Would you like to treat yourself to a magnificent holiday by glamping in Italy? Discover the most popular areas for open-air tourism lovers.

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Would you like to relax in enchanting, romantic locations, benefiting from an open-air lifestyle without giving up the comfort of a magnificent, cosy hotel? Glamping in Italy is a new form of tourism, appreciated by those who dream of spending a fantastic stay in an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and adventurous way in beautiful landscape settings. It offers the opportunity to combine the sense of freedom of traditional camping with luxury, sophistication, creativity, and adventure. By staying in the excellent accommodation of glamping in Italy, you can treat yourself to exciting adventures, reconnect with the natural systems and purge yourself of the stress of the metropolis.

Glamping in Italy, based on an innovative concept of top-class accommodation, is the ideal solution that allows singles, groups of friends, couples, or families to devote time to themselves while recharging their batteries and benefiting from a more human-friendly pace. You will be able to choose from a wide range of types and proposals, from tree houses, transparent bubbles, lodges, teepees or conical tents, yurts, used by the nomadic peoples of Central Asia, luxurious caravans, exotic safari tents, and original glamping pods with sloping or barrel roofs to meet your every need. You will be mesmerised by the marvelous landscapes in which these facilities for glamping in Italy are set up.

By choosing this type of holiday, you can take advantage of numerous complementary services, including participating in nature excursions in areas rich in flora and fauna, experiencing birdwatching, kayaking, rafting and zip lining, meditation, and yoga sessions.

Glamping in Italy: discover the most glamorous and exclusive areas

Glamping in Italy

Would you like to spend some of your leisure time at one of the many dream areas reserved for glamping in Italy enthusiasts?

In the post-pandemic phase, an increasing number of tourists and travelers are looking for new ways to enjoy natural environments to regenerate and enjoy the many benefits of close contact with the scenic and natural wonders of the surrounding area. This new concept of camping, which originated in Northern Europe, Australia, and the American continent, makes it possible to enjoy views of rare beauty in environmentally friendly structures. The spread of the trend concerning glamping in Italy has been welcomed thanks to the extraordinary diversity of beauty and flora-fauna habitats of the so-called Bel Paese.

Let's take an exciting tour to discover the main areas to practice glamping in Italy. These accommodation structures are often adjacent to parks and forests, or you can find them next to crystal-clear rivers and lakes.

20. Glamping in Italy: Lombardy

Glamping in Italy

Are you an adventure lover? Are you looking for tranquillity, elegance, romance, and eco-sustainability? Our overview of the most popular destinations will let you know which areas are the most popular locations for glamping in Italy. The enchanting landscapes of Lombardy are a treasure trove of beauty and picturesque spots to explore. The Lombardy lake areas offer visitors spectacular scenery, ideal for luxury camping. Our itinerary takes us to San Felice del Benaco, a pretty town on the shores of Lake Garda, which will win you over with the splendor of its landscape. You can stay in original, colorful Coco or cozy Glamour safari tents or mobile homes. In the delightful setting of the Bay of Salò, you will find Luxury-style camping sites from which you can contemplate centuries-old olive groves and the fascinating lake landscape.

Available solutions range from safari lodges to eco-lodges, designed according to green building principles, to air lodges and safari tents. Visiting the surroundings, you can explore some of the jewels nestled in the Lake Garda area, including Salò, Sirmione, Desenzano del Garda, and Gardone Riviera. Remaining in the province of Brescia, head to Padenghe sul Garda to contemplate the charms of this charming landscape. We suggest you try the Safari Lodge to pamper and enjoy yourself surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Lake Idro is one of the most beautiful areas for glamping in Italy enthusiasts. If you are a vintage lover, you could take the opportunity to stay at the Mini Schoolbus located in Anfo: this is a characteristic American school bus used for hospitality. Moving on to Toscolano Maderno, you can stay in a refined yurt tent, where you will delight in organic specialties. Among the most exclusive destinations for glamping in Italy are Desenzano del Garda, Iseo, and Domaso, and locations on Lake Como, including Domaso, to experience adrenalin-pumping moments practicing paragliding and canyoning.

19. Glamping in Piedmont

Glamping in Italy

If you decide to treat yourself to a fabulous stay in a picturesque location, the range of offers in Piedmont for glamping in Italy is very varied. Although this region is best known for its culinary and wine specialities, it also has many surprises set aside for those who prefer a slower type of tourism.

