Marche is the wonderful region of central Italy that more and more visitors discover, love and come back to love again. Between the Apennines and the Adriatic, ancient villages perched on high ground, wide valleys and enviable natural and cultural treasures. But then, where to start our journey? Follow us in search of the absolutely unmissable stops.

10. Recanati


Recanati is famous for being the birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi, one of the greatest poets in Italy. The city has very well enhanced his home, Palazzo Leopardi indeed. Today it is a museum that worth a visit, with its huge library of 20,000 volumes. But Recanati is also the seat of the Guitar Museum, set up at the Town Hall and dedicated to Oliviero Pigini, founder of Eko, the historic Macerata producer of guitars exported all around the world.

E il naufragar m'è dolce in questo mare.

Giacomo Leopardi

9. Caldarola Castle


Caldarola is a small village characterized by the Castle Pallotta. Splendid medieval fortress in perfect state of conservation. It allows you to really immerse yourself in the past, crossing corridors, courtyards, sumptuous rooms, ancient stables, kitchens and halls set up with weapons and armor. Frequented by counts, queens and great artists, it is often chosen as the perfect setting for its numerous art exhibitions.

8. Marmitte dei giganti

“Le marmitte dei giganti“ (the "pots" of giants) are large cylindrical cavities in the rock, along the gorge of San Lazzaro, in the province of Pesaro Urbino. The name comes from the imagination of those who considered them the pots in which the giants cooked stews of wild boar. They are naturally produced by the karstification and skirt this section of canyon, excavated by the river Meandro. It is worth to experience a canoe excursion, both day and night.

7. San Ginesio - The 100-churches town


San Ginesio retains all the charm of the typical italian medieval village. It is historically called "the city of 100 churches": in addition to the beautiful Collegiate church in the main square, beautiful structures have been preserved since the 10th century, some decorated with templar symbols, others with frescoes of the Giotto school. It is one of the few villages in Marche that preserves almost the entire city walls, which can be walked both from the inside and from the outside, with a breathtaking view of the Sibillini Mountains.

6. Mount Cònero


Mount Cònero is one of the most emblematic landscapes of the Marche. A relief that stands out on the coast of Ancona. In all its majesty it is a perfect combination of sea and land. In fact, it preserves nature trails among unspoilt flora and fauna, protected between the Conero Park and the Conero Riviera. Like the famous Passo del Lupo and the beautiful beach of the two sisters.

5. Ascoli Piceno


Ascoli Piceno is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the Marche. Called "the city of a hundred towers", it still has several bell towers or ancient noble families’ towers. Ascoli was historically one of the most important centers in Italy, which is why it is rich in ancient architectures, churches, palaces and it preserves two 16th century cloister. The urban layout of the city is Renaissance, clearly visible in the beautiful Piazza del Popolo. You can not miss the famous Ascoli olives, local dish now widespread everywhere.

4. Furlo Gorge


Near Fossombrone is the Furlo Gorge, breathtaking scenery of Marche not to be missed. This is a canyon too, dug between two mountains by a tributary of the Meandro. It is part of the state nature reserve Gola del Furlo, to explore and to live with the excursions and the many events organized by the institution throughout the year.

3. Gradara


Gradara is defined by many as "the capital of the Middle Ages". The village, with its walls, its ramparts, the streets and roofs of the houses gives the most faithful image of a medieval town in the Marche. Enchanting both during the day and at night, it should be explored in all its corners, especially the imposing castle of "Paolo e Francesca", setting of a famous episode of Dante’s Comedy.

2. Urbino


Urbino has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. One of the major Italian centres of the Renaissance, it is famous all over the world for its immense artistic heritage. Perhaps a life is not enough to discover the many villas, palaces, oratories and countless churches scattered everywhere, inside and outside the ancient walls. But certainly you can not miss a visit to the Palazzo Ducale which houses the National Gallery of the Marche. Here you can admire some of the most important masterpieces of Italian art history. Furthermore, it is enough to think that Urbino is the home of the greatest painter of the Renaissance: Raffaello Sanzio.

1. Frasassi Caves


Frasassi Caves are one of the most impressive natural attractions of the Marche and the world. In this place we confront the time and we rediscover ourselves infinitely small creatures: a million years spent by nature to dig this underground show unique in its kind. Stalactites and stalagmites are courted for hundreds of meters in the subsoil of Genga, in a thousand-year dance with magical contours, for unforgettable emotions. Ultimately, it is not possible to visit Marche without entering the depths of the Frasassi Caves.

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