How to get around Naples by public transport in the easiest way possible? In this guide, you'll find info and tips to get the best out of your visit!

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The glittering city that hugs the Bay of Naples goes by so many names; yet, as soon as you get here, you know how unique Naples really is. The atmosphere, the architecture, the colors, and the silhouette of Stromboli that watches over the city, but also the food and the welcoming people. Of Naples you would like to take everything home with you, even if you only visit it for a few days.

For this reason, we have prepared a very easy guide in which we will give all the details on how to get around Naples by public transportation. In this way, you will be able to get around the city of a thousand names in the way that is right for you.

For flawless organisation, please note that you can plan your transfers to Naples by purchasing the Naples Pass, which, in addition to public transport, includes entrance tickets to the city's main tourist attractions. 

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How to get around Naples by public transportation: guide to buses, streetcars, metro and funicular

As soon as you start planning your visit to Naples, you will soon discover that the city offers a thousand opportunities to get around quickly by public transportation.

Indeed, the territory of the Neapolitan city is covered extensively by an intricate network of subway lines, buses, streetcars, funiculars and even trains.

The city is also well connected to other Italian cities. You will be able to reach the city quickly from Venice, Milan and Rome either by moving by train or by plane. Not to mention that the airport is also connected to the city center by an efficient public transportation system.

So if you don't want to move around in Naples traffic by car, and we totally agree, you can easily reach the city's main attractions by the public transportation we are about to look at below.

Let's find out about them, one by one.

Do you prefer to travel in complete autonomy to discover the most characteristic corners, glimpses, and enchanting sceneries of the marvelous Neapolitan city? 

You could take advantage of the convenient car rental service, which will make it easier for you to move around at your own pace and admire the splendid architecture of the historical buildings and picturesque neighborhoods.

How to get around Naples by public transport: the network of buses, streetcars and trolleybuses

To get around Naples by public transportation, we first evaluate buses.

They extensively connect every area in the center of Naples and its suburbs. The lines are numerous and are operated by the ANM company. This company is the same one that also provides transfers called Alibus, which connect the airport to the city center and the port.

Some lines are also guaranteed at night: usually from midnight until 4 am, but it is always a good idea to check in advance in case of changes.

As for streetcars and trolleybuses, the ANM transport company currently operates 4 streetcar lines and 4 trolleybus lines.

For more information about timetables (which are often subject to change), please check the official ANM website which unfortunately has not been translated into English yet (

If you want to get around by bus, however, but without worrying too much about schedules, why not evaluate the panoramic bus? You can get off and on as many times as you like and see the city's main attractions!

How to get around Naples using the metro: the fastest option

In this case, 2 different companies operate the Naples subway: in addition to ANM, there is also Trenitalia.

ANM operates line 1 and line 6.

- Line 1 is also called the Metro dell'Arte (literally "artistic subway") because of the work that has been done on as many as 15 of its stations to make transit not only efficient, but also a true dive into art and beauty. Line 1 connects Piscinola and Garibaldi and its most important stations include stops in the historic center: Duomo, Università, Municipio, Toledo, Dante, and Museo. It generally operates from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm;
- Line 6 which is currently closed for line extension work. It currently connects the neighborhoods of Fuorigrotta and Mergellina.

Trenitalia, on the other hand, operates Line 2, which is often referred to as the "metropolitan train." This is the rail link that connects San Giovanni station (downtown) to Pozzuoli. With its underground route, it connects some of the most important squares in the center: Garibaldi, Cavour, Montesanto, and Amedeo. For more information about timetables and tickets, it is suggested to consult the official Trenitalia website (

Are you nearby the magnificent historic center? We have reserved a gorgeous opportunity for readers of Visit Italy articles who are enthusiasts of classical art: you will benefit from a fantastic entrance with a selfie at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, avoiding long waiting times in the queue.

Naples funicular railway

There are 4 funicular lines and they connect the city center with the hillside neighborhoods. It is a means of transportation created more than 100 years ago and is now operated by the ANM.

- Funicular Centrale (Augusteo - Piazza Fuga): is also called the "shopping funicular" and connects the Vomero district to the city center;
- Funicular Mergellina (Mergellina - Via Manzoni): provides access to the Posillipo district;
- Funicular Chiaia (Cimarosa - Piazza Amedeo): this came into operation on October 15, 1889 and connects the Vomero district with the Chiaia district. Some work is currently underway to modernize the line;
- Funicular Montesanto (Via Morghen - Montesanto): connects the highest part of the Vomero district with Piazzetta Montesanto.

The funicular lines are generally operational from 7 am until 10 pm.

Naples' public elevators

Among the public means of transportation by which it is possible to get around Naples we count elevators. There are as many as 4 that connect to the elevated parts of the city. Here are which ones:

- Chiaia elevator: connects Via Chiaia with Piazza S. Maria degli Angeli;
- Acton elevator: connects via Acton with piazza Plebiscito;
- Sanità elevator: connects via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi with the Sanità district;
- Ventaglieri Elevator: connects the lower part of the park of the same name with the higher part of Via Avellino in Tarsia.

They are operated by ANM but are for completely free use. On weekdays they operate from 7 am to 9:30 pm, while on holidays they follow a reduced schedule, from 7 am to 2 pm.

Circumvesuviana, Circumflegrea and Cumana: for getting around the surrounding area

These 3 lines can be considered to get around the areas surrounding the city. They are lines operated by the EAV company (so not the ANM!) and allow you to reach many towns and cities.

With the Circumvesuviana, for example, you can reach the provinces of Salerno and Avellino but also the most famous archeological sites in Campania.

Also with the Circumflegrea and Cumana you reach some important towns in the surroundings among which Pozzuoli is only one of the most famous.

In any case, these lines are very busy locally and are quite crowded at peak times. Above all, it often happens that the schedules are not assiduously adhered to.

Getting around on public transportation in Naples: tickets and fares

Now that we have viewed all the options on how to get around Naples, we can review the different ticket and fare options.

The single ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the time of obliteration. It costs 1.20 euros on urban lines (metro lines, buses, streetcars and trolleybuses operated by ANM), and 1.40 euros for urban routes operated on suburban lines, and on rail lines (lines operated by Trenitalia and EAV).

If you want a single urban ticket but valid on all lines of the companies operating in Naples, you need to buy the integrated ticket at a cost of 1.70 euros and also valid 90 minutes.

As soon as you travel to municipalities other than Naples, the ticket to be purchased is different and the fare increases according to the distance traveled.

Then there are options for daily tickets, and tickets valid for 7 days, also available in the "integrated" variant.

If you want to get around the city by public transportation in the easiest way, we would definitely suggest that you purchase the city card! Not only will you be able to move around Naples without the thought of a ticket, but you will have access to some of the city's most beautiful attractions!

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