Have you ever imagined living in a tree house? You can do this and much more, such as enjoying the thrill of sleeping under the starry sky in the bubble rooms of Borgo Ticino, in the Novarese area in the vein of ecodesign, in the semi-transparent spheres of Robertiero, in the Alta Langa or the Starsboxes. Arriving in the province of Cuneo, the ecolodges of Cherasco and Manta welcome guests in splendid cottages located in privileged positions above the leafy treetops. Even heading to Monteu da Po, a short distance from the Savoy capital, glamping in Italy is possible in the tranquillity of a wooded Eden.

Among the peculiarities of this type of tourism, we recommend the Glass House, an avant-garde structure in steel, glass, and wood located in Terruggi on the gentle hills of Monferrato. Here you can rediscover your psycho-physical wellness in an oasis of harmony and opt for a sauna, a Turkish bath, or chromotherapy amidst the essences and blooms of a luxuriant botanical garden. There is also the alternative of spending the night in facilities located among vineyards, in the rural world of Carpeneto, near Alessandria or opting for accommodation in a yurt in camping in Bembo Valley. In Gassino Torinese, along the religious route of the Via Francigena, you can try the unique experience of staying in an elegant eco-sustainable yurt.

18. Glamping Aosta Valley

In the enchanting scenery of the Great St Bernard, in Aosta Valley, frequented by pilgrims and trekking enthusiasts, we continue our tour through areas of glamping in Italy. Located in a panoramic position and surrounded by beautiful forests, Etroubles is a picturesque village that has become one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Here there is one of the glamping facilities in this fascinating and ancient region. Among the options available, we will find pods, original proposals intermediate between mobile homes and camping tents, equipped with every comfort, particularly suitable for couples, mobile homes, chalets, and Coco Sweet, cozy wooden tented structures.

If you enjoy taking long walks and discovering the routes that wind through the Alpine peaks, glamping in this area will allow you to experience unforgettable moments of well-being. Another very enchanting place to spend a wonderful weekend, forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city is Chatillon, a gem of the Valtournanche, where you can try out the maisonettes, panoramic huts with a futuristic octagonal design, which are also very popular with families with children. Take the opportunity to sample local delicacies, such as De Bosse ham, fondue, and Valpellinentze soup. Another ideal Aosta Valley destination for a glamping-style holiday is Saint-Pierre.

17. Glamping Trentino-South Tyrol

Travelers will be enchanted by the fairytale landscapes of Trentino South Tyrol, enchanting areas for glamping in Italy. Scattered along the foothills of the Dolomites are sophisticatedly decorated and furnished facilities, ready to welcome you in delightful chalets, lodge tents, tree houses, and bubble rooms. Among the main glamping areas in Trentino, we mention the Meridiana area of Sesto, where you can contemplate the natural wonders of the endemic flora and fauna and enjoy South Tyrolean specialties. In the Fassa Valley, you can find splendid resorts for glamping nestled in the surrounding forests and mountain ranges. Elegant lodges embellished with refined parquet flooring, luxury lodges, and inviting chalets are available.

The spectacular peaks of Val Badia and Valparola are full of attractions and engaging routes for glamping in Italy and hiking enthusiasts, such as the Cinque Torri and Lagazuoi. San Leonardo in Passiria is another popular destination for those who prefer a glamorous holiday in contact with nature. You can also treat yourself to fantastic alpine salt grotto saunas. In Toblach, you could stay in glass cube lodges, typical eco-friendly wooden cottages with transparent glass windows, nestled in a delightful environment of relevant naturalistic importance, overlooking the splendid Dolomite panorama.

Among the tidbits, we recommend you try the infrared saunas and whirlpools. In addition, Alpine lodges made of cedar and pine and furnished in an eco-friendly manner are available. In Pusteria Valley, you can immerse yourself in the most authentic nature.

16. Glamping in Veneto

The Veneto coastline is highly well-known by people who prefer holidays en plein air and glamping in Italy. The artistic and naturalistic beauties and varied biodiversity of a region with multiple natural habitats and centuries-old historical stratifications are the main points of interest you can admire. Exploring these territories, you will discover destinations that are also internationally renowned. On the Veneto side of Lake Garda, there is a delightful glamping area In Bardolino, which will allure you with its geodesic structures and its bubble suit rising among the olive groves, allowing its guests to enjoy engaging experiential tourism, admiring the spectacle of the starry sky and the evocative lake panorama.

