This month of July seems like a great time to really get going, are you ready for the best events and exhibitions to visit in Italy?

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We renew our monthly appointment with art in Italy, with exhibitions and events overflowing from the North to the South and covid restrictions firmly behind us. This July seems like a good time to get going again.

It will probably be a little hot, but the beauty of museums, exhibitions, and cultural festivals will refresh your body and spirit.

So it's time to hit the road with the10 must-see art exhibitions and events in July. And are you not only ready to set off?

10. "A' Chiena", Historic Centre of Campagna (SA)

A' Chiena, Historic Centre of Campagna (SA)

If we want to chill out, it's best to start in a small village in the province of Salerno where the fun 'Chiena' (from Italia "Piena" lit. Flood) returns. In practice, the course of the Tenza river is diverted, causing the streets of the historic center to flood. The coolness is combined with music and dances from the folk tradition in Campania. Fun is guaranteed!

9. "Screens. Culture dello schermo e immagini in movimento", Museo Maga - Gallarate

Museo Maga, Gallarate

From Campania to Lombardy with an attractive exhibition on the theme of the contemporary screen. Several artists questioned the new ways of enjoying visual work in the fast-paced age of the Internet. Moreover, the Gallarate Museum is a real gem for all art lovers. The museum is easily accessible from Milan Malpensa airport and the main stations of the Lombard capital. 

8. Rome Summer Fest 2022

Roma Summer Fest 2022

In July in Rome will be almost a concert a day. Top artists from Deep Purple, LP, The Smile, Patty Smith, and many more will be on stage in Rome this summer. The program at the Auditorium Parco della Musica will be full of all kinds of music, from the most authentic rock to the best of Italian pop. Not to be missed!

7. Christiane Löhr, Studio Trisorio - Capri

Christiane Löhr, Studio Trisorio - Capri

This summer in Capri sees the inauguration of the third venue of the Neapolitan gallery Studio Trisorio with a solo exhibition on German artist Christiane Löhr

The themes explored in this exhibition are light, memory, and the beauty of nature with its minimal forms. Contemporary art is thus on stage in Capri. You just have to run to see it.

6. Restituzioni, Gallerie d’Italia - Palazzo del banco di Napoli

Palazzo del banco di Napoli

About an hour by ferry from Capri, you can find the recent Neapolitan spaces of le Gallerie d'Italia. These spaced hosted in the new Palazzo del banco di Napoli, which has just been renovated for the new museum. In addition to the permanent collection, you can visit the exhibition for the 19th Restituzioni, with over two hundred works restored by Intesa Sanpaolo. By this time, they have realised that the best way to get to know a work of art to the full is to restore it, discovering previously unpublished stories and secrets.

5. Museo del Novecento Firenze. Three exhibitions not to be missed

Museo del Novecento Florence

If I say "Florence" you will probably think "Renaissance", but this time,+ you will have to reconsider. Three great artists in three major simultaneous exhibitions, all in the spaces of the Museo del Novecento in Florence. The new exhibition program in this manner is firmly rooted in the 20th century and then exalts more modern forms and ideas. 

Filippo de Pisis' early 20th century paintings and Giulio Paolini's installations are an inspiration for Luca Vitone. Thus, the Genoese artist begins a dialogue with two giants of art in Italy through his four previously unpublished works.   

4. "AfterImage", MaXXi Museum - L'Aquila

L'Aquila's new MaXXi

After difficult years, L'Aquila's new MaXXi is finally ready to go. In July, the spaces of the Palazzo Ardingelli reopen entirely for an exhibition out of the ordinary. Conceived as a visual poem, it relates to all the museum's rooms ì through spontaneous mental associations between the works. Afterimage is an optical illusion after a powerful visual stimulus. Are you ready to immerse yourself in it?

3. "TASTE! Italians at the Table. 1970-2050", M9 Museo Multimediale - Mestre

20220615121019Mestre .jpg

If you are in Venice to visit the Biennale or even just for a short holiday, don't miss the exhibition on taste and food at the M9 museum in Mestre. The story about the passionate relationship between Italians and food, how much it has changed throughout history, and how it is still evolving today thanks to the world's continuous influences. An exhibition to be eaten in one bite!

2. Cantiere internazionale d’Arte di Montepulciano 2022

20220615121432Teatro Poliziano.jpg

A festival combining music, dance, and theatre is staged in Montepulciano, a town in the province of Siena, and a point of contact between the Val d'Orcia and the Valdichiana.

A summer of great concerts where classical and contemporary meet. Symphony and opera lovers should not miss these evenings divided between Montepulciano's Teatro Poliziano and other iconic venues in the town and its immediate surroundings. 

1. "In Nature as in the Mind", Segesta Archaeological Park - Trapani

20220615121827Segesta .jpg

Interconnections between history, science, and art in the exhibition 'In Nature as in the Mind. The immense spaces of the archaeological park of Segesta host the huge artwork of several artists. Three artists such as Mario Merz, Ignazio Mortellaro, and Costas Varotsos, deal with the extraordinary nature of the places, the magnificence of the temple, and the ancient theatre with elegance and audacity.

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