Italian is the official language of Italy and is spoken almost exclusively by Italians. Yet Italian can boast a great charm thanks to its diffusion in areas such as Opera House, classical music, cinema, art and cuisine. That's why we thought to share some tips to learn Italian easily.

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History of the Italian language

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Neolatine are defined as those languages that descend from Latin, the official language of the Roman Empire. But after the dissolution of the empire, which was followed by the formation of the Roman-Barbaric kingdoms, Latin was increasingly relegated to the function of administrative and bureaucratic language, as well as practiced exclusively by the cultural elites of the time, Church and Nobility.

Simultaneously with this process, it has formed a hybridisation of the grammatical structures of the official Latin with the local languages, those of the vernacular. It was precisely this phenomenon that contributed to the emergence of the vernacular languages, many of which have disappeared, while others that still survive today have not received a widespread development and diffusion and have stopped at the level of dialect - as in the case of Sardinian - others have flourished as languages. The dialect that had the ability to develop in the Belpaese in such a way as to establish itself as a language was the Florentine, although in this regard it would be more correct to speak of the Tuscan dialect.

The Italian language is therefore one of the most famous, beautiful and prestigious Neolatine languages. Its origin is historically traced back to between the 12th and 13th centuries. The historians of literature and language all agree that besides the fundamental contribution of Dante and Petrarch's Florentine, some influences and linguistic structures have also been inherited from the famous Sicilian school of Frederick II.

Speaking Italian is easy, the only difficulty is learning Italian grammar

There are many people around the world who would like to learn Italian, it often happens to hear or listen to great stars of show business and music trying their hand at this language even if they may not speak it completely well. Why does Italian have this imperishable charm?

Surely a great part of the merit is due to the fact that for centuries it has been one of the languages that has produced extraordinary masterpieces in literature and this has made this language a cultural reference point worldwide. Trying to approach the study of this language could be really stimulating and beautiful also because the real great difficulty to overcome to start speaking this language fluently is only grammar. Italian has this peculiarity of being a language that adheres perfectly to the written word. In short, you speak and read exactly how you write. Once you have overcome the obstacle of grammar, the language will be yours.

Some useful tips to learn italian

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One of the most common tips given to those who are willing to undertake the study of a new language is to listen to music and watch movies. In the case of Italian never advice may be more appropriate. Approaching the Italian language through watching films and listening to music will not only help you acquire the language but will also let you enter the world of great Italian culture: the great films by Vittorio Gassman, Marcello Mastroianni, Gian Maria Volonté, these are just some of the great actors who have made the history of Italian cinema and who could help you. How can we not recommend the great masterpieces of musicians and songwriters of the calibre of Lucio Battisti, Fabrizio De André, Francesco De Gregori or Lucio Dalla? In short, culture can be a privileged access key to understand the motives of Italian himself.

Learn Italian by attending a course

But if all this should not be enough, if you think you need concrete help, Istituto Italia 150 is the right place for you. With its wide range of types of lessons it truly meets your need. The native speakers who work with the institute are happy to design a personalized and specialized program together with you. The Institute offers both online and live courses. Frontal courses are held in Naples.

In addition, the offer includes the "tandem" mode, one of the happiest intuitions ever had for the study and learning of a language that consists of interacting in groups with people who study your native language. A very original and fruitful way to grow together in the common knowledge of your own languages.

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