How to get around Campania? For a dream trip, renting a car with driver is the best choice. Let's find out how with Starlimousineitaly.

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If you are looking for suggestions on how to move around Campania and Naples, reading this article is highly recommended. Of course, in the city there is a dense network of subways, buses and funiculars, but for sure travelling in comfort and flexibility is a different story. 

Starlimousineitaly is a company specialized in car rental with driver and offers a wide range of options and services. If you want to reach a particular destination without sacrificing comfort, whether it is a "business" or pleasure trip, Starlimousineitaly is definitely the right choice! 

In fact, it can be really useful to have a guardian angel in Naples: since it is a huge city, with so many mazes of streets and alleys, you may risk feeling lost. 

To travel with the best private transfer service

How to move around Campania: to travel with private transfer service

The drivers of Starlimousineitaly are all specialists in the branch of private transport, as well as great experts of the territory of Campania.

This particular aspect is a fundamental help for travelers, who can rely on their guidance to choose the best destinations and itineraries to follow.  

In addition to the tourist aspect, the service is also available to those moving for congresses or business trips. The company's chauffeurs move to guarantee the client maximum freedom and go anywhere in the city, ready to accompany him wherever he wishes.

Clearly, the opportunity to organize personalized tours is perhaps the best opportunity to take advantage of Starlimousineitaly. The drivers, totally at the passengers' disposal, can provide many indications on the most important places to be visited, so that the tourist has a first introduction to the beauties of Naples and its surroundings.

In addition to being friendly and helpful, the employees of the company move to ensure maximum freedom to the customer and go anywhere in the city, ready to accompany him wherever he wants.

Tours and travel options

How to move around Campania: Starlimousine Tours and travel options

The care and commitment that Starlimousineitaly puts into its work comes from a great passion for the territory, which the company intends to promote with all the tools at its disposal. One of the most interesting services the company offers are the tours, a series of thematic itineraries to satisfy the most diverse needs.

To begin with, there is Naples city tour, a daily visit to discover the Neapolitan capital, rich in art, history and good food! Then there are excursions covering various locations such as "Pompeii, Sorrento, Positano" or "Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius", if tourists are attracted by the archaeological aspect of Naples.

Other beautiful tour ideas are those involving the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts: Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi or Positano, Amalfi, Ravello. Other places very representative of the particularity of the Neapolitan territory are Baia, Bacoli, Campi Flegrei and Pozzuoli, with peculiarities that can interest a very diversified audience.

Moving away from Naples and its province, there are also other interesting possibilities for fantastic sightseeing tours such as Caserta and San Leucio, both home to buildings of historical and artistic importance.

Or again, if what attracts the customer is the aspect related to enogastronomy and tasting, Starlimousineitaly has at its disposal other ideas promising to be really appetizing.

The first one is Paestum and dairy which, as it can be guessed, besides introducing a place of archaeological importance such as Paestum, includes a part of tour dedicated to local flavors, including the tasting of an excellent product such as mozzarella.

For gourmands there is the possibility of an enogastronomical tour, for a total immersion in the flavors of Campania.

All the tours can be modified according to the needs of the clients: it is possible to establish the stages, the times, the stops, for a customized tour in every little aspect! In addition, you can book guides or tour leaders, so as to make the visit even richer from a cultural and cognitive point of view. Starlimousineitaly has what it takes to make every little trip truly unforgettable, so why not take advantage of it?


How to move around Campania: Starlimousineitaly

Starlimousineitaly is a young and dynamic company, careful to understand the changes and the needs of a society in continuous mutation and movement.

In a particular historical moment as the one we are living, the Neapolitan company provides its services in full compliance with the anti-covid regulations, paying attention to ensure the highest possible safety for those who decide to use the services Starlimousineitaly.

The vehicles used are all Mercedes, and you can choose between cars, vans or minibuses, which are sanitized every time after a move, while on board are always available masks and sanitizing gel.

In addition to full compliance with the covid protocol, the watchwords of the company are reliability, service and safety. The drivers are experienced and referenced, always very precise on schedules and appointments, while for any need there is a telephone number active 24 hours a day.

The company takes care of accompanying anyone who needs it, from the individual willing to reach hotels, fairs, conferences, meetings, to the group of people who want to explore the most beautiful places that Campania has to offer. Another service provided is the one related to ceremonies, in order to guarantee to those going to celebrate a happy event, the maximum of ease and attention.

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