Not far from Venice, one can reach the Mirano glamping area, the first facility of its kind opened in Italy in 2009 in the park of a sumptuous historical Venetian villa and seventeenth-century Barchessa, close to the river Brenta and the lagoon basins. The meticulous attention to detail and refined design and Venetian-style furnishings of the six tent lodges will satisfy even the most demanding guests. You can also choose Scandinavian-style glamping, which blends elements of local culture and attention to eco-friendly materials. There is a glamping area in Cavallino Treporti, consisting of cozy lodges reminiscent of exotic safari atmospheres. If you go to Isolaverde di Chioggia, you will enjoy a dreamlike holiday in a sumptuous glamping center, which includes mobile homes and bungalows and numerous activities. Other Veneto glamping areas include Piani di Clodia and the Corlo Lake area.

15. Glamping Friuli Venezia Giulia

If you choose Friuli Venezia Giulia as your next holiday destination, the picturesque villages, the masterpieces of the cities of art, the wilderness, and the multi-ethnic atmosphere of the border regions would charm you. Moreover, you will discover that glamping in Italy is also spreading in these territories. To enjoy your free time in an oasis of harmony, we suggest adding a unique experience at the itinerant and ecological Friland glamping to your tour.

You can find this accommodation in Marano Lagunare, a beautiful medieval town, in Val Saisera, in the Julian Alps, at the Campo di Bonis Plain, and near the Monte Prat Plateau. You can also indulge in fantastic biking and horse riding trips, kayak explorations, and visit the Villa Canal Novo reserve. Heading into Carnia, between Ravascletto and Comeglians, take the opportunity to stay in a tree house, made of beech wood, in the heart of the forest. Take the opportunity to visit other attractions in the area, such as Pesariis, the town of clocks, and Sutrio. Other places where glamping is possible in Friuli Venezia Giulia include the pods in Trasaghis, the Collio area for trying out sleeping suspended in the branches of the trees, and Malga Priu, to stay in an eco-sustainable treehouse in the shape of a pine cone, nestled in the branches of an enormous oak tree.

14. Glamping Liguria

Arriving in Liguria, you will discover that this charming region of farmers and enterprising sailors is rich in enchanting parks and natural wonders. The Nervia Valley, overlooking the picturesque village of Isolabona in the province of Imperia, is home to a glamping area whose offer includes the possibility of staying in safari tents, which have a capacity of 6 persons. Next to the old town, the glamping area offers mobile homes and suites.

An ideal facility for glamping in Italy enthusiasts is located in Framura, which offers Canvas Lodges, Wooden Cottages set in bucolic scenery of olive groves and holm oak forests. You can also enjoy comfortable accommodation in romantic safari tents near Imperia, in the splendid park of the Ligurian Alps, to experience an exhilarating adventure on the banks of the Gordale torrent, and in Bonassola, amidst the aromatic essences of eucalyptus trees and Mediterranean scrub. In Tiglieto, on the slopes of the Ligurian Apennines, in the Orba Valley, there is an eco glamping to spend the night lulled by the gentle melodies of the waters of the torrent, while in Chiusanico, ecological tipis rise in an idyllic setting.

13. Glamping Emilia Romagna

Open-air holidays in high-quality glamping areas allow families and couples to enjoy themselves along the renowned coastline of the Adriatic Riviera. Our exploration will take us from the picturesque Lidi di Comacchio to Riccione, to the slopes of Mount Cimone, and to the gems of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The wide range of services available includes mobile homes, coco tents, lodge tents, and luxury tents, which you will find in the glamping areas between Cesenatico and Rimini, the elegant floating suites, and safari tents of San Clemente with whirlpool bath, panoramic bubbles, private garden, and the special Junior Suite barrels. To enrich your adventurous glamping stay, we suggest visiting the masterpieces of the ancient and picturesque villages, the splendid cities of art, and the amusement parks of Romagna.

The Lidi di Comacchio are enchanting destinations, allowing you to enjoy a more intimate dimension in the suites scattered along beaches with fine sand. In Casa Borsetti, in the province of Ravenna, there is a glamping area whose range of proposals from De Luxe mobile homes to lodge tents. This location is close to Po Delta Park. You can find coco-tents In Gatteo a Mare, in the province of Forlì Cesena. Many other glamorous accommodation facilities can accommodate you in fabulous lodgings in Punta Marina Terme, Lido di Spina, where you will find Deluxe chalets, and in Riccione with modern lodges.

