exhibitions coming up or already on show during this month.

10 Must see events and exhibitions in December 2023 in Italy

10 Must see events and exhibitions in December 2023 in Italy

December in Italy is considered the month of festivities thanks to the Christmas season and also to the celebrations of the end of the year, that’s why it is a great month to plan a vacation in Italy to discover one of the beautiful exhibitions or to join one of the international events organized for this month. Music, art, cinema, literature and sport, in December Italy offers a great variety of events with international sound and the choice is varied and broad. From the mountains to the biggest Italian cities, crossing Turin, Florence and Venice, follow our ultimate guide about the events and exhibitions not to be missed in December 2023 in Italy.

10. The World of Tim Burton

The world of Tim Burton

For the first time in Italy the National Museum of Cinema in Turin celebrates the creative genius of the iconic filmaker Tim Burton with a solo exhibition hosted at the Mole Antonelliana. The World of Tim Burton is a journey into the creative mind and visionary art of the author of many cult movies such as Mars Attacks, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Alice in the Wonderland. With documents, drawings and sketches coming from Burton’s personal archive, the exhibition is a unique occasion to see how his creative ideas became successful movies. The World of Tim Burton is scheduled from the 11st of October 2023 until the 7th of April 2024.

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9. Rosalba Carriera. Miniatures on ivory

Rosalba Carriera miniatures on ivory

Venice celebrates the most important female italian artist in Europe in 18th century, Rosalba Carriera, famous for her portrayals of the most important european royals and aristocratic families which rapresented a classic examples of Rococo art. Hosted at Ca' Rezzonico - Museo del Settecento Veneziano, the solo exhibition of Rosalba Carriera is focused on her miniatures masterpieces made on ivory, with 36 works which show her outstanding talent for this peculiar art, beyond her pastel drawings. "Rosalba Carriera miniatures on ivory" is scheduled from the 13rd of October 2023 until the 9th of January 2024.   

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8. Morandi 1890-1964

Morandi 1890-1964

To celebrate the strong relationship between Giorgio Morandi and Milan, Palazzo Reale will host a complete solo exhibition dedicated to the Italian painter, after the celebrations received abroad in prestigiuse venues for his artwork production. With more than 120 paintings and drawings coming from private and public collections and covering 50 years of activity, “Morandi 1890-1964" will be the most important and accurate exhibition dedicated to the Bologna born artist. The exhibition "Morandi 1890-1964" will be open from the 5th of October 2023 until the 4th of February 2024.

7. Scala Inauguration night 2023/2024

Scala Inauguration night 2023/2024

It is the most important international event of the lyrical music the inauguration night at Teatro alla Scala in Milan which traditionally goes on stage on December 7th on the occasion of San Ambrogio’s day, the patron saint of the city. The season 2023/2024 will be open by Don Carlo, a lyrical poem in four acts written by Giuseppe Verdi and directed in this concert by the conductor Riccardo Chally. On the occasion of Scala’s inauguration night, in the first week of December the municipality of Milan will organise Prima Diffusa, a show which includes concerts, exhibitions and events which will go on stage in every Milan districts, to celebrate the beginning of the lyrical season.

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6. Concetto Pozzati XXL

Concetto Pezzati XXL

After the passing of Concetto Pozzati, Bologna celebrates this well known contemporary artist with the a solo exhibition of more than 50 artworks, many of which are unpublished and in tree-dimensional and large scale. "Concetto Pozzati XXL" has been projected on the base of Pozzati's dream, a solo exhibition in Bologna with all of his large scale (that's why XXL) artworks and paintings which are divided by themes instead of a cronological way. "Concetto Pozzati XXL" will be hosted at Palazzo Fava from the 27th of October 2023 until the 11th of February 2024.

5. Alfonso Mucha. The seduction of art nouveau

Alfonso Mucha. The seduction of art nouveau

Florence, internationally known as the capital of Reinassance era, in. the next months will be the capital of art nouveau thanks to the solo exhibition dedicated to Alphonse Mucha the most famous Czech artist considered the father of the art nouveau. Hosted at Museo degli Innocenti, the exhibition "Alphonse Mucha. The seduction of art niveau" will be a journey into the work of Mucha who created the most iconic art niveau drawings and images and it will be organized with the collaboration of Mucha Foundation and with the patronage of the Embassy of Czech Republic in Italy. "Alphonse Mucha. The seduction of art niveau" will be open from 27th of October 2023 to 7th April 2024.

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4. Più Libri Più Liberi 2023

Più Libri Più Liberi 2023

It is one of the most important Italian book fair focus on the smallest and medium sized pubblishing houses, Più Libri Più Liberi is a do not miss event for all the fans of literature, graphic novels, kids books and more, thanks also to the important conferences and book presentations organized every year with national and international authors. Più Libri Più Liberi is hosted in the new convetion center La Nuvola, the futuristic building made by the archistar Massimiliano Fuksas and it is usually scheduled around the 8th of December (a bank holiday in Italy). Più Libri Più Liberi 2023 will be open from the 6th of December 2023 until the 10th of December 2023.

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3. From Futurism to Virtual Art

From Futurism to Virtual Art

To celebrate the first year of its official opening, La Vaccheria - a new exhibition hub based in Rome - will host "From Futurism to Virtual Art" a collective contemporary art exhibition with more than a hundred artworks covering the last 20th century and showing them in innovative installations. From the Futurism years until the present days, it will possibile to admire masterpieces made by Balla, Modigliani, Duchamp, Dalì, Fontana, Warhol, de Chirico and more. divided in four themed capsule areas. From Futurism to Virtual Art will be open from the 9th of September 2023 until the 14th of January 2024. 

2. William Kentridge. You Whom I could not Save

William Kentridge. You Whom I could not Save

The great South African artist William Kentridge has chosen the city of Palermo as a location for his new sound installation with projection titled "You Whom I could not Save" an artwork made specifically for the Sicilian city. With this new project Palermo will host at Palazzo Branciforte also a solo exhibition of Kentridge which will include 16 unpublished drawings painted on a 19th century account book, bronze sculptures and tapetries made by the South African artist. "William Kentridge. You Whom I could not Save" is scheduled from the 8th of October 2023 until the 12nd of January 2024. 

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1. Men’s alpine Ski World Cup 2023/2024

Men’s alpine Ski World Cup 2023/2024

In December 2023 South Tyrol (the german-speaking area of Trentino Alto-Adige) will be the most important place for all the fans of ski sport because it is going to host some of the races men’s alpine ski world cup 2023/2024 season. Val Gardena, Val Badia and Bormio are traditionally part of the ski world cup circuit with their scenographic trasks where are played slamon, super-G and downhill races. This year men’s alpine ski world cup in Italy is scheduled as per the following calendar: December 15-16 in Val Gardena, December 17-18 in Val Badia, December 28-29 in Bormio and a special night event will be hosted on December 22 in Madonna di Campiglio.

Events and exhibitions in Italy: choose your next destinations for this December

Events and exhibitions in Italy: choose your next destinations for this December

Sport, concerts, fairs and exhibitions: the cultural offer in Italy in December 2023 is almost illimited. Choose your next travel destinations for a trip to Italy, from Rome to Milan, crossing Florence and South Tyrol and don't miss the chance to come to Italy for a winter vacation this December and, in order to celebrate the end of this year, join one of these great events.

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