Flying has never been so easy. We discover together the world of indoor skydiving with Fly X in Rome.

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To have an incredible experience, if you are lucky enough to live in Rome, you just need a walk to the center. In fact, on Via Cristoforo Colombo, just 2.5 km. from the Colosseum, there is Fly X, a wind tunnel designed especially for indoor skydiving!

Devoting oneself to bodyflight or indoor skydiving can be a pure and simple fun activity, or be used for training purposes by professional skydivers. A vertical wind tunnel operates through a propeller, generating enough force to allow bodies to rise. Inside this incredible "column of wind" you literally fly, without any risk, and it is fun designed for everyone, from 4 to 104 years old!

The uniqueness of Fly X is being the only wind tunnel not recycling air, that also makes it perfect from the point of view of safety as far as Covid regulations are concerned. There is really no reason then, to deny yourself such fun!

Indoor skydiving in Rome: a unique location

There are many reasons to rely on Fly X professionals if you want to give yourself a fantastic adventure: safety, assistance, friendliness. Among the main ones there’s also its location, namely in the center of Rome, a factor making Fly X easily accessible and super affordable! Then let's not forget, the beauty of the gallery itself: just take a look at the videos to realize the unique charm of this facility and the incredible enthusiasm of the participants! Want to give flying a try? Fly X is everything you've been looking for and more!

Indoor skydiving in Rome: all the flight options

Fly X Team

Flying, we will never tire of saying it, can be an electrifying and magnificent experience, which you can choose to do in the way you like best! In Rome's most beautiful wind tunnel you can navigate your way through various options to make the most of this injection of pure adrenaline.

For example, there is the Kiss&Fly X ™, designed for those who are romantic and reckless. Or the Family X, including up to a maximum of 5 participants and, as the name suggests, a family-friendly entertainment.

Moving on to the more purely professional side, Fly X is ideal for you even if indoor skydiving is more than just fun. In fact, you can choose to use the gallery for training, so there is also room for outdoor skydivers and those who want to improve their flying techniques.

But it's not over yet, because flying can also be a spectacle to make participants dream at a birthday party, an event, or aim for team building. In short, any excuse is good to start flying!

Plus, if it is not you the one willing to experience this thrill, but you know someone fearless and adventurous to whom you want to make a gift, it is also possible to purchase a gift certificate or gift box. As we said, flying is really so easy with Fly X.

Some more info about the experience

Indoor skydiving

The captain of the Italian National Indoor and Outdoor Parachuting Team, Giuseppe Cossu, is among the founders of Fly X. We talk about a team because indoor skydiving is recognized by CONI and it is practiced at a competitive level. However, it is a practice for which no special athletic training is needed and it is within the reach even of children. An instructor will follow you for the duration of this fantastic adventure (we are talking about 1h 30) and, once equipped, all you have to do is fly!

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