12. Glamping Tuscany

If you decide to set out among the magnificent landscapes of Tuscany, you will find corners of peace and relaxation, perfect for glamping in Italy. To purify yourself from the effects of the fast pace of modern life and to restore your inner balance, glamping in Tuscany will provide you with unique emotions and immersive experiences that respect the environment and sustainability. Your stay will be enlivened by fantastic Jacuzzis, Pilates, yoga, invigorating saunas, and tastings of regional specialities. You will be able to choose from several alternatives, including bubble rooms in Camporgiano, in the fascinating Garfagnana, or the cosy accommodation in the Maremma and Chianti.

In the enchanting natural setting of the Baratti pine forest and the Poggia Valicaia Park, amidst the gentle hills of Scandicci, you can treat yourself to an adventurous stay in a tree sleeping, letting yourself swing on the characteristic ledge holders. In Celli, near Poppi, travellers can enjoy a splendid tree house. If you like to relax on the beach, we recommend the lodge tents in Capalbio, surrounded by a riot of colours and aromas of the Mediterranean maquis. An evolution of the traditional tree house is the Atom tent, located in the pine forest of the pretty village of Castagneto Carducci. Nearby there is also a green glamping, which offers guests lodge tents made of environmentally sustainable materials.

If you are curious to try naturist glamping, Rimigliano is the ideal area. Continuing our review, we will also find luxurious glamping on the Maremma coast, between Punta Ala and Capalbio, in Tatti, in the province of Grosseto, in Castagneto Carducci and Capalbio: yurts and tents await you in delightful camping sites. Reaching Montecalvo, you will have at your disposal exquisite Starboxes, where you can contemplate the spectacle of the Milky Way. In the Chianti area, you can stay in picturesque school buses, airstreams dating back to the 1970s, and Shasta caravans. In the area located between Garfagnana and Vada, there are original bubble rooms. In Ortignano Raggio, in the province of Arezzo, you will find Chalet tents, while there are romantic yurts in Asciano.

11. Glamping Marche region

Glamping Marche region

Moving towards the Marche region, a destination that increasingly enchants travellers with its beautiful beaches, natural landscapes, seaside villages, and delicious local cuisine, you can also appreciate the quality of its glamping areas. There is a particular bubble room in Corinaldo, an ideal location for cycling and trekking enthusiasts. The Furlo Gorge Nature Reserve is a unique location with an ecological eco-resort. In Roccafluvione, amidst the undulating countryside of Ascoli Piceno, you can stay in two handcrafted eco-friendly barrels, tasting exquisite specialities from the Marche region.

10. Glamping Lazio

Glamping Lazio

Would you like to relax on a pleasant holiday in the areas for glamping in Italy? In Lazio, in the province of Viterbo, exactly in Arlena di Castro, there is a fairy-tale tree house, excellent for families and couples. The landscape is surrounded by hillsides cultivated with lavender, aromatic herbs, and olive groves. Some of them, 6 meters high, are equipped with a private swimming pool, Finnish sauna, and gourmet terrace and are suitable for children. The tree house experience can also be enjoyed in the Pontine countryside, between Latina and Nettuno: in Caprarola, on Lake Vico, you will find delightful chalets.

In the surroundings of Lake Bracciano, between Anguillara Sabazia and Trevignano, there is another glamping area with elegant igloo-shaped mobile homes and lodge tents. Moving towards Lido di Ostia, children can enjoy themselves in safari tents with atmospheres reminiscent of African landscapes. Another glamping-style village rises in Montalto di Castro: it dedicates many initiatives to children, including entertainment, a playground, and a baby dance.

We point out a curiosity: in Nettuno, you can try staying in a pod, an accommodation whose origins date back to Northern Europe, consisting of a special air-conditioned barrel vault. Other proposals include eco-friendly lodges and treehouses, while an innovative bubble glamping has been set up in San Lorenzo Nuovo, between Umbria and Latium, and glamping tents in Montefiascone, from which you can see Lake Bolsena, equipped with a whirlpool tub, shower and toilet.

9. Glamping Apulia

 Glamping Apulia

To enjoy a marvelous holiday in an environment of great natural value, Apulia offers several opportunities for glamping in Italy. The Gargano area offers, in Mattinata, avant-garde facilities near the beach of Vignanotica, including cozy glamping tents, stylishly furnished and equipped with every comfort, and Coco Sweet tents, which are the perfect solution for lovers of the sea. In Nardò, near Porto Cesareo, a bijou of the Salento coast, you can stay in spacious Lodge Suite Tents, practicing yoga and pampering yourself between solarium and hydrotherapy.

