Centro Italiano Napoli, the school for foreigners that takes you to discover the city and learn Italian travelling through history and culture.

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Italian is not the most spoken language in the world; it’s not the most used in professional communications or technical languages. But it’s a language with ancient and deep roots, the language of poets and writers, musicians and philosophers, from Dante Alighieri to Alessandro Manzoni, from Giuseppe Verdi to Benedetto Croce.

When you learn Italian, whether for personal pleasure, for work or perhaps for sentimental reasons, you can really enter into the culture of this special Country, discovering its history, interacting with people and hugely enriching yourself on a personal level.

It’s precisely on culture that the Centro Italiano Napoli, a school for foreigners located in the heart of the city and surrounded by historical monuments and extraordinary artworks, wants to focus. So, while discovering little by little all the wonders that Naples can offer, you can learn Italian thanks to trained and friendly teachers, and live an unforgettable cultural experience together with students from all over the world.

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Naples, the perfect city to learn Italian and discover the culture of this beautiful Country

Naples Historic Center

Stendhal called it "the most beautiful city in the universe"; for Miguel de Cervantes it was "mother of nobility"; in more recent times, Gerard Depardieu said: "For me Italy starts from Naples".

And it really is: Naples is a special city, a place where history, art and culture are at the highest level. It is no coincidence that the historic center of Naples became a UNESCO heritage site almost thirty years ago!

But that’s not all. This city, so rich in monuments and tourists from all over the world, is made even more fascinating by the heritage and customs of the local population.

The food, traditions and colors you will find in the various neighborhoods, from the Vomero to the seafront, as well as throughout the territory surrounded by the Gulf, are an integral part of a trip to Naples, and represent an essential element of Italian culture in general.

In fact, you can not just visit the city and its tourist attractions anonymously. Naples should be lived fully savoring the joy of life of its inhabitants; experiencing new and intense emotions day after day; tasting the delicious local food and wine; entering the mind and heart of the Neapolitans and their magical and intoxicating madness.

These are the reasons why the Centro Italiano Napoli offers you a unique opportunity, the occasion to combine a visit to the cultural beauties with the discovery of the extraordinary life experiences that only this exciting and wonderful city can offer.

Art and culture, hospitality and familiarity: discover the school for foreigners in the heart of Nap

Classroom of the Centro Italiano Napoli

The Centro Italiano Napoli is located in a truly extraordinary location, in the historic center of Naples, behind the beautiful buildings of the Complesso Monumentale di Santa Chiara and a few hundred meters from the prestigious University of Naples Federico II, one of the oldest universities in Italy

Moving less than 1 km to the north, you can reach both the Museo Cappella San Severo, where the wonderful sculpture of the Veiled Christ is preserved, and the famous Via San Gregorio Armeno, with its nativity scenes and handmade statuettes, a particularly attractive destination during the winter (but even in the summer months remains a picturesque place, not to be missed).

The courses organized by the school are designed and developed to learn Italian making the most of the extraordinary richness of such a location. The activities take place throughout the whole year and mainly outdoors, taking advantage of the favorable climate of the city. 

They consist of real cultural experiences that combine study and fun, hospitality and familiarity. You can find various types of courses:

- Standard group courses: you will enter into the Italian culture through insights into music, cinema, history and traditions; through guided tours in some symbolic places of Naples and its surroundings, from the Palazzo Reale to Vesuvio and the visit to the Pompei ruines; with recreational activities such as excursions, lunches or visits to the characteristic Neapolitan markets.

- Individual lessons (in presence or online): a personalized course in which you can participate even if you have little time, or if you need to learn Italian as quickly as possible.

- Italian courses for students or religious: packages of lessons that you can agree on specifically according to your needs.

- Thematic courses on Neapolitan cuisine and wines from Campania, to get to know perfectly two traditional aspects of the extraordinary food and wine culture of the territory.

How to learn Italian between excursions and cultural events: the secrets of Centro Italiano Napoli

Excursions of the Centro Italiano Napoli

Centro Italiano Napoli, as we've already seen, is a school specialized in teaching Italian to foreign students and, in general, to people from all over the world. But what most defines it as an excellence in language learning is the specific method of study

This method involves not only the study of grammar and vocabulary in a traditional sense, but also the organization of cultural events and excursions. To learn a language perfectly, in fact, a school approach is not enough, but it’s important to interact with other people in informal, daily situations, possibly in a fun and enjoyable way.

The school, founded in 1982, has decades of experience, which is very useful in the development of a particular approach that puts on the same level on one hand the proper study of the Italian language, on the other the comprehension of the main activities that characterize the beautiful and picturesque local culture

And this is precisely what makes Naples truly unique: any activity we decide to practice within its microcosm of history and folklore, this extraordinary city can transform it into an unforgettable experience, thanks to the participation, proficiency and passion of the people who live there.

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