Teatro Delivery is a project of cultural resistance. In Milan, Marica Mastromarino and Roberta Paolini set up theatrical performances outdoors and on demand, as a common delivery service.

About the project

Teatro Delivery is a project trying to keep theater alive in these hard times, due to the current pandemic. Being impossibie to know when cultural places could be open again, Marica Mastromarino and Roberta Paolini have founded Teatro Delivery, a new way of making theater: bringing it home as if it was a sandwich or a gourmet dish.

What is Teatro Delivery

USCA - Unità Speciali di Continuità Artistica (Special Artistic Continuity Units) has decided to set up a service that would bring theater to the courtyards of apartment buildings, atriums, public gardens, open spaces or any site where a performance can take place in complete safety for actors and their committals. Teatro Delivery has a real menu, from which the customers can request the service they prefer: ranging from Goldoni's La Locandiera to the "Pacchetto famose 'na risata", not forgetting that you can propose a text of your choice. The minimum order starts from 20 euros.

The idea

The creator of Teatro Delivery is the actor from Lecce Ippolito Chiarello. The project, which is enjoying great success with audience, has been operative since December 2020. With the closure of theaters, Chiarello suggests to colleagues all over Italy to join his cultural resistance, thanks to the winning idea of a home theater service. Marica Mastromarino and Roberta Paolini, both activists in the performing arts movement, were among the first to respond to Chiarello's call, beginning this new adventure with enthusiasm.

The situation of Italian theatres

Theatres and itinerant shows are some of the sectors most affected by the current pandemic. There was a small "positive interlude" last May: summer was on its way, it was time for re-openings, and many outdoor activities were possible. Unfortunately, the hope of a valid program for the winter period is gone and theatre is still devastated by this crisis, which unfortunately does not stop. No satisfying solution seems to be found for this sector: as movies can easily find a new and comfortable home on streaming platforms - sadly, with the related crisis of cinemas - a theatrical show needs, by its own nature, a contact between actors and audience, a contact that in the current situation should necessarily assure absolute safeness.

Who is Ippolito Chiarello, creator of Teatro Delivery

Chiarello is an Apulian artist ranging from theatre to cinema and music. His research path (shows, projects, training) is focusing on the recovery of the public-artist relationship and it generated the method of Barbonaggio Teatrale (2009), an instrument of dissemination, distribution and promotion of theatre. Performing in more than 300 Italian cities, in many European capitals and Canada, it has now become a real theatrical movement and has been nominee for the UBU Award and Critical Network Award 2014. In the same year, he founded the Compagnia Ammirata, inspired by the Barbonaggio as an individual experience, bringing in a collective form the theatre and the stagings also in the street.

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