In Salento, there are many glamping areas you can choose from, such as the one not far from Lecce, which also offers mobile homes and pet-friendly accommodations. Other glamping locations include Alliste, Manduria, where you will be hosted in comfortable camping, Marina Serra and Gallipolli, where Premium and Delux tents are available, luxurious lodges amidst the prickly pears and olive trees of the Salento countryside, and the bubble rooms in Biccari, on Lake Pescara in the province of Foggia. There are numerous beaches to choose from, such as Porto Selvaggio, Torre Lapillo, Punta Prosciutto, Fontanelle, and Pescoluse.

8. Glamping Calabria

Exploring the territories of Calabria, you will appreciate glamping areas of Campodorato, set up amidst the olive groves of ancient farmhouses to rediscover the ancestral relationship with natural systems. In Falerna, in the Catanzarese area, a friendly and intimate structure made up of tents, surrounded by orchards and lush gardens, will welcome you. You can relax swinging in hammocks in a fairytale landscape. Within the scenic landscape of the Pollino, you can enjoy an experiential stay in an unspoilt environment, accompanied by the rustle of the wind, practising e-biking, hiking, mountain biking, and rafting on the Lao River. You can find another gorgeous glamping site created within an enchanting adventure park In the Sila area. Head to Rogliano, a picturesque village in the province of Cosenza, and you will discover an attractive tree house resting on the trunk of a centuries-old oak tree, built on a magnificent estate, also populated by fallow deers.

7. Glamping Sicily

Glamping in Italy

Sicily, a region steeped in layers of history, art, and culture, is the symbol of the friendliness of the Mediterranean peoples. Near Pozzallo, amidst the citrus and olive groves, you will find lodge tents with private pools. In addition, you will find a bubble room in Messina. On the east coast, between Capo Peloro and Capo Passero, are some of the most enchanting locations on the island where you can enjoy glamping in Italy. Next to Catania, you will find beautiful bubble rooms, which accommodate up to two adults and two children. Visiting the area of the so-called artistic Fiumara, you can explore the archaeological park of Halaesa or stroll through the lush forests of Tardara.

Heading towards Catania, you will reach the Alcantara Gorge, near which there is the glamping area of Motta Camastro, situated amidst oaks, plane trees, and oak groves. In Etna Park, during the summer season, the glamping hospitality service is active, which includes tents set up in a clearing surrounded by chestnut groves. Two glamping areas rise between Noto and Avola, including lodges, suites, and glamping tents, set in a marvelous landscape. Near Noto, we find another glamping area with an ecolodge surrounded by carob, almond, olive, and aromatic plants.

The south coast also offers many glamping facilities, in Santa Maria di Focallo, in the Ispica area. To the north is the glamping area of Torretta Granitola, near Campobello di Mazara, from which you can easily reach the beach of Puzziteddu and glamping tents or wooden piles. Other fascinating camping sites we suggest are Petrosino, Guarrato, Cefalù, and Polizzi Generosa, where you can try canvas tents and shepherds' pagghiari.

6. Glamping Sardinia

If you go to Sardinia, you will discover an island with thousands of years of history, culture, and ancient traditions. You will be captivated by the beaches lapped by crystal-clear water, the overwhelming nature, and the bright colors of its landscapes. Many glamping areas combine the comforts of a hotel and the atmosphere of a high-standard campsite. An accommodation facility equipped with tents, mobile homes, and chalets is located in Cala Liberotto, while spacious tent-like units will host you in San Teodoro.

Other locations with areas for glamping in Italy  include Sant'Antioco, Capo Sperone, Santa Margherita di Pula, Aglientu, Marina di Gairo, Alghero, Palau, Tortolì, Muravera, Orosei, Coaquaddus, where you can dwell in delightful geodesic domes, and the Gulf of Arzachena, Su Gologoine and the Nuragic-style huts of Sardinna Antiga, Escolca and the houseboat of Marina di Sant'Elmo in Cagliari.

5. Glamping Molise

Molise, the cradle of ancient civilisations, is sprinkled with cultural attractions, picturesque corners, nature reserves, and archaeological sites. We recommend the glamping area of Castel del Giudice, in the province of Isernia, to travellers and to glamping in Italy enthusiasts who are looking for evocative destinations to enjoy the closeness to the natural environment. Here you will find a diffuse hotel consisting of cottages made of environmentally friendly materials based on wood and stone on the banks of the Sangro River. Within the Mainarde oasis, at the lake basin of Castel San Vincenzo, you will find delightful glamping tents in a very evocative natural setting.

