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In Italy with children? Here are our tips for planning a fun and relaxing vacation with children for everyone. 

Every holiday needs the right kind of planning. And those who love travelling in the company of the whole family know this well. There is no shortage of perfect places in Italy for a holiday in the company of your children: here are our tips for an enjoyable, fun and exciting trip to Italy with kids.

10. Where to travel with children?

Every trip starts with an important first step: choosing a destination! From North to South, the Italian peninsula is full of beautiful destinations, ideal for every family member's taste. From sunny beaches to breathtaking mountain panoramas, from cosy hills to cities full of places of historical and cultural interest: there is something for everyone in Italy.

For a trip in Italy with kids, there are many suitable stops. Those who love visiting cities of art can opt for a holiday in the capital, Rome, or in picturesque Venice. If, on the other hand, you prefer to range between out-of-town trips and cultural visits, Tuscany is the ideal choice.

If what you want is to escape the summer heat, the peninsula offers you two options: the mountains and the sea. A family holiday in the Dolomites or on Lake Como is perfect for those who love the outdoors, sport and nature.

Those who prefer the beach, on the other hand, can opt for Romagna’s Riviera, which is ideal for those who prefer a holiday with services. The Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast and the beaches of Apulia are perfect for those who love to admire the beauty of nature wherever they go.

9. Attractions and places of interest for the whole family

Have you chosen the stages of your trip to Italy with kids? Now is the time to plan the attractions to visit. For the enjoyment of the whole family, it is important to choose sights to suit everyone's taste - and there is no shortage of them along the peninsula!

If you have planned a cultural holiday, for example in Venice or Florence, even the little ones will be thrilled to discover the wonders of these cities. Booking a tour with a tour guide who also offers child-friendly routes is a winning choice for the whole family.

Those who have opted for a more adventurous trip, whether to the mountains or the sea, should bear in mind that the routes are not always stroller-proof. If you are travelling with small children, therefore, always be sure to contact accommodation facilities in advance so that you have a solution for your needs at hand.

A holiday in the mountains in Italy with your children is always full of outdoor activities: from mountain bike rides and walks to boat tours on the most beautiful mountain lakes. A perfect destination not only in summer: during winter, the Alpine and Apennine resorts are popular with skiers!

8. Book your accommodation in good time

Planning is always the best option when travelling with children. And finding comfortable, family-friendly accommodation is ideal for a holiday that is as relaxing as it is practical. Today, thanks to the help of numerous online portals, finding the right accommodation is easy: but what are the options?

In addition to hotels of various categories, you will have guesthouses, bed and breakfasts and agritourisms at your disposal. The latter can be an ideal choice for your family holiday in Italy. These typical structures in the countryside are often well equipped for the needs of children, who will be able to fully enjoy their contact with nature. And that's not all: at agritourisms throughout Italy you can have a taste of the best local specialities, usually of their own production.

7. How to get around

Another important issue when travelling with children concerns mobility. Depending on the type of trip chosen, it may be more convenient to travel by public transport or by car, either your own or rented.

The train is a practical and economical choice, especially if you plan to take a route that takes you and your family through major Italian cities. In this case, it is advisable to choose accommodation not far from the main railway stations, so transporting your luggage will not be a problem!

Travelling by car, on the other hand, is advisable if you have opted for a holiday outside the major towns and cities: for a camping holiday in the Dolomites or a holiday discovering the most beautiful beaches in Puglia, the convenience of a car can really help you and your family.

6. Best family destinations in the North

Do you love northern Italy? Plan a trip with your children to one of the many possible destinations offered by this slice of the country. The North is often chosen during the summer season by those who like to spend their holidays in the mountains, breathing in the fresh air.

Among the most sought-after locations are the Dolomites, perfect for both sports enthusiasts and families looking for a bit of well-deserved relaxation: not only will you have the chance to take beautiful walks and nature trips, but you can also enjoy the sun and take a dip in the swimming pool offered by many of the accommodation facilities in the area.

Another gem of northern Italy: the many beautiful lakes! Lombardy in particular offers splendid lake landscapes, such as Lake Iseo or Lake Como: ideal places to dedicate yourself to sports and outdoor activities, with many proposals also suitable for children.

5. Best family destinations in the Centre

A trip with children to Central Italy means above all country holidays, but not only. Regions such as Tuscany, Umbria and Marche are characterised by the presence of beautiful rural locations, splendid historical villages and even beaches suitable for the whole family.

And those in particular who are dreaming of a carefree beach holiday can consider Romagna in addition to Marche: the beaches of the Riviera offer families every kind of comfort and service. All you have to worry about is enjoying the sun!

4. Best family destinations in the South

So many families choose southern Italy every year for their beach holidays: the beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters are nothing like those in the tropics!

If you have chosen Calabria for your trip with children, Tropea is a stop not to be missed. And if you love a well-organised holiday, thanks to the numerous holiday villages in the area you will be spoilt for choice: both you and your children can enjoy the beautiful sea, good food and entertainment.

3. Best family destinations on the islands

Italy's two islands, Sardinia and Sicily, also welcome many tourists each year eager to enjoy the unspoilt beauty of their beaches. And indeed, a day spent bathing in the sea on the islands is always a day well spent! But there are also other interesting activities you can entertain yourself with during your trip with the kids.

In Sardegna, you can fully explore the island's Mediterranean charm with a trip on the Trenino Verde (little green train). An enchanting journey of discovery through unspoilt nature, perfect for delighting young and old!

In Sicily, on the other hand, you can delight your children with a unique delicacy: chocolate from Modica! In addition to the beautiful seaside resorts, the island offers many culinary specialities, among which chocolate could not be missing. If you are planning a holiday to discover the flavours of the region, this mouth-watering stop cannot be missed!

2. What are the best seasons for your holiday?

Summer is the perfect season for a holiday in Italy with the whole family: to get a tan on the beach or to escape the sultriness at one of the many mountain resorts, the summer months are certainly the best.

But the Bel Paese is perfect for visiting at any time of year:

• in autumn, to enjoy the numerous gastronomic festivals typical of the season;

• in winter, to visit the historical cities, which are less accessible during the summer months due to the high temperatures;

• in spring, especially during the Easter period.

1. Dining with your children

A holiday in Italy is always a journey of discovery of traditional flavours! Whichever corner of the peninsula you have chosen for your family holiday, you will find excellent local dishes waiting for you. However, you know that a trip with children must also take into account the needs of their palate - and the choices go beyond the classic dish of pasta with sauce!

From North to South, menus throughout Italy always include specialities to suit children's taste buds: from cotoletta alla Milanese to ragù alla Bolognese, to the ubiquitous pizza, which with its many excellent toppings has always delighted diners of all ages. And to end on a high note, how could you miss an excellent homemade gelato?

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