Do you want to know which are the best winter amusement parks in Italy? Here are the top 10 selected for you

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Winter amusement parks in Italy, what are the best ones where you can spend a weekend away in winter?  Many people think that fun weekends for the whole family can only be planned in the summer months, but they are wrong. Italy is full of winter amusement parks perfect for unforgettable recreational activities such as rides, games, and animal shows. From North to South, Italy offers many opportunities for recreation and fun for the whole family. All you need is a scarf, a hat, and a healthy dose of adventure to visit the best winter amusement parks in Italy

In the Italian winter amusement parks we have selected, fabulous attractions await you, including rides, shows and lots of animals. Winter amusement parks in Italy are the ultimate way to spend a fun and carefree family day out. We know the open ones and the most beautiful playgrounds where you can take the kids. A bit of play, a few hours of pure fun and lots of laughter: that's what you need to relieve the tension of the whole week. In winter, there are also several amusement parks offering indoor attractions or extraordinary openings, especially during the Christmas season, when you are likely to meet Father Christmas. Whether it's a theme park or a large amusement park with exclusive goodies, here you will find the most beautiful winter amusement parks in Italy suitable for kids and children.

Winter amusement parks: Italy's most famous ones to visit

Winter amusement parks

Winter amusement parks in Italy for a carefree day out? Of the many ways to organise leisure time with your family, this is definitely the best. It's a solid break that involves leaving the house and spending at least a day outside, and sometimes that break is healthy for recharging your batteries. If you want to clear your head after weeks of work, or better yet, if you want to reward yourself by making your whole family happy, winter amusement parks in Italy are the perfect solution. The point is to do it well and easily, which is why we feel obliged to offer you a selection of the Top 10 winter amusement parks with the possibility of booking your tickets. All you have left to do is discover the attractions we have chosen for you, so that you and your family can enjoy an exciting and fun weekend or day out.

10. Winter amusement parks: Acquaworld

In our Top 10 winter amusement parks in Italy, we could only start with: Acquaworld is a water and wellness park. Located in Concorezzo, in the province of Monza and Brianza, it is the first indoor one in Italy. The surface area of the park is about 35,000 square metres with covered and uncovered areas. The interior is covered by three transparent domes made of ETFE, an artificial polymer derived from fluorine already used in the Allianz Arena in Munich and the Water Cube in Beijing.

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9. Winter amusement parks: Oltremare

Winter amusement parks: Oltremare, Riccione. Dolphin.

Continuing our tour of winter amusement parks in Italy, we discover a fantastic reality. Oltremare is a nature and technology theme park near Riccione specialising in the conservation of certain species of animals, both terrestrial and marine. The attractions focus mainly on ocean animals, come and see: the showcases, the beautiful aquariums, the enchanting marine shows, and above all the small nature reserves. The park, which opened in June 2004, is the result of an investment of more than EUR 80 million. The total extension of the park is 110,000 square metres, of which 77,000 square metres of green areas and 24,000 square metres of covered areas.

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8. Cinecittà World: the winter cinema theme park

Cinecittà World is a film and television theme park located in the Castel Romano district of Rome. With sets designed by Dante Ferreti, it consists of 40 attractions, 6 shows staged in the theatres and outdoors, and 7 thematic areas developed over a total area of 300,000 m². The park was created on 24 July 2014 on the initiative of entrepreneurs Luigi Abete, Aurelio De Laurentiis and Diego Della Valle. Cinecittà World stands on the site of the Dinocittà film studios built by Dino De Laurentiis in the 1960s. There are stages and some buildings that have been converted into indoor shows and attractions.

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7. Farm Cultural Park: for an ever greener future

Are you looking for a greener future? Visit the Farm Cultural Park is an art gallery and artists' residence in Favara in the province of Agrigento. Since its opening, it has hosted contemporary works by artists such as Sara Fratini, Massimo Sirelli, La Fille Bertha and many others. Architects and artists from all over the world confront the most important and heartfelt global social issues.

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6. FICO Eataly World: the Italian food-themed amusement park

Visit FICO Eataly World, an Italian food theme park in Bologna, and experience a delicious adventure in Italian gastronomic culture. FICO Eataly World S.r.l (Fabbrica Italiana COntadina) is a theme park dedicated to food and gastronomy, one of the largest of its kind, set up in the former spaces of the Bologna Food Centre.

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5. Chianti Sculpture Park: enjoy an artistic walk surrounded by nature

If you are looking for a special attraction immersed in nature, we have satisfied you and included in the list of winter amusement parks a unique opportunity to experience with your whole family. The Chianti Sculpture Park is a permanent open-air exhibition of contemporary installations and sculptures located in Pievasciata, in the municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga, about 10 km north of Siena.

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4. Animal Oasis: walk among the animals

Winter amusement parks: Animal Oasis, the parrot

Enter an enchanting animal oasis where hundreds of adorable creatures eagerly await your visit! This magical experience offers an unforgettable walk suitable for adults and children alike. The Animal Oasis is a nature park located in the mountains of San Sebastiano Po (TO). In 1997 the park was opened to the public. Today there is a large collection of exotic and local animals living in large enclosures in the middle of 160,000 square metres of forest in an environment as close as possible.

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3. Winter amusement parks: Zoomarine, Rome

Immerse yourself in fun at an exciting park and aquarium just outside Rome. Zoomarine is an Italian amusement park also open in winter located in Pomezia Torvaianica in the province of Rome and opened in September 2005. Zoomarine is mainly a zoo, but also includes water and theme park activities, with a total area of 40,000 square metres. There are 19 attractions.

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2. Bioparco di Roma: enjoy the Eternal City with your family

If you are looking for a child-friendly activity, visit the Bioparco di Roma and discover a magical zoo that has been attracting visitors since 1911! The Bioparco di Roma is the oldest zoo in Italy. It is home to around 1,200 animals of 150 different species. It is located inside the Villa Borghese. In 2008, 780,057 people visited it. In the heart of Rome, an oasis of exotic animals, perfect for adults and children!

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1. Volandia Park and Museum of Flight: discover everything about Italian aeronautics

The Volandia Park and Flying Museum is the largest aviation museum in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. More than 100 aircraft were present, in a total area of more than 250,000 square metres, 60,000 of which were indoors. Located in Somma Lombardo and next to the Milan Malpensa Airport, the museum is situated in the buildings of the historic Officine Aeronautiche Caproni 1910. The Park Museum was founded in 2010 and was completed by numerous collections and the Flaminio Bertoni Museum, a space dedicated to the genius art and creation of the designer from Varese; there is also the Bertone Collection, which brings together the most famous cars designed by the Turin coachbuilder. The complex is located inside the Ticino Park.

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