4. Glamping in the Abruzzi region

If you prefer the wilderness and tranquillity of bucolic Edens, you will find glamping areas in the Abruzzi region, surrounded by forests and the riot of Mediterranean vegetation. In the vicinity of the Gran Sasso National Park, an extraordinary treasure trove of biodiversity, lovers of luxury camping will be able to refresh themselves at a facility surrounded by greenery. You can choose between Mongolian-style yurts and geodesic glamping domes with transparent walls, from which you can enjoy a magical view of the surrounding hills. The glamping domes have a large terrace overlooking the olive groves. Among the events proposed by glamping in Italy, you can also attend yoga classes and holistic therapies.

If you are looking for unusual experiences surrounded by the rolling hills of Abruzzo, how about trying the pretty barrel pods of an agricultural estate in the countryside around Teramo? The glamping areas in Roseto degli Abruzzi offer numerous opportunities to suit all tastes. Get the chance to organize trips and excursions to nature reserves, national parks, and mountain resorts in the area.

Treat yourself to a unique and fun experience by sleeping in inflatable structures with transparent covers. Take advantage of this to stay in the glamping areas in Catignano and the province of Pescara, between Loreto Aprutino and Pianella, located between the Apennines and the Abruzzo coastline, admiring the gentle hilly landscape in a yurt or geodesic domes with hot tubs or comfortable chalets. Other perfect glamping destinations are Atri, in the Teramo area, Martinsicuro, Silvi Marina, Giulianova with its houseboats, Alba Adriatica and Pineto.

3. Glamping Basilicata

Among the gems of Basilicata, we also suggest a fairytale and comfortable tree house in Sasso di Castalda, an idyllic setting. Regarding glamping in Italy, we point out a curiosity: a wrought-iron bed has been set up outside this cutting-edge structure to rest, lulled by the rustle of the wind. You can use the space available for delicious aperitifs and picnics. You will be pleasantly surprised by two bubble rooms in Satriano di Lucania, with a whirlpool bath, from which you can enjoy a charming view of the surrounding nature.

2. Glamping Umbria

Are you dreaming of a new experience in Umbria, by staying in a suite nestled in the treetops? In the glamping area between Spello and Foligno, an elegant structure from which you catch sight of the peak of Vettore Mountain will welcome you. Thanks to its privileged position, you will cherish the marvelous spectacle of the constellations of the vault of heaven. Situated in the rural landscape of the Valenerina, near Monteleone di Spoleto, you can stay at the bubble dome, immersively enjoying the proximity of the forest world and benefiting from glamping in Italy.

It's an off-grid structure illuminated by lanterns powered by batteries. The other enchanting areas where you can experience glamping in Umbria are Civitella del Lago and Bevagna.

1. Glamping Campania

Are you thinking of spending your holidays in a glamping site in Campania, a region rich in natural and artistic beauty and millennial history? Would you like to experience the unique emotion of staying in a pile-dwelling surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of a lake? Reach Castel Volturno, the pearl of the Mediterranean Ecopark, and you will find a marvelous area for sportsmen and people who appreciate glamping in Italy and relaxation in luxurious accommodations.

Within the naturalistic oasis of the Domizio Coastline, you can choose between glamorous tents and sophisticated lodges set in the Nabi Lake landscape, which lends itself well to eco-tourists. You can participate in different activities, including a pedal boat or sailing trips, biking, pilates, bird watching, yoga, canoeing, kayaking, or horseback riding.

You can stay in a panoramic bubble room suite in Castellabate, overlooking the characteristic village and olive groves. In the province of Salerno, there is a glamping area where you can experience living in the igloo tents of a luxury lodge in Montecorvino Rosella, from which you can admire the landscapes of the Amalfi Coast.

Glamping in Italy: discover the favourite areas of the luxury camping lovers

Glamping in Italy

Glamping in Italy: Lombardy

Glamping in Italy: Piedmont

Glamping in Italy: Aosta Valley

Glamping in Italy: Trentino-South Tyrol

Glamping in Italy: Veneto

Glamping in Italy: Friuli Venezia Giulia

Glamping in Italy: Liguria

Glamping in Italy: Emilia Romagna

Glamping in Italy: Tuscany

Glamping in Italy: Marche region

Glamping in Italy: Lazio

Glamping in Italy: Apulia

Glamping in Italy: Calabria

Glamping in Italy: Sicily

Glamping in Italy: Sardinia

Glamping in Italy: Molise

Glamping in Italy: the Abruzzi region

Glamping in Italy: Basilicata

Glamping in Italy: Umbria

Glamping in Italy: Campania

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