Summer is just around the corner. It's time for new experiences, to explore new places and spend unforgettable moments. We are in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where nature will play an important role. A journey through Friuli's famous bridleways that will make you fully enjoy the beauty of its natural landscapes.

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A Covid-Free Experience on Horseback

We all know that nature is amazing. Now more than ever, we feel the need to spend time in places surrounded by nature. Therefore, we can really benefit from nature and from clean, fresh air and just talking about it makes us feel better. We’re living in a time where safety plays a very important role. This is undoubtedly the reason why more and more covid-free and fun activities are being offered. Among these, we propose a unique experience on horseback through the bridleways of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Horse trekking is a particular form of tourism that allows you to explore a particular area on horseback. This type of tourism is made possible by bridleways, routes that are specially designed to do this adventurous activity, which may last several days or just one. The bridleways are equipped with facilities for stopping, where you can take a break in peace. Here too, there are a lot of benefits of horse riding, it actually improves coordination and even boosts confidence and self-esteem. Important benefits for our body and mind! 

The Cormôr Valley Bridleway

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Friuli Venezia Giulia is a border region and it offers many opportunities to spend memorable moments, its territory is able to offer enchanting scenery and its culture provides exciting knowledge. A region rich in history and traditions that make it even more surprising. The Cormôr Valley bridleway is a 30 km long itinerary that stretches across hills, fields and enchanting landscapes. A place completely immersed in nature, where it is almost impossible to encounter cars or anything related to modern civilization.This amazing place will give you a relaxing and pleasant time, exploring natural areas such as forests, parks, valleys, lakes and rivers. There will also be cultural places to visit such as historic houses, churches and archaeological sites. The route is suitable for all ages and it's highly recommended to wear comfortable clothes in order to fully enjoy the experience.

Photo Credit - Ulderica Da Pozzo

Directions and Interesting Places


The two ends of the bridleway are both in the Friuli region, so you can choose where to start or finish your itinerary. In the south you can start from the Parco del Cormôr, very close to Udine. If you choose to start in the north, you will have to reach the municipality of Buja.
Passing through these "bridleways", i.e. all the stages of the entire original route, you will have the opportunity to visit a lot of interesting places. 
You can't miss the municipality of Tovagnacco, very famous for its asparagus tradition and its majestic villas. A small village of great historical importance, full of narrow streets and old houses where you can fully enjoy the history and the beauty of the village.
Another place is Tricesimo, called in Roman times "Ad Tricensimum", the first place where you and your horse can stop, located at the 30th mile of the Via Aquileia-Norico. An admirable place with very ancient roots, enriched by fascinating historic dwellings.
Along the stretch to reach the road to Treppo Grande you will notice an amazing castle-like dwelling from medieval times on a hill. The small village of Treppo Grande, situated on the top of a hill, will make you admire breathtaking views. The camera is a must in this case!
The last stop to the north will be the municipality of Buja, the highest point of the entire itinerary. The landscape will be distinguished by the presence of numerous mountains including Urbignacco, Ponzale, Masanet and many streams and rivers such as the Rio Gelato to the west and the River Ledra.
These are just some of the many fascinating places that you will find during your pleasant journey along the paths of the Cormôr bridleway.
An experience full of art, nature, culture and traditions, a perfect mix for lovely days!

Curiosity: Camargue Horses in Friuli Venezia Giulia

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The Foce dell'Isonzo Nature Reserve in Friuli Venezia Giulia is home to one of the oldest breeds of horse, the Camargue horses. They come from the homonymous area in France. This breed is particularly accustomed to living in marshy areas and is characterised by an important robustness. It is a horse that can move very nimbly through mud or water. An animal, therefore, fast, dynamic and very agile and, like a child, it is always in the mood to play.
They are present in the Reserve since 1991, their task is to safeguard the environment by controlling the vegetation. Their presence has also led to an important increase in animal and plant species. A truly remarkable role!

Safe Horse Trekking Precautions

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The first thing to pay attention to when horse riding is the presence of all the shoes under the horse's hooves, which will allow the animal to walk without hurting itself and to maintain a very balanced gait.
Of course, the animal's needs must be taken into account by making stops for drinking and eating and other organic needs.
Clothing is very important, long trousers and simple sports shoes will be fine, no skirts, dresses or shorts.
It is important to be aware of any signs of fatigue in the horse, such as sweating, trembling and shortness of breath, and to avoid sudden movements that could frighten the horse.
These precautions will ensure you and your horse a peaceful and safe time. Enjoy your trip!

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