Discover the capital through the best events and exhibitions in Rome in February. Experiences to be romantic and have fun.

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February is a treat for the eyes and for the heart, and not just because it's the month in which we celebrate Valentine's Day. Meanwhile Carnival arrives to tickle us with a cheerful multitude of music and colors.

But not only. February gives a nod to summer, first turning its back to the winter. Herald of spring, it stimulates even the laziest people into action to play the role of curious explorers. And if an holiday by the sea or in the mountains both seem too far away, what do you think of an escape to discover the cities of art, rich in history and taste? Rome is the perfect destination for such getaways or short vacations away from the workplace, allowing you to discover and enjoy countless attractions that you can visit all year round with the Visit Rome Pass. It is indeed the best tourist pass to explore the city comfortably and with many opportunities to save time and money.

Here is a selection of the 10 exhibitions and events scheduled in Rome in February for you. Proposals chosen to suggest a unique way to experience the “eternal city”.

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10. Events and exhibitions in Rome in February: at Carnival every kind of fun counts!

Events and exhibitions in Rome in February

Keep an eye on the calendar, because having the opportunity to participate in the Roman carnival is truly an unforgettable experience.

You know, Carnival is pure fun, but the beauty of Rome manages to convey even more charm to the event. The city center – in particular the area between Piazza del Popolo and via del Corso – is transformed, completely enraptured by a whirlwind of music and colors.

Concerts, theatrical performances, parades of masks and floats, workshops and games to entertain the little ones. A heterogeneous and wide offer which, in addition to pleasure, also aims to preserve and enhance an ancient and precious tradition.

All that remains is to dive in search of the most suitable experience for you, without forgetting the multitude of artisan shops where you can buy a handmade mask, and the food and wine stands where you can try typical delicacies such as frappe, Roman castagnole or ricotta bocconotti.

9. Rediscovering Pasolini with painting among the events and exhibitions in Rome in February

Pasolini in Rome

In 2022 Italy celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini through events to remember his creative genius and strong sensitivity.

Among these, however, one in particular emerges for the desire to move away from the perspective of cinema and literature, from which his artistic career is observed, to turn his gaze to a field much less explored by critics: painting.

The Pasolini Painter exhibition, scheduled at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna until the 14 of April, explores Pasolini's poetics through two hundred works, paintings and drawings, created between the 1950s and 1970s, deserving above all of demonstrating the competitive ability of the author also in this area.

8. Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury in Rome

Still about revolutionary personalities, the National Roman Museum hosts until mid-month Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury. Inventing Life, a retrospective dedicated to Virginia Woolf and the personalities who animated Bloomsbury at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Books, photographs, paintings and objects, organized in an exhibition itinerary divided into 5 sections, are the protagonists in the rooms of Palazzo Altemps, returning, together with the experimental and avant-garde spirit of the time, also the stories of the people and relationships that made Bloomsbury a reference of free-thought in the world.

7. Inside the Italian painting of the 20th century

Franco Angeli in Rome

For painting lovers, a visit to the Franco Angeli - Opere 1958-1988 exhibition at the WeGil cultural hub cannot be missed, which sinks into the Franco Angeli Archive in Rome thanks to the meticulous and visionary commitment of the gallery owner Aldo Marchetti and the curator Silvia Pegoraro.

The goal (achieved) is to use the works created from the second half of the last century as a key to entering the world of a central figure for Roman and, more generally, Italian painting of the time. From Figurativism to Metaphysics.

6. Travel without leaving Rome

Karmen Corak in Roma

This is precisely the magical power of the photographic exhibition La vie en vert by Karmen Corak, scheduled (with free admission) at the Galleria del Cembalo. An event that promotes the project of the Italian artist of Slovenian origin, whose intent is to communicate to the visitor all her love for nature.

The images printed on washi paper, produced on the island of Shikoku in Japan, are a tribute to the natural landscapes of Italy, Slovenia, China, Germany, Japan and France, emphasizing in particular the relationship they can establish with the inner landscapes of human beings. 

5. On the children side

Riccardo Venturi in Roma

The retrospective Stati d’infanzia-Viaggio nel Paese che cresce which sees photographs by Riccardo Venturi in the halls of the Museum of Rome in Trastevere also deals with poetics.

Open until the end of February, the multimedia project investigates the universe of Italian children and adolescents today, transversally addressing the issues of greatest interest connected to it. For example: dropping out of school, child poverty, up to new teaching methods and the need for new spaces for play.

4. Take care of the world

Hot Spot. Caring For a Burning World in Rome

Another interesting stimulus for the more sensitive and attentive to the environmental problem is the Hot Spot exhibition. Caring For a Burning World, which demonstrates how art can unite generations of artists from different backgrounds and countries by breaking down the negative sense attributed to being different.

Through a large sculpture made of iron and neon lights, is re-proposed the image of a planet Earth ignited by conflicts that burn, risking of destroying it forever.

Artists from all over the world are entrusted with the task of stimulating reflection on all the ways we have to save our planet.

3. The delicate chaos of Joan Mirò

Joan Mirò in Rome

A rare jewel for those who love art. The Galleria delle Arti exhibits a selection of 14 watercolors printed in a limited edition and published for the first time in 1963.

Today the exhibition Joan Mirò – TRACE' SUR L'EAU still shows them to the world, recounting the author's extraordinary ability to let himself be contaminated by different styles without losing his identity as an abstract expressionist.

2. Longing for Carnival

Vogia de carnoval in Rome

Let's go back to the carnival theme with Vogia de carnival, a digital experiment rather than an exhibition; an immersive journey that between reality and illusion accompanies the visitor from Venice to Rome.

All thanks to the creativity of Raffaele Curi, who in the spaces of the Rhinoceros gallery builds an unforgettable experience through modern technologies.

We are in Rome, yes, but to welcome the visitor will be the sea of Venice, then the Mose, still further on the joyous Venice of the past, up to the panoramic terrace, where our eyes once again immerse themselves in the Roman landscape.

1. Walking around the city in February

ice skating in Rome

If, on the other hand, you prefer not to plan anything, but simply want to enjoy a weekend in complete freedom, we have two tips in particular for making the most of a trip to Rome in the month of February. 

In addition to being able to take advantage of the last days of the ice skating rinks open during the Christmas holidays, a walk on the bridges of the capital cannot be missing to experience the perfect romantic weekend. One among all: Ponte Milvio, full with thousands of padlocks left as a sign of eternal love.

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