At the center of an amazing tourist area, the Valmontone Outlet is the benchmark of Italian shopping, just a few kilometers away from Rome.

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For many visitors, Rome is synonymous with guided tours and luxury shopping in the sunny Eternal City. And it couldn't be any different: the city has too many things of interest.

However, what if we say that there is also so much to visit very close to the city center? Far from the crowded streets and such? We have interesting advice that can pique your curiosity. We'll tell you about a medieval town, founded by the Romans on the top of a tuffaceous hill, which has become in the last few years a very popular destination for tourism. In fact, here you'll find one of the most visited Italian shopping areas, the Valmontone Outlet.

This area is located so close to Rome and it grew so much that now it welcomes more that 7 million people every year. So let's just take your car (or buy your train ticket, maybe) and discover this area immediately!

Valmontone: art, history and shopping very close to Rome

Also Charles Dickens wrote about this small town in the Lazio Region in his travelogue "Pictures from Italy". He described the tuffaceous hill that saw the rise of the city under the Romans, its growth during the Middle Ages, and its great development in the last few years.

To let you understand the importance of the city, prominent figures, not only writers, such as Charles VIII of France and various pontiffs stayed here.

Given these premises, in the middle of the Seventeen century, the noble Pamphilj family wanted to embellish it and transform it into a sort of ideal city, named the "Città Pamphilia". They promoted so many restoration works and new constructions that now almost all the buildings were built or modified at that time. Nevertheless, not so much survives, due to the fury of the Second World War.

However, a great work of art has been brought back to its golden age: the Trompe-l'œil frescoes of the Prince's Room, inside the Museum of Palazzo Doria Pamphilj.

Besides its extraordinary history, Valmontone has many other reasons to be visited.

Strategically located along one of Italy's main arteries leading south from Rome to Frosinone and finally to Naples, Valmontone is today renowned for being a place for fun and shopping. In fact, here you can find one of the country's most entertaining and largest theme parks and, finally, one of the most visited shopping centers in Italy, the Valmontone Outlet. Didn't we mention that more than 7 million people come here every year?

Valmontone Outlet, the convenience of shopping on the outskirts of Rome

Valmontone outlet

In a perfect location, just 40 kilometers from Rome, there is one of the most famous outlets in Italy, if not the most visited. In fact, 7.2 million visitors come here every year, from Italy and the rest of the world.

At the Valmontone Outlet, in fact, shoppers will find plenty to satisfy their tastes and desires, with the advantage of discounted prices. From clothing to footwear, from accessories to home goods. There are more than 180 branded stores that provide access to the latest in fashion and style with discounts from 30 to 70 percent throughout the year. Not only that. Passion for electronics and do-it-yourself will also find its interesting, as well as discounted, match here.

Among the big names you will find in this center on the outskirts of Rome: Adidas, Bialetti, Carpisa, Douglas, Gas, Geox, Kokka, OVS, Pupa, Thun, UniEuro.

Even just for a quiet stroll, the location is ideal. In fact, the stores are set in a context reminiscent of Mediterranean architecture, but also the sophistication of continental Europe. Lush green avenues, a square, and even a well-equipped children's area invite a relaxing shopping break just a few miles from the chaos of Rome. Just think that an umbrella rental service is even available to make sure you get the most out of your shopping day!

You will also find a variety of opportunities for a tasteful break, both for lunch and dinner, where you can be inspired by the local, all-Italian cuisine, but also by Mexican cuisine, the famous Hawaiian poke or whatever appeals to your palate at that moment.

A parapharmacy and a shuttle service connecting the outlet to the Valmontone train station three times a day also complete the framework of services. Yes, because it is also convenient to get to the outlet in just over half an hour by train from Termini station!

Promos, the brand that is promoting Valmontone area

Valmontone Outlet shopping

The Valmontone Outlet is the result of the strategic work of Promos, one of the companies that has always been involved in the enhancement and promotion of the territory through projects related to large-scale distribution.

The Valmontone project is extremely innovative and in fact is still contributing to the development of the Rome-Valmontone Integrated Tourist Hub. As we could see, it is an area with immense historical and cultural heritage. In short, a valuable alternative to tourism that is typically directed solely on the capital.

Indeed, over the years, a convention center, a theme park, as well as tourist infrastructure and sports fields have been created in Valmontone. In addition, of course, to the Outlet, which alone manages to channel millions of tourists every year.

In short, whether it is for an out-of-town trip or a multi-day stopover, this area of Lazio will know how to give its visitor far more than a discovery! Have you ever visited it?

For more information and contacts: Valmontone Outlet.

Cover photo by Frederick Sporchia, CC BY-SA 4.0

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