Luxury shopping has the taste of an incredible experience: let yourself be charmed by all its shades in this journey from Florence to Sanremo.

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Style and trends change over time. What stays unchanged, however, is the attitude towards experience and the memory of a wonderful moment of pure perfection. The awaiting of what you are about to live. Something extraordinary, not less.

In this case, shopping, a photograph of the passage of style and trends, could become a wonderful experience. Through attention to detail, taste for beauty and hospitality, luxury shopping could summarize a perfect moment to live again and again, like an amazing journey.

The Mall Luxury Outlets has embodied these values for over 20 years. The Italian brand, in fact, has been able to merge a taste for beauty, elegance and contemporary style into a perfect luxury experience in every detail.

Luxury shopping becomes an exclusive experience: The Mall Firenze and The Mall Sanremo

Luxury shopping Firenze and Sanremo

In 2021, The Mall Firenze opened its doors in a location able to reinvent the concept of 'shopping experience'.

Not only did it select the top Italian and international fashion brands to ensure the highest quality shopping level, but also, as you will see, it transformed the shopping time into a true immersive experience.

So let us guide you, like on a journey of style, through the discovery of the two Italian locations of The Mall Luxury Outlets, The Mall Firenze and The Mall Sanremo.

The Mall Firenze, Italian elegance and style

The Mall Firenze

A few kilometers away from one of the most beautiful historical centers in the world, cradle of the Italian Renaissance, The Mall Firenze is located.

It lies in the beautiful scenery of the Tuscan Hills in Reggello, renowned place of picturesque beauty and high quality shopping. Going there to dedicate yourself to shopping is a great introduction to our journey of beauty.

In one exclusive location, you will find almost 40 top brands of Italian and international fashion: Gucci, Moschino, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Versace, just to share some examples. Top fashion houses that represent the best in the world of fashion and offer their garments here at attractive prices.

There is also the opportunity to alternate your moment of fashion with Tuscan and Italian delicacies at the local ToscaNino Bistrò and ToscaNino Restaurant&Bottega.

Finally, to enrich the luxury shopping time even more, the elegant architecture of The Mall Firenze makes the guests feel at ease, at the very center of their experience.

Before we reveal why, it's time to introduce you to The Mall Sanremo.

The Mall Sanremo, the luxury of an exclusive location

The Mall Sanremo

One of the most beautiful Italian landscapes is what welcomes the guests of The Mall Sanremo. It is nestled in such magnificent scenery, along the famous Riviera dei Fiori, a few kilometers away from Sanremo.

The beauty of the surroundings is just the perfect beginning of your luxury shopping experience. All the fashion boutiques are set in a genuine and classy architecture which lets the guests enjoy the experience at its best.

Here you will find many top Italian and international luxury fashion brands: Alexander McQueenBalenciaga to Burberry.  High quality garments that, also at The Mall Sanremo, are offered at very attractive prices.

The Shopping experience, however, does not end here. In the next chapter, some of the greatest services offered at The Mall Luxury Outlets will let you dig in more deeply inside this exclusive experience

The Mall Luxury Outlets' exclusive offering: the guest at the center of unforgettable experiences

luxury shopping experience at The Mall

Shopping experience could be an incredible moment of relaxation thanks to the staff of the Welcome Lounge, a confortable corner elegantly furnished, where the team of The Mall Luxury Outlets is at your disposal for any assistance or information you may need.

The personal shopping assistant could be an additional service you require to make your shopping time more pleasant: your personal taste, in fact, could be enriched with advice and hints.

The Mall Luxury Outlets, however, is even more than this and does anything to let your experience cross the borders of its two locations themselves.

In fact, a wide range of experiences awaits you, taken from the beauty to the food world, from the travel to the sport world. As an example, if The Mall Firenze organizes chic-nic and trekking to discover the most beautiful Tuscan wineries, The Mall Sanremo responds with delicious oil and wine tastings.

So, among local experiences and on site events, entering The Mall Luxury Outlets is like entering an entire new world, that you can go anytime, beyond the shopping experience, thanks to the loyalty program: The Mall Club.

There are three levels: The Mall Friend, Lover and Ambassador, which validate your shopping even more. Presents, experiences, the access to the Vip Corner: what would be better to make the guests feel at ease?

The luxury shopping experience is now complete. Like on a journey, however, once you taste it, you long to taste it once again. And that is definitely possible at The Mall Luxury Outlets.

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